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Mother's Day Gifts

By 3 years ago 1809 Views 11 comments

Mother's Day GiftsLooking for the perfect gifts for Mother's Day? While it may be customary for adults to buy gifts for mom, many children's love making unique gifts that are straight from the heart. While they don't have a lot of money, they have enough love and creativity to make what can easily be the perfect gift for any mom. Even though kids have quite a few ideas, it is sometimes up to Dad to help kids when it comes to making gifts for mom, especially if they are wanting to keep it a secret. Below, we have some of our personal favorite gifts that every mom will love!

Cupcake BoxMother's Day Gifts: Desserts

Of course, most mom's love the idea of getting something baked special for them. While Dad may have to help with the cupcakes, kids will love being able to decorate them with specialty cupcakes skirts or even colored sprinkles and sugar. Of course, if kids want to be really creative, they can also make homemade cookies and decorate them to look perfect for Mother's Day. To add that finishing touch to baked desserts, just place them in decorated cupcake boxes or bags to make them look pre-wrapped for mom! If you are planning on making baked treats, just make sure that small children have the help of an adult before any baking takes place!

Butterfly photo holderMother's Day Gifts: Homemade Gifts

Many mom's also enjoy getting homemade gifts just in time for Mother's Day. If mom loves to take photos, consider making a magnetic photo holder so she can proudly dispaly her family photos. While this may seem like a very simple craft project, it will be something mom will treasure forever. For families with multiple children, you can also make craft project that are a little more difficult. Such as painting a butterfly (or other shape) photo holder together or even making a special bird house that mom can watch outdoors. With so many different craft projects available kids can easily make the perfect gift for mom for Mother's Day!

Photo Magnet Craft KitMother's Day Gifts: Cards

Probably the most classic gift that all mom's cherish is a special card made by her children. Cards are inexpensive since they can be made using minimal craft supplies. To get started, all kids need is construction paper or poster board to make the card itself. From there, they can use markers to write a special message for mom on the card. Once the card is finished, they can then decorate it using a variety of craft supplies, ranging from glitter to decorative stickers. Since cards are so easy to make, they go great with just about any homemade gift or treat!

janet aycock 3 years ago at 11:14 PM
my mother always told use that she did not want use to spend money on her for mothers days she had rather that we just spend time with her
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 2:06 PM
Awww that is so sweet!
sallyt 3 years ago at 12:55 AM
All of the crafts you can make for Mother's Day are really some good
ideas for Dad to make with the kidd'os .I especially like the one on how
to do cupcakes for Mom.
Amy Adams 3 years ago at 4:41 AM
I love receiving homemade cards from my granddaughters! I save all of them and when they are older (adults) I will give them back along with their artwork I save; they will enjoy reminiscing over them with their children perhaps!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 2:05 PM
What a great idea. I am sure they will love that!
melisa 3 years ago at 6:52 PM
Cupcakes are a sweet idea. My kids each of such different personalities and equally express themselves artistically in beautiful ways. I can just imagine how beautiful it would have been to receive their little expressions of love and to admire the differences in their creations. I'll bet I could have even guessed which one of them made which cupcake for me, without them even telling me! :)
jeanne p 3 years ago at 10:44 AM
As a mom, the best gift ever has always been one that my children have made.
sallyt 3 years ago at 3:32 AM
One of the best gifts my daughter made for me,
was a home made Mothers day card.I know she worked really hard on it,
and I still have it.
sallyt 3 years ago at 12:54 PM
Great ideas for the Daddy to make crafts for Mom for Mommys Day
A Father would have a lot od patience to do this with the kids as they tend to get
some what messy.
jeanne p 3 years ago at 7:33 AM
I just love anything my children have made or given me over the years, and have kept every tangible item whether it be a handmade card or even a trinket from the local dollar store. Everything has its own little place somewhere in my house.
saminder gumer 3 years ago at 10:11 PM
i love homemade gifts. they are heartfelt and mean more to me than ones bought at the store. even hand made cards are better. i don't give many of these anymore but i used to when i was younger.