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Making Gifts Look Special

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Do you like wrapping Christmas gifts? While many of us love Christmas shipping, we dont really think too much about how we are going to wrap our gifts. Usually we find the cheapest wrapping paper we can and hurriedly wrap our gifts the day before Christmas. While this may work for some families, quite a few are jealous when they see beautifully wrapped gifts at their favorite retailer or at Christmas parties. What many people do not realize, however, is that making your Christmas gifts look special is not only easy, but very inexpensive!

Making Gifts Look Special: Ribbons
While many people put most of their attention on wrapping paper, the trick is actually finding the right ribbons for your packages. With a scissor, you can curl even the most boring ribbons, making them looking amazing when tied right on a package. While it may take some adjusting, it can easily make the most boring package stand out, making people think you spent hours making your gift bag or wrapped box look extra special. When it comes to making your gifts look special for the Christmas season, try going with thinner ribbon in typical Christmas colors, such as silver, gold, red, and green.


Making Gifts Look Special: Boxes
Sometimes the trick to making your gifts look special is simplicity. Rather than going with fancy wrapping paper, consider going with a colored box that is the perfect size for the gift. Most colored boxes can easily be spruced up with ribbon and are cheaper than buying wrapping paper. Even better, you can buy craft supplies to let your kids spruce up the boxes themselves, adding glitter, rhinestones, and fun stickers to the box to add a little bit of extra sparkle to your Christmas gifts. If you want to make your gift look very unique, consider going with a unique box, such as an oriental takeout box in Christmas colors.


Making Gifts Look Special: Bags
Another way of making your gifts look special is using decorative gift bags. Like most colored boxes, they are very easy to decorate and many people love reusing these bags when giving gifts to others. If you are wanting to be more eco-friendly, however, you can always give your gift in a reusable bag, such as a tote. Tote bags can be decorated to look beautiful and customized to fit the personality of those you are giving the gift too. Reusable bags can also be part of the gift, allowing you to give someone special two gifts in one!

Over the past few years, more companies have also been making special bags that can be colored and decorated by kids. While these color your own gift makes may not look elegant, they are perfect at making gifts look special in your own family. Grandparents especially love getting these cute gift bags since they can easily be saved as a unique craft project, or used as part of a Christmas decoration. With the right supplies, it is easy to make just about any look special for the Christmas season!