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How to Throw the Perfect Pink Party for Little Girls

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1141 Views No comments

If you want to throw the perfect party for little girls, start with a set of all pink party decorations. Cups, plates, streamers, and even balloons are available featuring pink and sweet designs meant to entertain little princesses as they play. Add some toy jewelry of glitter glam, and you have the recipe for a perfect afternoon party for a group of small girls.


Begin with pink invitations, and a pink tablecloth to set with pink cups and plates. Add some color white rose lollipops or some brightly colored mouth whistles. Decorate the walls with pink balloons and flower hanging decorations. Place an assorted of purse shaped gift bags around the table, and the stage is set for a girls only party that will win the hearts of the whole group.


Small gem shaped toy rings or butterfly hair clips are a great trinket gift for all, along with some personal decorations so all the girls can play dress up. You could turn the event into a pink diva theme by adding heart shaped pink sunglasses and temporary tattoos. There are even toy microphone available to let them perform just like the big names.


When the girls are playing dress-up, don't forget the frilly pink boa or the vinyl glitter jelly rings. There are even feather fringed heart change purses, or key clips with colorful shapes meant to captures a little girl's smile. It is fun to dress up like a diva, and parade around the stage, so give your group of girls plenty of costume accessories to let each one dress up like a star.


Another great idea for little girls is to set a princess theme, complete with tiaras and all of the finery found in the court of a princess. Another great idea would be a fairy theme, including fairy wings and magic wands. You could even keep the basic pink design and use the other themes to enhance the enjoyment of everyone. Even if the costumes are themed around wild animal prints, you can make the party special when you mix it with plush pink change purses, or even mix up many of these ideas together if you want to pull out all the stops.


For an outdoor party, pick up some pink beach balls to give the girls some outdoor fun. You don't really have to have the whole beach to play on, either. Just a patch in the grass can be transformed into a small girl's dream trip when all the girls are playing and their imaginations run wild.


For parties with both boys and girls, a whole new range of ideas is available. Holiday parties for Easter or Valentines are always fun, and small children love a farm or jungle theme. Remember to pick streamers that will accent the table ware, and be sure to provide a gift bag for each child so that they can keep their fun new playthings together.