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How to Make a Balloon Arch

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 3194 Views No comments

Balloon decoration is an inexpensive but effective way to change your party room into a festive space within minutes. Tie balloon bouquets to the back of a chair, mailbox and your facade door. It can be fun to use balloon bouquets as centerpieces at your special events. Tie bunches of balloons all over your party location. Balloon arches & decorations are perfect for photo backdrops, gateways, and to emphasize different areas around your party room. It is equally effective to scatter balloons on the floor or to swag balloons across a ceiling.

The first step in making a balloon arch is choosing what type you want to make. There are two essential types: air filled and helium filled balloons as follows:

Helium Balloon Arches Helium filled balloons arches are great for filling large spaces and need less support. Helium arches are created by attaching clusters of balloons to a nylon line, which is tied down to ground supports (railings, tables, etc.) or deep weights (cinder blocks, bricks, rocks, bags of smooth, etc.) The helium holds the balloons up, so all you require is the balloons, helium, heavy nylon yarn, and something fun and creative to tie the ends to. However, helium is more expensive than air and would only float the balloon arch for about 10 to 12 hours. If you prefer to fill your balloons with helium, the gas would hold the balloons up without extra support; all you would require is heavy nylon thread (fishing line) or twine to tie the colorful balloons together, and two ground supports to join down each end of the line.

Air Filled Balloon Arches Air filled arches are shaped by joining clusters of balloons to a border made out of an aluminum or plastic rod, conduit, PVC pipe or from the combination of these. They can last for days or even for months together (depending on conditions) but require either a strong base or a useful wall or ceiling to wire the arch to for support. Air pumps are reasonably priced to rent for one time uses and rather reasonable to buy if you are planning to make balloon decorating a career. For air-filled arches, prepare the frame in its enduring location, if possible. If not, lay the frame flat so that balloons could be simply attached.