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How to go Retro With a Groovy Children's Hippie Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1567 Views No comments

Designing a groovy party for children is easy. Start with tie-dyed print invitations, complete with psychedelic colors and peace signs. Follow that with a solid pastel color table covering, and then set the places with tie die fun plates, napkins and cups. Hang streamers of different colors around the walls, and be sure to have lots of brightly colored balloons on hand.

Give each child their own groovy hippie bag filled with fun toys and treats. Some simple ideas would be stretch rainbow bead bracelets, rainbow heart shaped lollipops, or friendship bracelet in a variety of colors. You could even put small key chains in each gift bag with hanging pendants such as hearts and stars and all sorts of cool shapes.

Remember, dressing up is as much a part of getting into the spirit of the children's groovy hippie party as the decorations. Be sure to have lots of colorful dress costumes gear available. Rainbow boas are a quick and easy splash of color for the children. If the day is also someone's birthday, give the star of the day a colorful boa that lights up so that everyone knows who the lucky person is.

You can also let the children express themselves with an assortment for cool hippie tattoos. Temporary stick on tattoos of hearts, peace signs, smiling faces and other colorful things let each child pick their own personally decorations, and parent will appreciate that the tattoos come right off with warm water and a sponge. It makes for a groovy time, and kids will love the wild colors of an era gone by.

With a little coaching the whole party will be strutting around and talking just like a hippie. They'll brag about how groovy and far out the party is, and compliment their friends about how cool they look. You may even want to provide some toy microphones and allow the kids to act out as popular divas and rock stars. The most important thing is that the children are allowed to have a good time.

Throwing a retro children's hippie party can be as much fun for the adults as the children. All of the adults can use the lingo of the days, or even dress up along them. The hippie era was a time of fun and discovery, it ushered in a whole new era in music, and strove for peace and love among all people. These are important concepts for children of any generation, and a groovy hippie party is a fantastic way to share the love with all of the little ones.

Let your imagination run wild. The hippie era was full of wild and crazy times, and your retro hippie party should be wild and crazy too. Pick up a tie dyed beach ball, and the kids can play simple games to work up an appetite. At a hippie party, it's all about peace and love and having a good time.

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