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Host a Tea Party for Your Little Girl's Special Occasion

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A favorite activity for little girls is to play at being a grown-up lady. A tea party theme is the perfect way for your little girl and her friends to indulge in their favorite pastime of playing dress up.

Where to Begin

The first thing you will want to do is to have enough tables for the little ones to sit. Decorate the tables with white lacy tablecloths. Be sure there is a tea set on each table. Finger sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly with crusts cut off will be a hit as will fancy cookies. You can also shape sandwiches with a cookie cutter for original designs. A great idea is to visit your local thrift shop and buy some old clothing so that the girls can dress up in real grown up clothes. Hang them up and let the girls pick what they want as they arrive.

Include feather boas, long pink butterfly gloves and a variety of ladies tea hats. For a craft you can have decorative diva sunglasses so they can design their own eye wear at the party. Fuchsia, pink and lavender feather tea party fans are the perfect accompaniment. Other treats can include Pucker Up! Personalized lip balm and as a special present The Pink Plaid Purse favor box kit can be filled up with anything you think the girls might like.

Party Supplies

Discount stores are flourishing and you can find tea cups for each of the little girls to take home when you shop at these types of stores. They will be affordable and unique and each child will cherish the keepsake. You can decorate with satin sheets or canopy bedding and cover walls and ceilings so that it gives the room a soft and elegant ambiance.

Other Ideas

Invite the girls to bring their favorite dolls to the party. Or perhaps it can be a teddy bear tea party. Have the girls dress their dolls in their best outfits and allow them to create hats for the dolls out of paper plates, tissue paper and ribbon.

Other crafty ideas to do at the party are to make butterfly photo magnets or a butterfly pouch necklace. You can provide each girl with a delightfully glamorous make up kit with a princess theme and they can have fun making up their faces.

A tea party is something all little girls will appreciate and there are so many ways of decorating. It takes just a little imagination. Revisit your own childhood years and think of what would please you at a tea party and take your inspiration from there. You may find that you have enjoyed yourself so much at your child's tea party that you may want to host one for you and your friends.

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