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Halloween Candy Alternatives

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1248 Views No comments

With Halloween soon approaching, many of us are busy thinking about our yearly Halloween costume and where we are going to find the best costume for our children for trick-or-treating. Looking at the raising costs of candy, however, it is not too surprising that many parents are trying to find cheaper and healthier alternatives to the typical sugary treats that are found at most houses. As much as we may like the tradition of giving our children candy, the next day we are typically left with a large bag of candy that is more sugar that a child should eat in a year.

To the surprise of many adults, there are actually cheaper alternative to candy for Halloween that are enjoyed by children. As would be expected, many of these toys are relatively cheap and fun, giving each child in your neighborhood some enjoyment that will last more than ten seconds. Even better, a bag of fun party toys that are great treat for boys and girls alike can be bought cheaper than a bag of name brand candy.

Most toys that are bought for goody bags can be as expensive or cheap as you decide, giving you a minimum of a dozen toys, going all the way up to bags that contain over 144 toys, allowing to handle a large number children this Halloween. One popular item that is great as a Halloween treat are the Camouflage Airplane Gliders. With over 144 little gliders, you can expect to see these little planes flying around your neighborhood for quite some time. Even better, you can get these fun little gliders for $12.99.

If you do not want to give out this many toys, you can also get smaller sets of toys, such as the mini porcupine balls. Six dozen of these fun rubber balls can be purchased for $8, allowing you to have some extra toys left over that can be used as treats later, such as stocking stuffers. Below, you will find some amazing toys that are great candy alternatives for kids this Halloween. With the variety of different fun toys that are available, why would anyone want to buy candy again?


  • Neon Colored Bounce Balls - 12 dozen
  • Rubber Cool Saying Rings - 6 dozen
  • Mini Clear Putty with Glitter - 4 dozen
  • Religious Hexagon Shaped Bubbles - 4 dozen
  • Hi Bounce Ball Assortment - 50 pieces
  • Zoo Jungle Animal Paratroopers - 4 dozen
  • Stretch Flying Bugs - 12 dozen
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