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Games and Activities the Kid's will Enjoy at Their Next Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1932 Views 2 comments

Tired of the same old party games? Do you think your kids are too? We have some ideas that might make a dull party a little livelier. With a little creativity and imagination, your child'™s next party will be one that will truly be enjoyed.

Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe This is an easy game to prepare and the kid's will have a blast playing it. Simply get a large piece of poster board and draw a tic tac toe board on it. You can make bean bags out of old fabric scraps even if you don'™t sew. If you don't have any fabric lying around go to the discount store and buy some. Cut the fabric into pieces and fill with dried beans and staple them together. Designate X's & O'™s and let the kids toss them onto the board to see if they can get tic tac toe.

How Many Are There? When the children arrive have their names written on pieces of paper with a space for them to write a number. Have a jar filled with whatever you decide such as jelly beans, dog biscuits or marbles and have each child write their guess on their paper. At the end of the party whoever has come the closest wins a prize. They will be wiggling in anticipation until a winner is called.

Who Am I? As the children arrive to the party, tape a piece of paper with the name of an animal or object to their backs. Explain they must try to guess what they are by asking yes or no questions. If the theme of the party is "œOn the Farm" use farm animals or farm equipment, if it is a princess party you can use things like a jester, moat, castle or a member of royalty. The kid'™s will love trying to figure out what they are.

Water Balloon Fun Be sure to have plenty of water balloons and towels on hand. Set up a volley ball or badminton net. Divide the children into teams. Pair up the kids giving them one beach towel between them. The object of the game is to toss the water balloons over the net using only the beach towels while the pairs on the other team try to catch them in their towels. This is a great game that will have the kids soaked and silly. It is sure to become a summertime favorite.


You don'™t have to stick to games such as pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs. There are plenty of fun alternatives that kids will enjoy. Plan a treasure or scavenger hunt. Play the old tried and true game of "œFreeze". Set up a table and let them make some crafts. Let the kids have a blast while you enjoy watching them have fun.

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Kristen 3 years ago at 7:43 AM
Love these ideas! I used to have a bean bag toss game that I loved, but had somehow forgotten about. That will definitely need to make a comeback!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:16 PM
Thanks! Yes bean bag toss games are really popular surprisingly! Especially when you are creating a mini "Carnival" theme party or something like that. The classics never seem to get old.