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Fun Children's Party Themes

By 3 years ago 2165 Views 16 comments

Dinosaur Paddleball game

Trying to find a fun theme for your children's party? If there is one thing that every child loves, it's a birthday party. It doesn't even have to be their own party, since they know they will be playing party games, eating fun treats, and may even receive a goodie bag filled with fun toys.  Even though we may have forgotten some of the joys of attending little kid birthday parties as we became adults, it's still fun creating these adorable parties for our children. The challenging part, however, is finding the perfect themes - ones that not only fit our children's personalities, but will make all of their little friends happy as well! Below, we have included some of our favorite children's party themes that are good for girls, and boys.

Children's Theme: Dinosaurs

If there is one thing most children enjoy, it's dinosaurs. Children love learning about these prehistoric reptiles and pretending to be one.  Since children love dinosaurs, it is easy make a themed party a fun educational experience. It is easy to pick out fun dinosaur books, toys, and/or candies in dinosaur themed goodie bags, encouraging small children to have fun and learn at the same time!

Jungle Animal Stuffed AnimalsChildren's Theme: Jungle/Zoo

Another of the most popular themed parties for children actually revolves around modern-day animals. Children love seeing animals that live in the zoo, and the jungle as well. Many children are interested in these animals, especially since many have been playing with similar stuffed toys since they were smaller. These parties are quick and easy for parents to plan, since they can pick from a wide variety of novelty toys, stuffed animals, and even animal shaped lollipops.

Carnival CupcakesChildren's Theme: Carnival

Of course, what child doesn't love going to see a carnival?  With all the different attractions at these events, it isn't too surprising that many children dream of their chance of seeing their next carnival, and maybe even enjoy  pretending they are the ringmaster! Today, you can find a pretty wide selection of party sets to help you create (and complement) the perfect carnival party. These sets include everything you need for goodie bags, decorating your house, and even making adorable circus themed cupcakes!

Superhero CostumeChildren's Theme: Superhero

Let's face it, kids love superheroes, especially after seeing summer blockbusters like Iron Man or the Avengers. With children dreaming of being superheroes when they grow up, it's not too surprising that kids want to have a superhero themed party. This is one of the 

Pirate Goody Bagfew themes that is perfect for playing dress up at as well since kids can wear capes, masks, and other fun superhero items. You may even be able to find cute superhero themed toys for goodie bags!

Children's Themes: Pirates

Another party theme that has been getting a lot of attention due to movies are pirate parties. Kids are fascinated with pretending to be pirates, especially after seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Out of all the parties, this can easily be the most rewarding but time-consuming, since parents can make treasure maps to hidden treasure and even have pirate costumes available to the children at the party. As well, children will love having access to pirate themed toys, candies, and more when they find their pirate treasure!

Dawn Rader 3 years ago at 8:02 AM
there are some really great ideas here. I have 2 young bous and am always looking for different party ideas! Th party favors are cute!
Robin Abrams 3 years ago at 2:13 PM
My grandson would really love the Dinosaurs themed party. He loves everything Dinosaurs. My granddaughter would totally love the Jungle/Zoo theme she loves all animals she says she is going to be a vet when she grows up
Sandra VanHoey 3 years ago at 5:12 PM
These are delightful ideas. I have alot of young grandkids who would love doing this. I think we will try a kids party this summer and use one or some of your ideas. Thank you so much

rose paden 3 years ago at 3:41 AM
These are some good ideas for Birthday Party's! I haven't done a boy theme yet though. My favorite would probably be doing a zoo theme, that would be fun! I just actually got done throwing a mustache birthday party and a month before a frozen birthday party! It can be very challenging sometimes! I cut out and glittered about 100 mustaches and all i have to say is TIME CONSUMING, but all worth it when you see a child's face light up!
Gale McCarron 3 years ago at 1:33 PM
I love the idea of these, and there's a nice selection of things you could choose from according to the ages. Love it!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 6:02 PM
Thanks! Glad you like the article!
Margot C 3 years ago at 11:57 AM
These are darling ideas. We once had an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's birthday party where the kids made different animal masks. Fortunately it was nice enough outside to do it on the patio because though t was fun it was a mess! Also, I cut out all of the pieces for assembly beforehand - no scissors!
Kelly Powell 3 years ago at 1:13 PM
There are some really great ideas here. Thank you for sharing :)
sallyt 3 years ago at 7:31 PM
You really have it covered when it comes to planning parties.
I wish I had a party to plan,but I do not for right now.
This would be my go to place.
Sweta 3 years ago at 8:36 PM
love superhero theme
saminder gumer 3 years ago at 11:39 PM
these are some great themes for kids parties. i have one coming up pretty soon and may borrow one of these. thanks for the ideas and keep them coming.
sallyt 3 years ago at 10:44 PM
Designs has a lot of selection for all kinds of parties.
I love that you can pick out everything in one place,they have it all.
lisa 3 years ago at 11:07 AM
What fun party ideas. Young children get such a kick out of dressing up as a favorite character,
sallyt 3 years ago at 1:12 PM
I really think Design has some really great ideas for childrens parties.I wish I was
small again and I could have had a Alice in Wonderland party.
I so loved that movie with the rabbits.
Amy Adams 3 years ago at 3:54 AM
I love all these ideas for a kid's theme party. My granddaughter is turning 8 and she has decided she wants a zoo/carnival type party with booths for the other kids to win things. We have so many toys we have collected from her and her sister (they are 8-to be and 10) that we have collected from them playing games at fairs and street-fests that we have enough animals to donate. They hardly ever played with them other than to put them on the couch to watch movies with them. I asked if she wanted them and she jumped at the chance. They look brand new so why not?
Valerie Guerrero 3 years ago at 9:12 PM
i love the jungle theme it will be awesome for my sons five bday party