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Fly Your Kite in March During National Kite Month

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1263 Views 1 comment

What a great way to usher in the springtime season by having a get together that includes either making your own kites or bringing along commercial ones to fly on a beautiful day. Pick a day when the winds will be whipping and invite along friends and watch the colorful kites take over the skies.

Planning the Event
You can plan for food and drink to be served at your house after the kite flying is done or you can pack a picnic lunch that you can take along with you to the park. Be sure to bring plenty of string in case a kite gets mired in the trees and perhaps a ladder to make it easier to untangle. All the grown up guests can help to supervise the children so that they all get a successful flight from their kites.


If you will be making your own kites you can have the guests make their kites at home or you can invite them over to your house to do the building. Plan a space that will have all that will be needed in order to build fantastic looking kites of all sizes, shapes and colors. There are a variety of hobby shops and websites that will lead you in the right direction as to what types of supplies you will need as well as plans so that you can execute the ideal kite. Choose a traditional shaped kite or a dragon, bats or whatever suits you and your child'­s fancy.

Head to the Park
If you are having a picnic, bring along finger foods, napkins and plenty of lemonade or iced tea. Find a place to set up the food that is not too far from the launching area. Have the children spread apart so that kites don't get tangled with each other. Depending upon the child's age they can try and launch the kite or an adult can get them started.


Imagine how beautiful the park will look with all the colorful and brightly shaped kites soaring high above the treetops. You can have a contest to see whose kite flies the highest or the longest or you can judge whose kite is the most creative.


Once the kite flying is through, everyone can sit and enjoy some delicious snacks and beverages and brag about the performance of their kites. Be sure to bring along a camera so that you can snap a picture of each participant and their kite creation. This may be such a big hit that your friends in the neighborhood will want to repeat this event year after year as they herald in the season of spring.

Machelle 3 years ago at 9:31 AM
This is a great idea. We have done this - made our own kites with friends and flown them. Their are easy patterns out there. It is so much fun. The children love it because they made them! Perfect party idea!