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First Garden

By 3 years ago 2501 Views 20 comments

child gardening with motherLooking for a way to make your child's first garden even more fun? For many kids, nothing is more fun than doing outdoor activities with mom and dad. As children get a bit older, many of them want to have their own little garden, especially if they have been seeing their parents grow things outdoors as well. While gardening with kids used to be challenging in the past, it is now much more fun and easy to create a fun garden for kids, especially with the right amount of planning and tools!

First Garden: Why Have a Garden

While creating a  garden may be a lot of work, it comes with a lot of benefits for children and parents alike. For one, it is great at teaching kids responsibility and where the food on their plates doesn't just come from the grocery stores. By growing their own food or flowers, they watch a life that is dependent on them. They learn that that they have to water it, baby it, and what happens at the end of the season after harvest when many plants die or hibernate. It truly is a great learning experience for children. Best of all, it doesn't take much room at all, allowing parents and children to enjoy gardening together, even if they don't have a lot of room outdoors.

make a birdhouseFirst Garden: Supplies

When it becomes time to start putting together your first garden, it is important that you take into account what supplies you need and how much room you have available for a garden. Many people assume that you must have a big area for garden, but it really can be done just about anywhere, including a small second story deck on an apartment. All you need are some basic gardening supplies (child safe ones are available in most stores), seeds, dirt, and whatever decorations you want to include with your plants. As well, make sure to have a child sized bucket or watering can that children are able to use to water their plants.

First Garden: Crafts

To make the most out of your garden, consider allowing kids to make their own unique flower pots. You can purchase flower pot craft kits and paints at many stores that are specially designed for painting on plastic or ceramic. By letting kids make their own unique pots with craft supplies they are able to make their first garden more personal. These pots can in many cases also be used year after year, allowing kids to enjoy their unique projects for many years to come. If you have a large area, you may also want help kids make their own birdhouses and labels for their plants, helping them make their gardening experience even better! 

Harry 3 years ago at 2:21 AM
Gardening is a great way to teach kids in developing a kinship with the Planet Earth. Once you get started on gardening you can start "Seed swapping Clubs" where you can swap seeds to grow in your garden. We have one such club in my community and it helps keep native species(plants and also insects like moths, butterfly etc) within the community.
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:12 AM
Thanks for that information. We here totally agree it is important for children to learn to respect this precious planet. Love the "seed swapping" idea!
LittleYllwBird 3 years ago at 5:37 AM
I used to LOVE gardening when I was little. Living in an apartment though currently makes it almost impossible to really enjoy it but I think I may look into some little kits at the store and see if I can grow something on my balcony this year. =D
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:07 PM
Great idea! There is always a way to create a beautiful garden no matter how small!
Alexandra McAllister 3 years ago at 6:26 AM
Gardening is such a wonderful idea both for children and parents. By sharing this activity, their link becomes stronger as well. What is more beautiful than watching a garden grow. I also love the idea of crafting - making their own pots! How much fun is that! Thanks so much for sharing such an inspiring article.
Shelly @ Behind Blue Eyes 3 years ago at 8:34 AM
Gardening with your children is such a great idea. I grew up on a farm and I have to be honest, I loved and hated gardening. When I was younger it was fun to "help" play in the dirt, search for tomato worms, potato bugs, etc. and eating fresh berries right off the plant. Then I got older and it became a choir, it was definintely not fun anymore. I definitely think I would have enjoyed helping in the flower garden more.
lisa 3 years ago at 12:37 PM
Gardening is an excellent to get kids involved and learn about being responsible. Hopefully they will develop a taste for vegetables too.
Amy Adams 3 years ago at 5:29 PM
I love the idea of creating garden crafts. I love doing crafts with my granddaughters; and although I don't have a garden for them their mother does. So, this is a great idea for us to do a craft together and then they will have something in their garden that they made with grandma. Perfect solution!
Rhonda Martin 3 years ago at 5:53 PM
Allowing the children to decorate their own plant pots and garden stakes is a great idea. If it's going to be their own garden it should be done exactly like they want it to look like. I thought of another idea to add to it too. They could paint rocks like bugs to place around their garden. They can use their own imagination on what the bugs look like and where to place them in the garden when their done. Thanks for getting my wheels turning.
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 10:46 PM
Love that idea! Thanks!
Taswmom 3 years ago at 1:39 AM
My father has always been a fantastic gardener, and he did his best to teach me. Now he also starts seedlings that he shares with my children and I. Sometimes we're more successful than others. But even my daughter had a beautiful potted tomato plant on her condo balcony!
Marlene 3 years ago at 3:28 PM
What wonderful ideas. It is so important to teach children about gardening. I love the idea of painting the pots, this would make a wonderful activity for a spring birthday party.
Margot C 3 years ago at 6:51 PM
I love both gardening and doing crafts with kids. These are charming ideas
sallyt 3 years ago at 11:28 PM
what great ideas for gardening with your children.I guess you need to
start young when you have girls otherwise they would be afraid of bugs.
sallyt 3 years ago at 1:04 AM
The little bird houses are really cute craft to do with your kids.
Would start them out to bird watching and feeding.
alihaider 3 years ago at 4:50 AM
Gardening is my hobby.I feel free working in garden with kids. These are in deed wonderful ideas.Thanks for such amazing ideas&sharing.
melisa 3 years ago at 2:16 AM
We have gardened for many years, but then didn't garden for a few years. My daughter missed it so much that she went to Home Depot and picked up a small raised garden kit, soil, string, etc. and planted her own. I LOVED seeing her take this initiative and see some of what she's learned over the years come through.
Anita 3 years ago at 12:40 PM
My neice loves to garden.Thanks for the fresh idea's.can't wait to see what else you do.
roberta 3 years ago at 6:21 PM
thank you for the awesome ideas I have been wanting to decorate some birdhouses for my patio since my nickname is Birdie. I also going to have a hummingbird feeder waiting for the grandkids
Terri S 3 years ago at 3:54 PM
I love the birdhouses! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!