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Fall Outdoor Activities

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1259 Views No comments

Now that kids are back in school, they want nothing more to spend their weekend playing video games or playing with friends. Even though kids may want to spend the whole time indoors, fall is their last chance to enjoy the beautiful weather before the cold weather hits. If you are parent who is struggling to get your kids outdoors, here are some fun fall outdoor activities that will get kids motivated to play outside. You may even find yourself having fun with them!

Fall Outdoor Activities: Hiking & Walking

Children love to explore and learn about the world around them, making hiking and walking one of the best fall outdoor activities to do as a family. It is great exercise for everyone in your family and allows kids to learn a bit more about nature. Most major cities have nature preserves and parks that are taken care of by the city or state, allowing parent to have a free weekend to explore, or even go camping! Depending on the age of your child, you may want to bring a bug collecting kit, magnifying glass, tote bag, and camera with you. Your kids will love collecting things to bring to show and tell, or learn more about later from the trip.

Fall Outdoor Activities: Obstacle Course

If you want to give kids a bit of exercise without leaving your backyard, consider building an obstacle course. For the obstacle course, set up different stations with areas to climb ropes, jump, or even run. With quite a few inflatable toys that encourage physical activities, such as inflatable tires, you can create a fun filled course that will give your kids quite a bit of exercise without breaking the bank! We highly recommend buying inflatable items for this fall outdoor activity since they are very inexpensive, along with being easy to set up and store after your kids are finished playing.

Fall Outdoor Activities: Leaf Games

For families that have lots of trees, raking leaves is a bit of a mixed blessing for kids. They love to play in leaves but very few like to actually rake the leaves into piles. Instead of bagging up your leaves, consider raking them into piles for an afternoon of leaf jumping. All the kids in the neighborhood will love jumping into the piles and creating their own fun games. This can also be incorporated into an obstacle course for some extra fun!

Fall Outdoor Activities: Picking Apples

With apples coming into season, many orchards are opening their doors to the public, making picking apples one o the best fall outdoor activities for kids. Picking apples is great exercise for kids and lets them actively take part in choosing some of the food they eat. As well, many of these orchards have special activities set up for kids, like hayrides, pony riding, and other fun fan activities. You may even be able to have your own picnic there after picking apples! Just make sure to call ahead to see what activities are going on that day at your local orchard!