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Fall Hostess Gifts

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 2135 Views No comments

Looking for the perfect fall hostess gifts? With many of us traveling for the holidays, we sometimes forget with all the craziness to properly show our gratitude to our host and hostess. Since they are nice enough to invite us to their event and into their home, the least we can do is offer them a nice fall-themed hostess gift. While this may be an old tradition, it is still alive and welcomed by those who hold special gatherings, making it important that you think ahead about finding the perfect gift for your host or hostess!

Hostess Gifts: Why Bring One

Even though many of us don't expect to receive a hostess gift when we set up an event or party, it is considered good etiquette to purchase a small gift for your host or hostess. Usually a hostess gift is something small, valued anywhere from $5 to $30 as a way to say thank you for inviting you. If you are staying for multiple days, however, it is recommended that you purchase something that is a bit more expensive since you are inconveniencing your guest by staying in their home for days at a time. Traditionally, most guests bring something small, like a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. As a rule of thumb, try staying away from impersonal gifts like gift certificates.

As well, remember that whatever you purchase is likely to only get a thank you or small recognition at the event. It is also unlikely to be used that day, since most guests choose specific decorations, foods, and wine pairings especially for a party. After the party, however, you should expect to receive a thank you note from the host. Also, don't forget to send a thank you note yourself, thanking them for the party.

Unique Fall Hostess Gifts

While you can give traditional hostess gifts at your fall event, we highly recommend giving your host or hostess something more memorable than food. Since everyone loves unique decorations for the holidays, give them something fun like decorative statues or figures as a fall hostess gift. Hatz especially has a full line of fall themed figures that are cute, funny, and perfect for displaying throughout the fall holidays. If you are going to a nice Halloween dinner or party, consider going with Halloween figures such as scarecrows, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. For Thanksgiving, go with something cute like pilgrims, turkeys, and Native Americans. Most hostesses will love getting these adorable statues since they are unlikely to purchase something like this for themselves and will be happy to display it during the fall holiday season.

Holiday Fall Hostess Gifts: Wrapping

When purchasing your fall hostess gift, remember too that presentation is just as important as the gift. Consider going with a fall colored bag or gift box, especially in colors like reds, oranges, and browns. With the right colors of tissue paper and ribbons, it is easy to make a beautiful bag that is guaranteed to get some attention not only from your hostess, but from the other guests at the party too!