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Fall Crafts

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Looking for some fun fall crafts to make with your children? With the summer behind us, there are a variety of fun craft activities that are perfect make with children at fall festivals or as fun weekend crafts. These cute craft projects are designed special for kids and can easily become part of a family craft weekend!

Fall Crafts: Painting Pumpkins
One activity that children associate with the fall is painting and carving pumpkins. For younger children, painting pumpkins is a fun and safe activity that can easily be done with the assistance of an adult. With craft paint and stencils, it is easy to paint a fun scene or silly face on pumpkins. If you want to let children have a bit more fun, allow them to decorate the pumpkins themselves using paint. This can easily keep kids busy for hours, especially if you get a full sized pumpkin. This activity is also easy to set up at craft festivals as a cute kids activity. Rather than large pumpkins, however, consider using small handheld pumpkins. These are the perfect size for small children and can easily be carried home as a fun party favor from your weekend event!

Fall Crafts: Jewelry Making
If you have a daughter that loves making jewelry, there are a variety of fun fall jewelry crafts that are great weekend projects. For these fall crafts, you will need fall charms and autumn colored(usually brown, orange, and red) beads. If you are new to making jewelry, don't worry, there are a dozens of fun jewelry kits to help kids make their own fall themed necklaces and bracelets! Most of these kits are very easy to make and individually packaged to allow girls to make this jewelry with friends!

Fall Crafts: Preserving Leaves
Even though many parents don't think about it, one of the best fall crafts to do with their kids is preserving leaves. Children are fascinated with the changing of the seasons, especially with the beautiful leaves they played under in the summer changing colors. Before racking all the leaves in your yard, have children pick out their favorite leaves for this cute fall craft!

What You Need:

  • 1/3 Cup of Liquid Glycerin (can be found in craft stores or pharmacies)
  • Paper Plates
  • Flat Leaves
  • Heavy Books
  • 2/3 Cup of Water


1.Mix the glycerin and water mixture together.
2.Pour a little of the solution onto a paper plate. You need just enough to cover the bottom of the plate.
3.Place your leaf in the solution, Make sure the leaf is completely submerged in the liquid mixture.
4.Place another paper plate on top of the leaf. The plates should be stacked together like they were originally packaged. Once the plates are pressed together, place a book or other weight on top of the second plate.
5.Leave the leaf for two days to four days in the mixture.
6.When finished, gently dry it with a paper towel. It should be shiny, soft, and flexible!