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Fall Baby Shower Themes

By Nicole Raleigh 3 years ago 3218 Views 4 comments

Pumpkin Baby Shower DecorationsTrying to find the perfect fall baby shower theme? Even though many people don't think about it, autumn is the perfect time for a baby shower, especially if you want to take advantage of fruits, vegetables, and decorations that are already being used for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Best of all, you can also take advantage of a variety of delicious pumpkin and apple desserts - yum! Luckily, some of the cutest fall baby shower themes aren't just adorable, they are fairly inexpensive too, making them perfect for just about any hostess's budget!

Fall Leaves Decorated CakeFall Baby Shower Themes: Pumpkin

Want to know the hottest baby shower theme on Pinterest right now? Pumpkins! That's right, pumpkins! The whole idea behind this type of baby shower is having a pumpkin 'patch' party, with pumpkins as decorations and pumpkin themed decorations. For this type of party, you want to focus on your decorations being mostly orange with a bit of brown or green as an accent. As well, try having pumpkin treats for all of your guests. Foods like pumpkin muffins or even pumpkin bread are perfect snacks. You can also give some of your favorite baby shower games a bit of a fall twist. Just don't forget to bring a camera, since these parties can be very cute and memorable.

Scarecrow decoration with applesFall Baby Shower Themes: Changing Leaves & Outdoors

Want to add a unique twist to your fall party? Have it outdoors! Set up a tent or maybe even a firepit outdoors, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful weather and nature itself. With the leaves changing, you can enjoy some natural decorations, allowing you to save some money by only having to decorate your outdoor tables and food. For this type of party, try matching your tablecloths and party paperware with colors you see outdoors this time of year, including yellows, oranges, browns, and even reds! To add a bit more color to your party, don't forget to also add leaf decorations to your party cakes and cupcakes to give it that extra bit of outdoor flare!

Fall Colored LeavesFall Baby Shower Themes: Harvest

Want to add a rustic feel to your baby shower? Don't forget that with harvest being here, this is the perfect time to take advantage of your local farms for a baby shower. Decorate your home with hay, fresh apples, or even colorful corn. Along with these harvest items, you can also decorate your home or party venue in bright orange and browns, making it look a bit more like the outdoors. Also, consider adding some cute scarecrow table pieces and decorations to add that finishing touch to your party. Just don't forget to also bring some yummy apple treats for your guests and the expecting mom!

karen bullion 3 years ago at 4:53 PM
I love themes for parties--usually some one else's ideas. The harvest time theme is wonderful for this time of year. Rich beautiful colors that are not gender specific. Just a great idea. Some apples, gourds, colorful corn and colorful leaves. Imagine the effect. This would so easy to put together and so much more pleasing to the eye then pink and blue. Thank you for these fabulous ideas. Will definitely put this to use.
Crystal Walker 3 years ago at 2:37 PM
Oh what great ideas for Baby Showers this would be a nice ideal besides just the basic shower that most people do
Janet W. 3 years ago at 7:19 AM
Those "baby pumpkins" are adorable! What a cute theme!
Nancy 3 years ago at 7:45 AM
The baby face pumpkin "dolls" are very cute! They would be lovely for an autumn baby shower.