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Fairy Princess Party On A Budget

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 2 years ago 1709 Views No comments

Are you trying to put together a fairy princess party on a budget? On our daughter's special day, any of us would want her to feel like as much of a princess as possible. This means we want to give her the best party possible - adorable decorations, a beautiful cake, and even a costume for her so that she can act the part of a princess on her birthday. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard staying on a budget, especially if we want to give our daughter everything she dreamed of on her big day. Luckily, we have the perfect tips for helping you create the perfect fairy princess party on a budget!

Fairy Princess Party on a Budget: Party at Home

While you may be tempted to have the party at a venue or your child's favorite restaurant, you may want to consider keeping the party in your own home. By having the party in your own house you can control the cost of food, avoid courtesy fees for location, and avoid the costs of purchasing tokens for games. As well, many venues have restrictions about the type of decorations that can be used and have clean up fees that can be costly for parents. Best of all, you can easily turn a home birthday party into a sleepover, making for even more fun for your daughter!

Fairy Princess Party on a Budget: Clearance & Sales

Once you have figured out your budget for party supplies, including decorations, tableware, and games, start making a list of everything you need and take a look at sales and clearance items. Many people don't think to check to see clearance section, assuming that they won't find what they need for their daughter. In many cases you will find a lot of fun surprises, including discontinued designs and other items that can easily match your theme. Best of all, you can even find party favors and games in this area, allowing to fill goody bags with fun treats without spending a small fortune, even if you have lots of kids attending.

Fairy Princess Party on a Budget: Buy in Bulk

Want to know the secret to how many parents can have out of this world parties? They buy items for the party in bulk. By buying candies, tutus, wings, and other items in bulk, they are able to save quite a bit of money, allowing them to purchase items for all the kids at the party at a large discount. Instead of buying one or two fancy costumes for their daughter, they can buy tutus and wings for all the children at their party, allowing every little girl to be a fairy princess for a day at the surprisingly low cost of only a few tutus. While it may seem pricy at first glance, the individual cost of each item is much cheaper in bulk, allowing you to save time, money, and create picture perfect moments for everyone at your daughter's fairy princess birthday party.