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Decorating For Thanksgiving

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1182 Views No comments

Are you planning a big family get together for Thanksgiving? While we may think Thanksgiving is all about the food, there is more to our favorite turkey holiday. Part of creating the perfect theme for any holiday is finding the right decorations to make your Thanksgiving table shine. Not only will it wow everyone in your family, but can give a fun, festive feel to your table that will have everyone more interested in talking and spending some quality family time together.

Thanksgiving Decorations: Tableware

While you may want to get down the nice china for Thanksgiving, it can usually lead to more stress than it's really worth the business of holidays. Rather than spend most of the day cleaning up and filling the dishwasher, consider going with paper ware for the holidays. With a nice set of paper plates, cups, and napkins, you can easily have an elegant table setting without the mess that is usually associated with Thanksgiving. We prefer to go with a mix of brown and orange tableware, to give a fall look to our Thanksgiving place settings. Along with your traditional plates, cups, and napkins, you may also want to include special tableware for the food itself. Today, you can purchase plastic and paper serving dishes in just about any color, making for a colorful table without spending all day cleaning your special dishes. As well, many cakes and cupcakes can be turned into your Thanksgiving centerpiece with the right cupcake tiers and decorations. Not only are they elegant and inexpensive, but very easy to set up too - perfect for anyone who is in a hurry to get the family sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. With the right decorations for your table and food, you can easily have everyone talking for weeks about your beautiful and family friendly dinner!

Thanksgiving Decorations: Edible Decorations

If you are looking for more unique ways to brighten up the family table, you may want to consider purchasing some edible decorations as well. While they are often overlooked, they do a great job at showcasing other foods and even making ordinary food look spectacular! One of our personal favorites is decorative sugar cubes - perfect for serving alongside a warm tea, or after-dinner coffee. They can be purchased for a variety of themes and add extra color to any table setting. Along with these popular decorations, you can also purchase edible cake overlays, giving your favorite cake recipe a Thanksgiving or fall theme in only a matter of minutes!

Thanksgiving Decorations: Crafts

Even though many people don't think about it, children's crafts are great for decorating your dining room and keeping little ones busy beforehand. While dinner is being prepared, the children of your family will love making turkey themed crafts, from 3-D turkeys to paper centerpieces. This time can also be used for associating crafts with different Thanksgiving stories, making it educational for the entire family. Just remember to get crafts that are age appropriate and go along with the theme you are planning for Thanksgiving dinner.

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