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Decorated Sugar Cubes

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Are you having problems finding that right finishing touch for your party? While there are hundreds of different party favors and party decorations available today, it is sometimes difficult finding the right decoration that is not only useful, but elegant. Sometime the most elegant and fun party favors are ones that have been around for centuries - sugar cubes! For centuries, sugar cubes have been a central part of any party, ranging from traditional tea parties to relaxing coffee themed going away parties.

While sugar cubes have always been popular, nothing compared to the cute, decorated sugar cubes that are being used for parties today. These royal icing decorative sugar cubes are perfect for coffee or tea, giving an elegant look to any table setting. With all the different themed decorated sugar cubes today, you can make any table look amazing with these cute sugar cubes.

Baby Showers

Nothing is more exciting that throwing a baby shower for your best friend. With so many different baby shower decorations available, it is easy to throw an elegant baby shower. With tea and coffee usually being a central part of baby showers, cute baby shower themed sugar cubes are a great addition to any table set up. With cute baby boy sugar cubes and baby girl sugar cubes available, it is easy to set up these cubes on decorative trays for each guests. These cubes especially look cute with bear themed baby decorations, making them perfect for any table setting.


When every bride plans their wedding reception, elegance and beauty is something that is necessary to make sure each wedding table looks perfect. Decorated flower sugar cubes are perfect for any wedding table. If you have roses at each table, make sure to have rose bud decorated sugar cubes at each place setting, stacked neatly on wedding favor trays. With fine china, this can give a look of elegance and charm that not only looks great, but is fairly inexpensive compared to most wedding party favors.


If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, or planning an elegant Christmas party, you will find that decorative sugar cubes are perfect as part of your table setting. It is very common for Christmas coffees and teas to be served at these dinners, especially with dessert. When dessert is served, place these Christmas or Thanksgiving themed sugar cubes on decorative favor tray. These cute sugar cubes are an excellent conversation piece, and go perfect with other holiday tableware. For children, make sure to also have cute snowman themed sugar cubes, which are part of many winter decorative sugar cube sets.

Traditional Tea Party

Of course, nothing is cuter than throwing a tea party with your daughter, especially if other little girls are involved. With so many different tea party sets available today, you can have an elegant tea party of just about any theme, ranging from a traditional tea party to a cute princess themed tea party. We personally love to match tea party sugar cubes with any girly tableware set. Girls of all ages are guaranteed to love a tea party with these cute party favors.