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Creating a Cartoon Character Birthday Party on a Budget

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 3299 Views 3 comments

As any parent with children knows, children love picking cartoon characters and making them the center of the world. Almost every toy or item in their room has something to do with their new idol, making it not too surprising that they want the theme of their next birthday party to revolve around this character. While many of us may love these cartoon characters, the price of their exclusive items can be out of many parents budgets, having them paying a great deal of money for basic items such as paper plates and cups, leaving little room for other party favors.

If you are like many parents who want to see your money go as far as possible, but how is this possible while still giving your child the themed party they want? Luckily, there are ways to give your child the cartoon character party they wanted, by not revolving the party around the character, but the world of the character.

Fairy Tale
Many characters that are loved by little girls revolve around old fairy tales, being the basis of many popular Disney characters. Instead of basing your party around this character, find a similar costume to this character and give your character a princess party, revolving around the specific theme of that world. For example, for a Sleeping Beauty party, have all of the decoration revolve around a fantasy theme, with your daughters little guests looking like visiting princesses or fairies similar to the movie.

The Explorer
One of your child's favorite shows may very well be Dora the Explorer. For this world, create jungle themed party, packed with fun tropical decorations and animals that will make your child feel like they are part of the show. Don't forget to get special jungle themed decorations or to look at jungle party packs to save you money.

Oriental and Anime
Recently, quite a few Japanese shows have been making their way into your child's morning cartoon line up. These popular cartoons can translate into fun magical girl parties, pirate themed parties, or maybe even oriental themes parties revolving around ancient Chinese dress. All of these popular themes can be incorporate into fun parties relatively easily, especially your little girl's favorite magical girl, which can incorporate many of these same items that could be found in a fairy tale princess party. Make sure to do research on the internet first, however, before you plan your party to make sure you can pay attention to the little details your child will love.

Jennifer Rogers 3 years ago at 7:57 AM
We do this very thing with birthday parties, it takes planning ahead as the cfarty part can take time but it is welll worth it. We once had a Sponge Bob Party with Crabby Patty burgers and all the SpongeBob characters life size we made from Poster board it was awesome!!
Shakeia Rieux 3 years ago at 8:35 PM
I would love to do this for my nieces.These are great ideas
Mercedes Huber 3 years ago at 12:06 AM
Thanks for the ideas!