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Create A Themed Sleepover

By 3 years ago 2003 Views 12 comments

Girls sleepover partyCupcake Lip GlossIs your daughter planning on having a fun sleepover? For girls, nothing is more fun than spending the night with friends, especially if they get private time to gossip or put on makeup with their friend's mom. The hardest part for most moms, however, is picking a theme and finding the right party supplies for their daughters. While you can always go with a traditional sleepover theme, this doesn't encourage girls to want to spend the night at your house more, making it important that you pick a fun, original theme for your daughter's sleepover. Luckily, there are fun themes (and themed party supplies) that can be used for just about any girly sleepover!

Themed Sleepover: What to Consider

When preparing for a themed sleepover, the first thing you should consider is what your daughter and her friends like. Do they love animals? How about watching princess movies with friends? From their likes, put together a list of possible themes. While some themes may not work well for a sleepover, others can be easily converted. For example, if your daughter loves zoo animals, you can have a zoo themed sleepover, with all the girls having adorable jungle 'friends' that they can watch movies with or even tell their ghost stories once the lights go out!

Polka Dot Jungle Animals

Themes Sleepover: Popular Themes

There are obviously certain themes that do better for girly sleepovers, especially if you are hosting younger girls. When picking a theme, especially a popular one, make sure to keep the ages of the girls invited in mind as well. For example, a unicorn themed slumber party may go over better with younger girls than it would most tweens. Some of our favorite slumber party themes include:

Sleepover JewelryThemed Sleepover: Party Supplies

Even though many parents don't think about it, we also recommend getting themed party supplies, especially tableware. Rather than spending your time worrying about dirty dishes and cups, enjoy the convenience of being able to toss paper plates and cups after dinner or a fun snack before bedtime. Kids especially love these themed plates, cups, and napkins since they know they are special, just for them and the big event! As well, kids love seeing matching items, especially if they match balloons and other decorations that are part of your sleepover.

Of course, you will also need to organized some adorable sleepover themed goody bags for your little guests. This can range from cute themed toys to candies that girls can eat throughout the night. Girls will especially love seeing what cute jewelry each girl got and trading back and forth to see who wants to wear what throughout the night. With a bit of planning, it is easy to create a themed sleepover that girls of all ages will enjoy

Jenn 3 years ago at 11:08 PM
Oh my goodness, what fun ideas! Makes me wish (even more) that I had a little girl! I'm very thankful for the four boys I have, but....I don't think any of them would go for this kind of party. LOL. Hope to see a boy party soon! In the meantime, I'll have to share this with my sister-in-law for my niece, who will turn 8 in June!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 11:14 PM
Thanks for the feedback and passing on the article!
sallyt 3 years ago at 2:21 AM
I had a daughter(grown now) and she had slumber parties all the time.
Our parties were never this organized.You have a lot of great ideas here.
Carlene Roberts 3 years ago at 9:26 AM
These are some great idea's. My daughter is not old enough in my opinion for a sleep over yet but she will be there sooner then I know it. These are some great ideas for me to keep in mind for when that time comes. Much better then them just sitting around playing on electronics or doing htings that they should not be doing. Thank you !
Dana Rodriguez 3 years ago at 3:52 PM
These are some fantastic ideas! I know when I was a little girl I loved going to sleepovers.I don't have any children but I am passing this on to my friends that do!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 6:43 PM
Dorothy Teel 3 years ago at 9:10 AM
These are great ideas, my granddaughters spend the night at times and it would be fun to have a princess party or jewelry party when they come and it would be something they could remember, thank you for sharing these ideas
melisa 3 years ago at 7:40 PM
These look so fun! My daughter (of course I helped) hosted so many themed sleepovers over the years. I think our favorite was the makeover sleepover. We had several of them over the years and they changed each year, based on their ages and interests. One was a manicure, one a pedicure, one a makeup, etc.
rose paden 3 years ago at 4:10 PM
I do a lot of party planning. I haven't done a themed sleepover party yet! I was thinking about throwing a candy themed sleepover with doing fun colorful makeup, making candy and some candy crafts! Thanks for sharing some great ideas!
Stacy 3 years ago at 2:00 PM
Very cute ideas for sleepovers. Would make any night fun and special.
saminder gumer 3 years ago at 11:45 PM
when the kids grow up this may be something that would be fun but for now i don't think there will be any sleepover or anything. i remember having sleepovers when i was younger but never had a theme unless you consider gossip and eating and maybe watching horror movies a theme.
Terri S 3 years ago at 6:38 PM
I used to love sleepovers. They were always so much fun! Thank you for sharing.