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Classroom Birthday Party on a Budget

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 2685 Views No comments

To every little child, nothing is more exciting than their birthday. Even if they are having a party at home, most children want to celebrate their birthday at school with their peers, allowing them to have their own special day with all of their classroom friends. When it comes to planning two birthdays, however, many parents can't help but be stressed, knowing they don't have the finances to create two fun parties for their child. Luckily, it is easy to create a small classroom party for under $35.

If you call ahead, many bakers and grocery stores may have a special on cupcakes if they bought in bulk. While this can be a fairly inexpensive, it is best if you can buy a cake mix and divide it into 24 to 28 little cupcakes for your child's class. After adding some fun icing and sprinkles, you will have adorable little birthday cakes for everyone in your child's class.


Since school birthday parties cannot last more than a half an hour, don't worry about bringing a great deal of food and candy. Make sure you talk to your child's teacher before bringing in food and drinks to make sure you don't cause any disruptions due to allergies. This part of your party should cost about $10 to $15.

Goody Bags
Nearly every child is excited about showing off to their classmates, by giving them little goody bags as part of their birthday. Even if they receive gifts or not, this is customary with many school birthday parties since it allows every child to feel equally important, even on your child's birthday. If you aren't careful, however, these goody bags can be expensive.


To keep costs down, it is best to go with a fun but inexpensive goody bag, such as the Smile Face Cellophane bags sold right here at this site. Buying 3 dozen of these bags should cost you about $6, allowing you to put most of your budget toward fun toys and school items for your child's friends. Quite a few options are available when it comes to fun goody bag treats, but students will love being able to use your child's fun goody bag items during their school work. For this reason, the Cool Animal Print Stationary Set is an ideal goody bag treat with some small pieces of candy. This stationary set comes with a pencil, notepad, and other fun school items.


Your child's goody bags should come to about $20. For under $35, you can create a fun atmosphere at school for your child, as well as bring a smile to everyone's face in your child's classroom.