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Christmas Crafts

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 2292 Views No comments

Looking for the perfect crafts to get kids in the Christmas spirit? With many of us starting our Christmas shopping and preparing for the holidays, it is the perfect time to sit down with kids for some quality family time. One of the best ways to do this is by having a family craft night where you can make a variety of fun craft projects for decorating your house or making gifts. With all the great Christmas crafts available, you can easily spend multiple weekends creating the perfect Christmas crafts for everyone in your family!

Christmas Crafts: Ornaments
For many kids, nothing is more fun than making your own Christmas ornaments and then displaying them on the family Christmas tree. Making your own ornaments isnt only a fun Christmas craft, but gives parents a fun piece of their childrens childhood that they can displayer for many years to come. For younger children, you may want to consider making some magic Color Scratch ornaments, since these are fairly simple crafts that still allow children to get creative. All you need is a scratching tool and you can make a variety of fun ornaments shaped as angels, crosses, and a variety of other fun shapes. For older children, you may want to consider going with unpainted or make your own ornament sets since these are Christmas crafts that are a bit more involved. No matter what type of ornament you decide to make, kids will love displaying them on the tree and showing them off to friends.


Christmas Crafts: Jewelry
Many little girls love making jewelry, especially holiday themed jewelry that they can wear to school or at local Christmas parties. Some of the more popular Christmas jewelry crafts let kids make complicated beaded necklaces and charm bracelets. Our personal favorite are craft projects like snowman charm bracelets since they are perfect for Christmas parties that have children of various religions. They are also perfect for Christmas stockings since they can be worn throughout the winter, allowing kids to enjoy this Christmas craft project even after Christmas! Just make sure you pick jewelry kits that are age appropriate to make sure all the girls at your party have fun!


Christmas Crafts: Gifts
Even though many parents dont think about it, Christmas crafts are the perfect homemade Christmas gifts for parents to give out to friends and family. Most people love getting homemade gifts since they are a bit more personal. If you are making homemade gifts, make sure to pick craft projects that are easy to make but usable, such as decorative reusable bags, jewelry, or even painted jewelry boxes. While these gifts make take a bit more time for mom and dad, kids will love being able to give gifts that they made themselves. Best of all, these homemade gifts can even be packaged in reusable bags or Christmas bags that are designed to be colored by kids. With the right amount of time and preparation, its easy to keep kids busy throughout the holiday season with fun Christmas crafts!