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Choosing The Right Party Theme

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Do you struggle trying to find the right party theme for events? While it might be easy for some people, finding the right theme for certain events can be tricky, especially if you are wanting to do something original and fun. It can get even trickier when you are trying to throw a themed party for adults. Even a quick internet search can make things even more confusing, leaving you with hundreds of ideas for parties, all of which sound good! Knowing that finding the right theme can be challenging, we created some tips to help you find the right theme for just about any event!


Themed Parties: What to Consider

One of the hardest parts of trying to put together a themed party is choosing the theme. If you look, there is a theme out of there for just about every type of party, with various party goods, party favors, and even candies to go with that theme. With so many different options, it is easy to very quickly get overwhelmed. When looking at a theme for your party, it is better to break it up into simple steps, asking yourself first the age of your guests and what sort of things your typical guest would enjoy. For example, if you are having a pool party, a luau theme may work best, especially if you are planning on grilling for adults as well.


Themed Parties: Cost

Of course, the cost of your party should also be considered when putting together a themed party. While it may be great to go all out for a party, many of us are on a budget. If a theme seems out of your budget, consider going with something else or having a cut back themed party. Just because you are having a luau party doesn't mean you have to have a full-out barbeque with tiki statues everywhere. Go with something that fits in your budget and allows you to buy the right decorations without leaving you feeling uncomfortable about the cost. As well, don't be afraid to look at sales and clearance sections at party sites, you may find good deals, especially at the end of the season!


Themed Parties: Favors

If you are having a themed party, it is important you budget enough for not only decorations, but party favors as well. Even adults love getting a little bag of treats, especially if it is fun, themed candy or things that they can use at the party. What is better than walking away from a luau with cute sunglasses or a cute hat! Just make sure that everything in the bag is useful for adults if the bags are strictly for an adult oriented event!


Themed Parties: Decorations

Another fun part of a themed party is getting the right decorations. While many of us don't think much about it, the right streamers, props, and wall setting can easily make or break a themed party. Make sure to put aside at least 1/4 of your budget toward decorations. This may seem like a lot, but this is the best way to make sure your party succeeds at presenting the theme you desire. With the right amount of planning, it is easy to create any type of themed party, and make sure it is memorable

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