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How To Entertain Children At An Outdoor Wedding

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Looking for ways to entertain kids at your outdoor wedding? While many of us love children, they sometimes need distractions at long social events, especially weddings. We have almost all been to a wedding where children were out of hand or just not cared for, which can leave adults feeling especially uncomfortable at an outdoor wedding since they feel someone should be responsible for the children. Rather than leaving kids to run crazy during your outdoor wedding you may want to consider having fun activities for children at the reception area, allowing them to have fun while adults enjoy the main event. You may even just be surprised at how easy it is create the perfect entertainment for kids at an outdoor wedding!

Have a Craft Area

It is quite common for children to have their own table at the reception, but sometimes it can be difficult to encourage them to stay at the kids' table. Rather than just trying to keep kids busy with bubbles and little activities, consider having a craft table with special activities going throughout the wedding and party after. Having children make jewelry, little wooden craft kits, or even cute photo holders for the bride and groom to display their wedding pictures after the big event can keep their imagination engaged and their attention focused. Kids will love having the opportunity to make unique gifts that they can give the bride and groom to open later! Not only will it keep kids busy, but they will look forward to showing off all their unique creations!

Hire an Entertainer

Over the past few years, more couples have been hiring entertainers for children at their wedding. These entertainers can include clowns, puppeteers, or even costumed characters. While this option can get pricy if you aren't careful, it is something many kids will love, especially if you have children of your own involved in the wedding. Just make sure you are clear about the ages of the children who will be attending, what you are expecting the entertainers to do, and how long they will be at your reception. You may even be able to get a quick picture of you with your child's favorite character while in your wedding dress, creating an adorable wedding picture of you and the child(ren) at your wedding.

Rent Activities

Sometimes one of the best ways to keep kids busy is by making sure they are physically active. If your outdoor wedding is a bit more casual, consider renting activities for the kids, such as bouncers and inflatable slides. These activities are relatively inexpensive if they are rented for only the time of the reception and allow kids to have fun while adults enjoy the wedding reception and socializing themselves. Just make sure to tell parents to bring an extra set of clothes if kids will also be attending the actual wedding ceremony as well. This will make sure children look perfect for pictures but are also able to have a good time later when they are playing outdoors with new little friends!

Unique Bridal Shower Themes for a One of a Kind Party

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Let'™s face it, bridal showers can be dull affairs. Seeing the bride-to-be open one place setting after another can really be a big yawn. A bridal shower doesn't have to be a mind-numbing experience. Choose a bridal shower theme that will get the party started and have guests talking about what a great time they had for years to come.

Host a Hawaiian Luau
Fun in the sun is the theme of this type of bridal shower. Decorate with hibiscus cocktail parasol picks, throw in some inflatable palm trees and trim the tables with natural raffia table skirts. Adorable hula monkey bobble head dolls will delight the bride and her guests. Hire a hula teacher to come in and give some instruction. Guests will be up on their feet and dancing in no time. Don't forget the leis either! Tell guests as you welcome them with their lei that the word wedding is taboo. Whoever catches someone uttering the banned word will get to take that person'™s lei and add it to their collection. At the end of the shower, the guest wearing the most leis will receive a special prize.

A Glam Shower
No woman can resist a makeover, so arrange for a make-up artist consultant that will help the ladies get a full makeover. Provide favors such as colorful feather boas, long pink butterfly gloves and sequined newsboy hats. For fun and games have diva sunglasses craft kits for guests to decorate and judge the best one to win a special treat. Be sure you take a picture of the whole gang when they have fashioned their craft and are wearing their favors!

A Garden Tea Party Theme
A great idea for a spring bridal shower is to host a tea party with a garden theme. Serve finger sandwiches and a variety of teas using an elegant tea service. Decorate indoors or out with butterfly and dragonfly foam stickers or with foam shapes of blossoms and bugs. Provide guests with a bottle of bubbles and have the ladies craft flowerpots for the seed packet favors provided. To make the party even more fun, provide guests with feather tea party fans, pastel feather boas, short pink butterfly gloves and tea party sun hats. Sprinkle tables with two peas in a pod candles and two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers to really bring the theme together.

Being in charge of the bridal shower doesn't mean the host has to follow traditional patterns. Making a bridal shower fun and unique often doesn't cost much more than a conventional party; in fact sometimes it can cost less. Get creative and brainstorm ideas with the bridal party to decide upon a unique bridal shower theme that will inspire other prospective hosts of a bridal shower to stretch their imagination and inject some fun and cheer into the party.

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Planning a Fun Bridal Shower

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Being the maid of honor, you know there is a lot on your plate to make sure the Bride's special day goes according to plan. Before the big day even arrives however, you have the task of trying to plan not only the bachelorette party, but the bridal shower itself. Unlike the bachelorette party, the bridal shower itself is usually more laid back, involving not only the bride's closest friends, but females from both sides of the family. One of the best ways to make everyone happy is creating a relaxed bridal shower.

For brides who are more laid back and like to be pampered, a very popular theme is having a shower that revolves around pampering not only the bride, but the guests by giving makeovers, massages, and other fun treats to allow every female at the party to feel extra special.

Party Favors

Since many women may be coming and going throughout the bridal shower, it is important to use paper plates to help manage any mess going on at the chosen location of the party. Two themes are especially popular at many bridal parties: the Pink and Brown Maine Lunch Set and the Poodle Party theme set. Both of these themed are very feminine and give a feeling of a girl's night out. Make sure when purchasing one of these sets that you buy plenty of plates, napkins and paper cups to last through multiple snacks and meals.

Party Games

Since females of different ages will more than likely be attending the bridal shower, it is usually best to go with classic, clean games that are less likely to embarrass the bride with her new family. One popular game that is commonly used at many bridal showers is Bridal Shower Bingo. You can also talk to the groom and get him to answer some basic questions about himself, seeing how many people, along with the bride, know the answers to the questions.

Final Touches

Depending on the bride, it usually doesn't hurt to add any finishing touches to the room where the bridal shower is taking place, as well as the goody bags for the guests. Place red rose petals around the gift table and in the goody bags, reminding everyone of the romance that brought the couple together. As well, place personalized travel candles around the room in the bride's favorite scent, allowing individuals at the party to take these beautiful candles home to remember the bridal shower.

Wedding Decorations

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Looking for some ways to cut back on expenses when it comes to your wedding decorations? When many women first start planning their wedding, they underestimate the cost of wedding decorations, especially when it comes to their wedding reception. One way that brides are able to cut back on costs is doing the decorating for their reception themselves, including buying their own decorations. By taking advantage of some cool do it yourself wedding decoration ideas, you can easily save yourselves hundreds of dollars when it comes to your wedding reception!

Wedding Tables & Centerpieces If there is one area where brides underestimate at their wedding reception, it is their table decorations. Many women assume that a simple tablecloth and set of flowers will be fairly inexpensive, not expecting that many decorators have a simple setup costing over $1,000 just for table decorations! One way you can save is by buying your own tablecloths and using unique wedding centerpieces! While you may like the idea of cloth table covers, you may want to consider going with a plastic table cover designed special for weddings. They are only half the cost of fabric table covers, and come in a variety of fun colors to match nearly any wedding theme. Many brides especially love a wedding bell theme tablecloth since it goes with any color scheme and gives an elegant, beautiful look to any wedding reception. To make your table stand out even more, consider using food and trays as your centerpieces.

Wedding Food Centerpieces Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on flower centerpieces, you may want to consider using elegant wedding food trays as your table centerpieces. These colorful trays are designed to fit with wedding color schemes, allowing you to have colorful candies and foods for all of your wedding guests to snack on. Not only does this save money, but these practical trays can look elegant with the right finger foods.

If you are looking for trays that are a bit more elegant, many companies make special designer wedding trays, allowing each guest to have their own special candies or finger foods in shaped bowls. Some of the most popular and beautiful favor plates are in unique shapes, including swans and rose shapes.

Wedding Party Favors Many wedding decorators overcharge for party favors, many of which you can purchase on your own for a fraction of the cost. Not only can you save money by picking your own party favors, but can purchase more elegant favors since you are not being overcharged by a decorator hoping to make a profit. Some of our favorite party favors include wedding themed bubbles and special wedding mementos for all of you guests.

Summer Themed Bridal Shower

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Being the maid of honor isn't an easy job, but someone has to do it! It is usually the maid of honor and the bridesmaid's job to put together a bridal shower for the bride to be. Summer is one of the best times to have a bridal shower since you can take advantage of both the warm weather and the beautiful surroundings! Many summer bridal showers take places in local parks or a friend's backyard. Once you have the right location, creating the perfect bridal shower for your best friend is easy!

Summer Bridal Shower Themes

Finding the right theme for your bridal shower can depend on a variety of things, including your wedding colors and the general theme the bride is wishing to have for her wedding. If your bride does not have a theme already picked out, pick a theme that goes along with things your bride enjoys. For a bride that is wild and care free, you may want to consider going with a luau theme, a Hawaiian-inspired party with alcohol and a fun pool party setting for your bridal shower. However, if you have a bride that wants something a bit more elegant, go for a summer themed tea party with roses, butterflies, and other decorations. Both themes can easily be used to make a fun bridal shower that embraces the personality of the bride to be, while still allowing all of your guests to have a good time.

Summer Bridal Shower Decorations

One area where the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids stress the most when it comes to a bridal shower is decorations. With all the decorations available today, it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. Since it is an outdoor event that may not be at your own home, we recommend keeping it simple but elegant. Consider decorating your tables with artificial rose petals, and simple flower decorations that go with your theme. As well, always use disposable, plastic or paper party sets that are easy to clean up and can still look elegant. What many people do not realize is that you can even find disposable wine glasses to give that same, elegant look to all of your place settings. If you are someone's home having a patio tea party as part of your bridal shower, don't forget that you can even make the simplest things at your table decorative - like sugar cubes. Today, you can find a wide variety of themed sugar shapes or frosted sugar cubes for just about any theme!

Summer Bridal Shower Favors

Finding the perfect party favors for your summer bridal shower can be difficult, but not impossible. Since most bridal showers are for adults, you can usually go with classy party favors or candy, such as buttermints. When picking party favors for your guests, make sure you keep the theme of your shower in mind. Picking different themed candies is always safe, as well as bubbles. Quite a few bridal showers include themed bubbles, but many go for something simple, such as rose shaped bubbles or wedding themed bubble bottles. Since it's outside, you can always encourage your guests to blow bubbles during certain times at the shower, or to congratulate people who have won bridal shower party games. With the right amount of planning and decorations, you can easily create the bridal shower that will have the future bride, and guests, talking for months to come!