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Valentine's Day Sleepover

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 For many little girls, nothing is more fun than inviting their favorite friends over for a sleepover, especially during holidays. Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend in 2014, rather than hiring a sitter, consider working together with other moms to create a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover for all the little girls in your life. With the right theme, girls will be busy all night long with a designated adult while the other adults have a romantic night on the town!


Valentine's Day Sleepover: Theme

If you are wanting to have a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover, it is important that you pick the right theme.  Of course, hearts are one of the most popular, classic themes for Valentine's Day parties, but this is also a time where you can be creative and have some fun! One cute theme that some adults love doing for Valentine's Day parties is animals. Kids will love giving each other animal themed valentines and watching cute romantic comedies with plush animal friends!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Entertainment

For many little girls the best parts of a sleepover are making cute crafts with friends, dressing up, and of course, watching fun movies late into the night. For a Valentine's sleepover, consider renting or streaming romantic comedies that are age appropriate. Girls will love watching cute animals fall in love, or even enjoying a classic romantic movie with their friends - just make sure to watch the movie ahead of time to ensure it really is appropriate for younger girls! Along with movies, consider planning a heart-themed craft or two, or even homemade valentines to give to their parents, when the girls return from their fun slumber party!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Treats

When many of us think  back on our favorite sleepovers, they didn't just involve gossip and watching movies, but fun treats as well. One of the things that can be very fun for little girls is making homemade treats before the actual party begins. For example, consider making homemade chocolate bark with sprinkles, or maybe even heart shaped cookies.  To make things even more fun, you can purchase food paint and heart shaped cookie cutters to make your treats even more perfect for Valentine's Day. If you want to make things in advance, you can also buy Valentine's Day themed cupcake kits, which include cute love-themed cupcake picks and paper cups, allowing you to turn your daughter's favorite cupcake recipes into the appropriately perfect party dessert!

Along with edible treats, you can also make adorable Valentine's Day themed goodie bags for all of the girls at your Valentine's Day sleepover. All you need are some cute Valentine's Day themed - whether the classic, simple hearts, or more elaborate  - treat bags and cute Valentine's Day party favors. Some of our favorites are things the girls will use and love even after the party, like notebooks, pencils, and matching erasers! One thing is for certain, all the girls at your party will be excited to go to school and show off all the fun treats and stories about the awesome slumber party they attended for Valentine's Day!

Winter Crafts

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Nothing is more boring for kids than being stuck at home doing nothing during Christmas vacation. For parents, Christmas vacation is the perfect time for family bonding and working together as a family by making fun craft projects. With Christmas being just around the corner, it is the perfect time to make winter themed crafts, or other fun craft projects that parents usually don't have time to make with their children. To make the most out of this time with your kids, here are some craft ideas that are guaranteed to be hits with children of all ages!

Christmas Crafts

With Christmas being just around the corner, this is the perfect time to make fun Christmas crafts as a family. Instead of buying pre-made ornaments, consider spending a weekend making fun, homemade ornaments as family. Kids love making cute ornaments, ranging from magic scratch ornaments to fun photo frame angel ornaments. Since these ornaments are made by your children, they can all be personalized to give your tree a unique look for the holiday season. Not only will kids love making ornaments and decorating the family tree, but you will be able to enjoy inexpensive Christmas decorations made from the heart.

Baking Crafts

Nothing is better than baking cookies or cupcakes on a cold winter day with Mommy, especially when you are decorating these foods with holiday kits. With all the different winter and Christmas themed food kits, kids can make just about any food they like feel like Christmas. For a fun weekend projects, make snowman shaped cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with cute Christmas themed cupcake skirts. Kids are guaranteed to love making and eating these cool winter treats! If you are unsure what type of sweet treats to make with your kids, look at different types of Christmas themed pans and other kits that are sold as kits. They are guaranteed to make your children smile this holiday season, as well as leaving your house smelling like Christmas!

Jewelry Making

During the holiday season, it is easy to find holiday themed jewelry. You can find just about any type of holiday charm, as well as special craft kits to make cross necklaces and nativity themed jewelry. Since jewelry making is very time consuming, the winter break is the perfect time to make some of these complicated jewelry projects. If your child loves to make jewelry, you may also want to consider making more traditional jewelry, such as beaded bracelets and friendship bracelets. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy making fun crafts with your daughter that you will both be able to enjoy all year long! Don't forget that most jewelry making crafts are also great Christmas gifts to give to friends and family.

Winter Hostess Gifts

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With Christmas right around the corner, many of us plan on spending the month of December going to numerous Christmas or New Years parties. Not only do you have to fit these parties into your busy schedule, but also take the time to find appropriate gifts to give your host or hostess. Even though some people say they are out of style, it is still considered good etiquette to give your hostess a gift - and will make sure they remember you for a long time to come! With so many different items available for the holidays, it is easy to find perfect, inexpensive winter hostess gifts for all of your favorite hosts and hostesses.

Winter Hostess Gifts - A Big Thank You
Traditionally, a hostess gift is a gift given to a host or hostess as a way to say "thank you" for inviting you to their party. This is a separate gift from a Christmas present and typically has a value of $30 or less. If you are actually staying with your host or hostess for multiple days, however, you may want to offer something more expensive, based on the amount of time you may be staying with them. Usually, a winter hostess gift is something as simple as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. If you are giving wine, make sure ahead of time that this is an appropriate gift based on your knowledge of the host. Try giving something that is a bit personal, but not overly so, just enough to say that you took the time to consider how much time and effort they put into organizing the party. Most of the time, a gift card is considered inappropriate since it is not a personal gift.


Unique Winter Hostess Gifts
One of the hardest things about giving winter hostess gifts during the holidays is finding inexpensive, nice gifts that are perfect for all of your hostesses. With many of us going to numerous parties during the holiday season, it is worth considering purchasing several of one item that is cute, appropriate for everyone and doesn't go against anyone's religious beliefs. For this reason, we love giving out Hatz figures during the holiday season. These fun, silly figures come in a variety of fun winter themes, including snowmen, elves, and, of course, Santa! Our personal favorite are the snowmen since they can be displayed throughout the winter season, allowing you to give your favorite host or hostess a gift that they are likely to cherish even after the holidays!


Winter Hostess Gifts: Wrapping
Just like any gift, it is important you spend some time finding the right gift wrapping for your winter hostess gift. Usually the wrapping is the sign people have of knowing if they are getting a good gift or something someone quickly picked up at the store. By putting a bit of extra attention into your gift, it shows that you truly care about the amount of time and effort they put into organizing the party. Also consider going with winter themed boxes and bags. Along with the right tissue paper and ribbons, your favorite hosts will not be able to wait to open your special hostess gift!

It's Time For A Luau-Style Children's Beach Party!

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Slip on those flip flops, set out the tiki torches, and let's get the Hawaiian party started! We have everything you will want to give your kids a beach party that they will never forget. From hula skirts to colorful leis, and everything in between. We even have inflatable crabs and palm trees, and plastic seashell plates to add some color and realism. Brightly colored porcupine fish sippy cups are easy to grip, and are sure to grab the attention of the smallest members of your tropical party!

For the bigger children, your luau tableware includes coconut shaped cups with brightly colored flowers, and lovely hibiscus print plates, cups, and plastic eating utensils. You can even keep the cool juices outside at the Hawaiian party with our inflatable pineapple cooler, and sip through amusing hula skirt straws.

There are dozens of different luau decorations available, including a variety of beach balls, water games, squirting monkey heads, and much more. Sand activity sets and sand art help keep everyone occupied between exciting games, and all the children will love the feeling of being right there on the beach with their hula skirts, and authentic looking bamboo tiki torches.

And don't forget the luau party favors! Leis are available in many different styles, and we have temporary Hawaiian style tattoos, miniature beach balls for everyone, gummy candy flip flops, and delicious powder filled bottles. Make the beach party exciting and unique with "message in a bottle" invitations and a giant inflatable flamingo. This is a tropical party paradise, and the children will be excited about it for days!

And what set of luau decorations is complete without balloons of all sizes, shapes and colors? For children, inflatable balloons and toys mean that even the most exciting party is a safe and healthy one. You can even get a set of inflatable tropical fish, or some rubber duckies that are perfect for playing exciting games like duck bobbing, where different prizes are awarded as treats during the game.

What more could you want? We have beach balls of all sizes and shapes, sunglasses, fans and cups in so many different fun designs and colors that we can't list them all, and even a brightly colored luau hat for you, the beach party planner

No matter where you are, or what time of year it may be, it is always time for a children's tropical party. In fact, when the snow is piling up outside, you can entertain everyone with when you pull out the luau tableware and other luau decorations, inflate a few beach balls, and get ready for the hottest summertime party a kid could imagine.

Throw A Beach Themed Party

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Children love going to the beach, but unfortunately, most of us don't live close enough to enjoy the beach every day. Rather than have your kids daydreaming about your next vacation, you may want to consider having your own beach themed party designed especially for them! Not only is bringing the beach home great for your kids, but it can be a perfect opportunity to get even closer to your neighbors, allowing everyone to enjoy a fun, old-fashioned summer block party!

Backyard Beach Party: Themes

One of the hardest things when it comes to creating a beach party is picking a theme. While you can have a traditional pool party, it's usually more exciting for the children if you allow them to pick a fun theme, involving them with picking decorations and activities for all your little guests. Some popular beach themes for kids include:

  • Mermaids
  • Pirates
  • Sharks
  • Fish
  • Dolphins

If you want to make a party that is also friendly for adults, however, you may want to consider going with a luau theme. Luau decorations are perfect for most beach parties and open up a wide variety of fun decorations and lighting, especially if the party runs into the night!

Backyard Beach Party: Water Toys

The best part of going to the beach is, of course, water! When it's hot and sticky outside, nothing is better than sitting back and watching the kids play in the ocean. While we may not be able to really create the ocean, it's easy to find an inexpensive pool and fill it with fun water toys. Make it a fun experience for kids by having a variety of fun beach balls that everyone can play with in the pool. Even better, allow each of your little guests to pick out their own beach ball to bring home after the party! It's also fun to have a variety of fun different inflatable characters that kids can play with in the pool. Kids especially love toys like inflatable hammers since they can be used in spontaneous pool games.

Kids also love having water toys that can be used not only in the pool, but in the yard as well. Water guns and water balloons are fun, traditional toys that are all too often underestimated at most water parties. Kids can easily occupy themselves for hours with these simple toys, especially if they are playing with older children or adults as well. Adults should just expect to get very wet as well, with these party toys!

Backyard Beach Party: Food

If you are going to have a beach party that involves kids, you can'™t forget the food! To keep it simple, you may want to light up the grill, and provide the perennial favorites - hot dogs and hamburgers! After this, follow up with fun cupcakes decorated in a luau theme, or fish-shaped cupcake picks. Kids will be looking forward to dessert the moment they see these sweet treats! To keep your drinks cold and easily accessible to kids, you may want to use a cooler or inflatable buffet. These ingenious buffets inflate in a matter of minutes and can be easily filled with ice, allowing you to just fill it and chill your favorite drinks. With cold drinks, entertaining water toys, and delicious food, you can keep your guests, kids and adults, to be busy for hours!

Summer Themed Bridal Shower

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Being the maid of honor isn't an easy job, but someone has to do it! It is usually the maid of honor and the bridesmaid's job to put together a bridal shower for the bride to be. Summer is one of the best times to have a bridal shower since you can take advantage of both the warm weather and the beautiful surroundings! Many summer bridal showers take places in local parks or a friend's backyard. Once you have the right location, creating the perfect bridal shower for your best friend is easy!

Summer Bridal Shower Themes

Finding the right theme for your bridal shower can depend on a variety of things, including your wedding colors and the general theme the bride is wishing to have for her wedding. If your bride does not have a theme already picked out, pick a theme that goes along with things your bride enjoys. For a bride that is wild and care free, you may want to consider going with a luau theme, a Hawaiian-inspired party with alcohol and a fun pool party setting for your bridal shower. However, if you have a bride that wants something a bit more elegant, go for a summer themed tea party with roses, butterflies, and other decorations. Both themes can easily be used to make a fun bridal shower that embraces the personality of the bride to be, while still allowing all of your guests to have a good time.

Summer Bridal Shower Decorations

One area where the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids stress the most when it comes to a bridal shower is decorations. With all the decorations available today, it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. Since it is an outdoor event that may not be at your own home, we recommend keeping it simple but elegant. Consider decorating your tables with artificial rose petals, and simple flower decorations that go with your theme. As well, always use disposable, plastic or paper party sets that are easy to clean up and can still look elegant. What many people do not realize is that you can even find disposable wine glasses to give that same, elegant look to all of your place settings. If you are someone's home having a patio tea party as part of your bridal shower, don't forget that you can even make the simplest things at your table decorative - like sugar cubes. Today, you can find a wide variety of themed sugar shapes or frosted sugar cubes for just about any theme!

Summer Bridal Shower Favors

Finding the perfect party favors for your summer bridal shower can be difficult, but not impossible. Since most bridal showers are for adults, you can usually go with classy party favors or candy, such as buttermints. When picking party favors for your guests, make sure you keep the theme of your shower in mind. Picking different themed candies is always safe, as well as bubbles. Quite a few bridal showers include themed bubbles, but many go for something simple, such as rose shaped bubbles or wedding themed bubble bottles. Since it's outside, you can always encourage your guests to blow bubbles during certain times at the shower, or to congratulate people who have won bridal shower party games. With the right amount of planning and decorations, you can easily create the bridal shower that will have the future bride, and guests, talking for months to come!

Celebrate Spring With A Garden Party

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With Spring in full swing it's time to think about entertaining outdoors again. Hosting a garden party is an ideal way to break into outside an get-together. So get out your lawn furniture and spruce it up so that you can plan a garden party.

Food & Beverage

If you want to make it more of a barbecue, grill up the basics: hamburgers and hot dogs. Serve along with potato and macaroni salads and crisp coleslaw. If you want to add some sophistication you can plan for a variety of hot appetizers with a big salad. With that you can lay out a variety of cold cuts and breads. Fresh fruit will be appreciated. A carved watermelon filled with seasonal fruits will not only look great but taste even better. You will also want to have a few tempting desserts to accompany the coffee and tea.

For drinks you can stock up your liquor cabinet and have a full bar or serve just one or two signature drinks. You might consider making a fruity punch with a bit of a kick instead or stick to just red or white wine. If children will be attending, make sure you have plenty of soft drinks, juices and water.


Candles are a great idea and we have a great selection that will fit the garden party theme perfectly. You may want to have hanging lights instead and we have those in stock as well. You'll want to have plenty of tables and chairs for guests to sit, chat and eat and we have plenty of tableware items from which to choose. We also have bubbles so that you can place a few bottles on the table and let the guests blow them into the wind.

Because it is a garden party you want people to think of flowers, plants and planting. You can provide guests with lollipops in the shape of butterflies, daisies, or long stemmed roses. They are as pretty as they are tasty. When guests are getting ready to leave, present them with a treat bag or box and fill it with seed packets. Choose from our Palm Tree Favor Box if you are going tropical and our English Garden Watering Can Box is ideal for this.

If you are worried about the weather and have no plans for a rain date, feel free to compare prices for outdoor canopies. Even if you don't use them it will give you peace of mind knowing you have them in case you need them.

A garden party is a lovely affair to have in the afternoon. Guests can come and go at their convenience and you can reacquaint yourself with neighbors and friends you've seen rarely during the colder months.

Beat the Winter Blues with Party Ideas in February

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For most of us, even though February is the shortest month of the year, our anticipation and longing for spring makes it feel like one of the longest. You are sick and tired of snow, slush and arctic temperatures and you may be feeling stir crazy with cabin fever to boot. We have some great ideas to inspire you to throw a party this month. Love Inspired Parties

As February is the month of love you might want to throw a party but not necessarily a party for Valentines Day. Some ideas for a theme can be the week for Celebrating Love from February 10th through the 16t or National Resurrect Romance Week which runs from February 11th through the 17th. Other themes might be National Flirting Week February 12th to the 16th or (this is too hilarious) National Condom Week which is from February 13th through the 20th. Second Honeymoon Week is from the 22nd to the 24th. Why not get together with friends and share photos of romantic trips that you and your partner have taken? We have a number of party goods that can be implemented into any of these themes.

Parties Where the Food is the Star of the Show

February is also known as International Friendship Month; a perfect reason to get together with your buddies. The focus on food this month is red, pink and white. National Cherry Pie Day on February 20th fits right in, so get the girls together, buy some cherry pie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and some cherries to top and dig in.

Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State of Florida is another great reason for a party. Gather with friends drink Strawberry Margaritas while you dip plump, fresh strawberries into chocolate. It will be a decadent get together that might become a yearly tradition.

Literary Lovers

February is also Library Lovers Month. It is the ideal time to join a book club or start one of your own. You can make it a weekly or monthly gathering to discuss particular books or genre of books together. Not only will a book club break up the monotony of winter, but it will also allow you to exercise your mind and share ideas and thoughts with others. You can think of it like exercise for your brain!

We hope you are inspired by some of our party themes for the month of February. Though you may not necessarily need a reason for a party, having one makes the party all that much more fun. We have a variety of products that will help you to outfit a party your guests won't soon forget. Favors, candles, craft kits and products for a child's party are all on our website to make your party planning easier.

January is Mail Order Gardening Month so Set Your Sights on Spring

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When the cold winds of January are blowing and the snow is piling up outside your window it is hard to imagine that spring will ever come. Many people begin to set their sights on warmer weather with gardening catalogs which they use in order to decide what to plant when the time is right. Why not have a Mail Order Gardening get together so that you can imagine the warm sun upon your face and a garden that is resplendent with healthy bounty and beautiful flowers?

If everyone brings a mail order gardening catalog you will have a lot of diversity. What fun you will have deciding upon just the right flowers and shrubs to plant when the weather turns balmy. You can serve tea and coffee with a variety of pastries and trade ideas about the best plants for your gardening zone.

To get everyone in the mood, decorate with pastel colors. Use our Silver Silhouette Placecard Holders that are shaped like a flower, Garden Party Flip Flop Placecard Holders or the stylish Allure Glass Grapes Placecard Holders. Decorate the table with our Polyester Decorative Hibiscus Flowers, Palm Breezes Beach Pail Tea light Holders or the Elegant Orchid Gel Candle. Find ways to use our Foam Flower and Leaves Craft Shapes, Pastel Foam Butterflies and Foam Blossoms and Bugs to give your home a real feeling of spring. To really set the mood why not hang up our Paper Light Up Hibiscus Lantern Set

Provide everyone with Artist Flowerpot Craft Kits so they have something in which to plant seeds. There is a wide variety of favors you can provide for your guests such as Long Stem Tulip Lollipops in Assorted Colors, Daisy Lollipops which also come in a variety of colors or our Long Stem Rose Lollipops. How about our Two Peas in a Pod Candle in an Ivy Print Gift Box or Love Grows Plantable Wildflower Daisy Favors? These are just a few suggestions for favors so be sure to browse our site to choose the ideal favors for your guests.

Having a Mail Order Gardening Party is the perfect way to bring some warmth and sunshine into an otherwise dreary month. Your friends will be more than happy to have an excuse for a get together where blooms and gossip are on the menu. You may even decide to make a Mail Order Gardening Party a yearly tradition in the month of January to perk up everyone's spirits.

Fall Hostess Gifts

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Looking for the perfect fall hostess gifts? With many of us traveling for the holidays, we sometimes forget with all the craziness to properly show our gratitude to our host and hostess. Since they are nice enough to invite us to their event and into their home, the least we can do is offer them a nice fall-themed hostess gift. While this may be an old tradition, it is still alive and welcomed by those who hold special gatherings, making it important that you think ahead about finding the perfect gift for your host or hostess!

Hostess Gifts: Why Bring One

Even though many of us don't expect to receive a hostess gift when we set up an event or party, it is considered good etiquette to purchase a small gift for your host or hostess. Usually a hostess gift is something small, valued anywhere from $5 to $30 as a way to say thank you for inviting you. If you are staying for multiple days, however, it is recommended that you purchase something that is a bit more expensive since you are inconveniencing your guest by staying in their home for days at a time. Traditionally, most guests bring something small, like a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. As a rule of thumb, try staying away from impersonal gifts like gift certificates.

As well, remember that whatever you purchase is likely to only get a thank you or small recognition at the event. It is also unlikely to be used that day, since most guests choose specific decorations, foods, and wine pairings especially for a party. After the party, however, you should expect to receive a thank you note from the host. Also, don't forget to send a thank you note yourself, thanking them for the party.

Unique Fall Hostess Gifts

While you can give traditional hostess gifts at your fall event, we highly recommend giving your host or hostess something more memorable than food. Since everyone loves unique decorations for the holidays, give them something fun like decorative statues or figures as a fall hostess gift. Hatz especially has a full line of fall themed figures that are cute, funny, and perfect for displaying throughout the fall holidays. If you are going to a nice Halloween dinner or party, consider going with Halloween figures such as scarecrows, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. For Thanksgiving, go with something cute like pilgrims, turkeys, and Native Americans. Most hostesses will love getting these adorable statues since they are unlikely to purchase something like this for themselves and will be happy to display it during the fall holiday season.

Holiday Fall Hostess Gifts: Wrapping

When purchasing your fall hostess gift, remember too that presentation is just as important as the gift. Consider going with a fall colored bag or gift box, especially in colors like reds, oranges, and browns. With the right colors of tissue paper and ribbons, it is easy to make a beautiful bag that is guaranteed to get some attention not only from your hostess, but from the other guests at the party too!