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Valentine's Day Sleepover

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 For many little girls, nothing is more fun than inviting their favorite friends over for a sleepover, especially during holidays. Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend in 2014, rather than hiring a sitter, consider working together with other moms to create a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover for all the little girls in your life. With the right theme, girls will be busy all night long with a designated adult while the other adults have a romantic night on the town!


Valentine's Day Sleepover: Theme

If you are wanting to have a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover, it is important that you pick the right theme.  Of course, hearts are one of the most popular, classic themes for Valentine's Day parties, but this is also a time where you can be creative and have some fun! One cute theme that some adults love doing for Valentine's Day parties is animals. Kids will love giving each other animal themed valentines and watching cute romantic comedies with plush animal friends!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Entertainment

For many little girls the best parts of a sleepover are making cute crafts with friends, dressing up, and of course, watching fun movies late into the night. For a Valentine's sleepover, consider renting or streaming romantic comedies that are age appropriate. Girls will love watching cute animals fall in love, or even enjoying a classic romantic movie with their friends - just make sure to watch the movie ahead of time to ensure it really is appropriate for younger girls! Along with movies, consider planning a heart-themed craft or two, or even homemade valentines to give to their parents, when the girls return from their fun slumber party!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Treats

When many of us think  back on our favorite sleepovers, they didn't just involve gossip and watching movies, but fun treats as well. One of the things that can be very fun for little girls is making homemade treats before the actual party begins. For example, consider making homemade chocolate bark with sprinkles, or maybe even heart shaped cookies.  To make things even more fun, you can purchase food paint and heart shaped cookie cutters to make your treats even more perfect for Valentine's Day. If you want to make things in advance, you can also buy Valentine's Day themed cupcake kits, which include cute love-themed cupcake picks and paper cups, allowing you to turn your daughter's favorite cupcake recipes into the appropriately perfect party dessert!

Along with edible treats, you can also make adorable Valentine's Day themed goodie bags for all of the girls at your Valentine's Day sleepover. All you need are some cute Valentine's Day themed - whether the classic, simple hearts, or more elaborate  - treat bags and cute Valentine's Day party favors. Some of our favorites are things the girls will use and love even after the party, like notebooks, pencils, and matching erasers! One thing is for certain, all the girls at your party will be excited to go to school and show off all the fun treats and stories about the awesome slumber party they attended for Valentine's Day!

Fun Children's Party Themes

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Trying to find a fun theme for your children's party? If there is one thing that every child loves, it's a birthday party. It doesn't even have to be their own party, since they know they will be playing party games, eating fun treats, and may even receive a goodie bag filled with fun toys.  Even though we may have forgotten some of the joys of attending little kid birthday parties as we became adults, it's still fun creating these adorable parties for our children. The challenging part, however, is finding the perfect themes - ones that not only fit our children's personalities, but will make all of their little friends happy as well! Below, we have included some of our favorite children's party themes that are good for girls, and will make sure any boys invited have a good time as well!


Children's Theme: Dinosaurs

If there is one thing most children enjoy, it's dinosaurs. Children love learning about these prehistoric reptiles and pretending to be one.  Since children love dinosaurs, it is easy make a themed party a fun educational experience. It is easy to pick out fun dinosaur books, toys, and/or candies in dinosaur themed goodie bags, encouraging small children to have fun and learn at the same time!


Children's Theme: Jungle/Zoo

Another of the most popular themed parties for children actually revolves around modern-day animals. Children love seeing animals that live in the zoo, and the jungle as well. Many children are interested in these animals, especially since many have been playing with similar stuffed toys since they were smaller. These parties are quick and easy for parents to plan, since they can pick from a wide variety of novelty toys, stuffed animals, and even animal shaped lollipops.


Children's Theme: Carnival

Of course, what child doesn't love going to see a carnival?  With all the different attractions at these events, it isn't too surprising that many children dream of their chance of seeing their next carnival, and maybe even enjoy  pretending they are the ringmaster! Today, you can find a pretty wide selection of party sets to help you create (and complement) the perfect carnival party. These sets include everything you need for goodie bags, decorating your house, and even making adorable circus themed cupcakes!


Children's Theme: Superhero

Let's face it, kids love superheroes, especially after seeing summer blockbusters like Iron Man or the Avengers. With children dreaming of being superheroes when they grow up, it's not too surprising that kids want to have a superhero themed party. This is one of the few themes that is perfect for playing dress up at as well since kids can wear capes, masks, and other fun superhero items. You may even be able to find cute superhero themed toys for goodie bags!


Children's Themes: Pirates

Another party theme that has been getting a lot of attention due to movies are pirate parties. Kids are fascinated with pretending to be pirates, especially after seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Out of all the parties, this can easily be the most rewarding but time-consuming, since parents can make treasure maps to hidden treasure and even have pirate costumes available to the children at the party. As well, children will love having access to pirate themed toys, candies, and more when they find their pirate treasure!

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Create A Themed Sleepover

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Is your daughter planning on having a fun sleepover? For girls, nothing is more fun than spending the night with friends, especially if they get private time to gossip or put on makeup with their friend's mom. The hardest part for most moms, however, is picking a theme and finding the right party supplies for their daughters. While you can always go with a traditional sleepover theme, this doesn't encourage girls to want to spend the night at your house more, making it important that you pick a fun, original theme for your daughter's sleepover. Luckily, there are fun themes (and themed party supplies) that can be used for just about any girly sleepover!


Themed Sleepover: What to Consider

When preparing for a themed sleepover, the first thing you should consider is what your daughter and her friends like. Do they love animals? How about watching princess movies with friends? From their likes, put together a list of possible themes. While some themes may not work well for a sleepover, others can be easily converted. For example, if your daughter loves zoo animals, you can have a zoo themed sleepover, with all the girls having adorable jungle 'friends' that they can watch movies with or even tell their ghost stories once the lights go out!


Themes Sleepover: Popular Themes

There are obviously certain themes that do better for girly sleepovers, especially if you are hosting younger girls. When picking a theme, especially a popular one, make sure to keep the ages of the girls invited in mind as well. For example, a unicorn themed slumber party may go over better with younger girls than it would most tweens. Some of our favorite slumber party themes include:

  • Diva
  • Ducky
  • Hollywood
  • Jungle
  • Princess
  • Unicorn
  • Horse


Themed Sleepover: Party Supplies

Even though many parents don't think about it, we also recommend getting themed party supplies, especially tableware. Rather than spending your time worrying about dirty dishes and cups, enjoy the convenience of being able to toss paper plates and cups after dinner or a fun snack before bedtime. Kids especially love these themed plates, cups, and napkins since they know they are special, just for them and the big event! As well, kids love seeing matching items, especially if they match balloons and other decorations that are part of your sleepover.

Of course, you will also need to organized some adorable sleepover themed goody bags for your little guests. This can range from cute themed toys to candies that girls can eat throughout the night. Girls will especially love seeing what cute jewelry each girl got and trading back and forth to see who wants to wear what throughout the night. With a bit of planning, it is easy to create a themed sleepover that girls of all ages will enjoy

Choosing The Right Party Theme

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Do you struggle trying to find the right party theme for events? While it might be easy for some people, finding the right theme for certain events can be tricky, especially if you are wanting to do something original and fun. It can get even trickier when you are trying to throw a themed party for adults. Even a quick internet search can make things even more confusing, leaving you with hundreds of ideas for parties, all of which sound good! Knowing that finding the right theme can be challenging, we created some tips to help you find the right theme for just about any event!


Themed Parties: What to Consider

One of the hardest parts of trying to put together a themed party is choosing the theme. If you look, there is a theme out of there for just about every type of party, with various party goods, party favors, and even candies to go with that theme. With so many different options, it is easy to very quickly get overwhelmed. When looking at a theme for your party, it is better to break it up into simple steps, asking yourself first the age of your guests and what sort of things your typical guest would enjoy. For example, if you are having a pool party, a luau theme may work best, especially if you are planning on grilling for adults as well.


Themed Parties: Cost

Of course, the cost of your party should also be considered when putting together a themed party. While it may be great to go all out for a party, many of us are on a budget. If a theme seems out of your budget, consider going with something else or having a cut back themed party. Just because you are having a luau party doesn't mean you have to have a full-out barbeque with tiki statues everywhere. Go with something that fits in your budget and allows you to buy the right decorations without leaving you feeling uncomfortable about the cost. As well, don't be afraid to look at sales and clearance sections at party sites, you may find good deals, especially at the end of the season!


Themed Parties: Favors

If you are having a themed party, it is important you budget enough for not only decorations, but party favors as well. Even adults love getting a little bag of treats, especially if it is fun, themed candy or things that they can use at the party. What is better than walking away from a luau with cute sunglasses or a cute hat! Just make sure that everything in the bag is useful for adults if the bags are strictly for an adult oriented event!


Themed Parties: Decorations

Another fun part of a themed party is getting the right decorations. While many of us don't think much about it, the right streamers, props, and wall setting can easily make or break a themed party. Make sure to put aside at least 1/4 of your budget toward decorations. This may seem like a lot, but this is the best way to make sure your party succeeds at presenting the theme you desire. With the right amount of planning, it is easy to create any type of themed party, and make sure it is memorable

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Bachelorette Party Themes

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Are you trying to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? Being the maid of honor may have its perks, but one of your main responsibilities is to make sure your best friend has a great night out before her big wedding day. While some women may like being a bit wilder during their bachelorette party, others enjoy quieter, quality time with friends and family. For the maid of honor, these quieter nights can be tricky, especially if they want to make sure their best friend has a good time without the party getting boring! One of the best ways to make a bachelorette party at home even more fun is with a fun themed party!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Diva

Of course, every bride wants to feel special right before her wedding, so why not help her feel like a star? Glam her up before her wedding with boas, makeup, and other rock star style clothing. It may even be a good time to get a photographer in to help take professional pictures of her as a star, right before her wedding. As well, don't forget that you can also get colorful martini glasses and fun jewelry to make your bride-to-be feel even more like she is in the spotlight.


Bachelorette Party Themes: Western

Many girls just want to go wild right before their wedding, so why not help her have her dream with a fun western party? Your best friend will love being a wild cow girl, helping tame any guys you encounter, or just having fun if you turn your house or backyard into a rodeo themed party. All you will need for this type of party are some cute cowgirl hats, western props, and of course, some hay to give your yard or room that finishing touch!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Tea Party

Even though some maids of honor don't really think about it, some girls love the thought of having an elegant party right before their big day. This is their last chance to be a princess before their husband makes them a queen. One of the best ways to do this is to throw the bride-to-be a fun tea party, with everyone dressing up for the event. For this sort of bachelorette party you want to go all out, doing everything appropriate to make the bride feel like royalty!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Nautical

While quite a few people don't think about it, having a bachelorette party on a boat is a load of fun. Nothing is more fun than being out on a lake or river and having your own private party before the big wedding. The bride can have fun by unwinding and having a special night on the water with friends. For this type of party, most nautical decorations and tableware are perfect, just make sure to have the proper nautical themed coolers to keep drinks cool while you on the water!

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Some Simple Ideas For Throwing A Princess Party

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Every little girl wants to be a princess. So when her birthday comes around, smart Moms and Dads know the best way to make it really special, is to have a princess birthday party. Here are a few ideas to make it a fun and unique event:

1. Every princess needs a palace, so first we must decorate the house! You can get pink sparkle tulle rolls and garland the tulle along the walls and tables. Tie big bows on the back of the chairs. Remember, the more girly and frilly the better. Next, place some inflatable unicorns, frogs and butterflies around to give the house the feel of an enchanted palace. You can give these away as prizes during the party. Groups of pink and purple balloons add a lot of visual punch and create a party atmosphere. I love placing plastic "glass slippers" filled with candy or other treats at each girl's place setting!

2. Now we need food and treats! No matter what you choose to serve, little girls especially love the special touches that reflect the princess theme. Sandwiches or other foods can be cut out with princess themed cookie cutters. A really fun idea is to place pink rock candy in little treasure chest shaped favor boxes. Now each princess has her jewels! Lollipops in the shape of roses, flowers, frogs, stars or tiaras will complement your theme as well. Bubble gum shaped coins can be used as treasure in a centerpiece or on a side table. Of course, the cake should be shaped like a palace. Make sure to ask the baker to tint the cake pink on the inside. Another unique touch is to serve pink hot chocolate as a special princess beverage.

3. Another important element for a good princess party is the costumes. Give each girl an inexpensive tiara and wand as a party favor. If you want to go all out, give them each a ribbon tutu, as well. The little girls will have great fun dressing themselves, each other and showing off their princess style. Don't forget to take pictures!

4. Next we need favor bags for the princesses to take home and enjoy. Rather than the usual gift bags, how about cute little purses that say "Princess" on them? Inside you can add sparkle body glitter, cute beaded jewelry, over sized jeweled rings and sparkling body stickers.

5. Plan some great age-appropriate activities to entertain your little guests. Children love a simple treasure hunt; hide plastic jewelry around the party room or in the yard. Pin the crown on the princess games are available and are sure to make everyone laugh. Guests could make their own princess wands or crowns using craft store supplies or princess craft kits. Hang a pinata shaped as a castle, dragon or tiara! How cute and fun!

6. Don't forget there may be a prince or two at this party, so you might want to have a few prince crowns, swords and shields to delight them. You might even want an inflatable dragon for a prince to conquer!

Now you know how to throw a GREAT princess party. Be creative and enjoy!!!

Rubber Ducky Party

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Do you lover rubber duckies? For many children, its not bath time without their favorite rubber ducky or other bathroom toys. What many parents don't realize, however, is that rubber duckies are more than just bathroom toys and can be a fun addition to any kids party or event. With National Rubber Ducky Day right around the corner, why not treat your kids to some fun new rubber duckies! You may be surprised just how many fun toys and different rubber ducky themed items are available for children of all ages!

Rubbery Ducky Party: What You Need

Like any themed party, it is important to plan ahead and get many of the items you will need before your child's party. While you can find streamers, party games, party favors, and a variety of other party decorations for a rubber ducky themed party, it does take a bit of planning, especially if you are planning for a very large children's party. You can find a variety of different rubber duckies in just about any theme, giving a large selection of different party favors. What is also very unique about a rubber ducky party is that it can mesh well with other themes, allowing you to have superhero themed rubber ducky party or even a princess rubber ducky party.

Rubber Ducky Party: Toys

If you are planning on having a rubber ducky party, plan to spend quite a bit of your budget on toys. Most children love to open their goody bags and find a variety of different themed rubber duckies and other cool toys like squishy balls or stuffed animals. These adorable toys can also be used as table centerpieces with the right arrangements. Also, don't forget that there are quite a few rubber ducky themed party games, allowing kids to play some of their favorite games with a ducky twist. One of our favorite games is duck fishing a game many children love playing at carnivals. This set comes with everything you need for a fun fishing game, including a small kiddy pool for the ducks. This inexpensive game can easily bring hours of fun at any kids party!

Rubbery Ducky Party: Food

While toys may be the center of attention for a rubber ducky party, food is also just as important! Lately, companies have been making a variety of cute, adorable rubber ducky themed treats, such as duck shaped candies and even duck laser cut cupcake skirts. Kids will love getting to your party and finding sweet treats designed just for them! With the right colored sugars or dies, you can even easily make your own duck shaped cake, allowing you to make an inexpensive but cute birthday cake for your children.

Also, don't forget that many children's toys can also be used as cake centerpieces or decorations. Along with themed ducks, many companies have started making mini rubber duckies, which are the perfect size for cakes and freshly made treats. Best of all, these ducks can be used as toys after the party, giving your children some new bathroom toys. One thing is for certain, with the right planning, you can easily make a rubber ducky party that kids of all ages will love!

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Party Favor Ideas for a Princess Party

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If you are throwing a Princess Birthday party for your little princess, you know one of the most important elements is the party favors. But when you have a party of 20 children, you also know purchasing the party favors can be an expensive and exhausting endeavor. Here are some party favor ideas that are inexpensive and fun!

1. Small ribbon tutus, princess wands, beaded tiaras or halos are really great party favors. Not only do the little princesses get to take these home; they can wear them at the party to add to the ambiance of the event. These items are relatively inexpensive and can usually be purchased at a discount when you buy in bulk. The great thing about these favors is that they will not be used just once. Girls will want to play dress-up with them over and over again and will remember your party each time.

2. Sweet confections such as pink rock candy, jewel lollipop rings, sweet tart candy necklaces, and tiara shaped lollipops all complement the theme well and are sure to delight the party guests!

3. Child size jewelry such as long beaded necklaces, plastic jeweled necklaces, princess or girl theme charm necklaces and bracelets or large plastic jeweled rings in the shape of gems, diamonds, flowers and hearts are great favors. The larger and more sparkly the better! The preferred colors for these jewelry items are, of course, pink, purple or red.

4. Hair accessories like butterfly hair clips, sparkle jeweled barrettes, tiara hair combs, shimmer ribbon hair scrunchies and headbands with beaded tiaras or jewels on top work very well too. Give these items in any combination with the princess party favors mentioned above for a birthday party that will be remembered long after it is over.

5. Instead of just handing any of these items out to the girls why not put them in princess theme party favor bags with tiaras, sparkles or stars on them? Another unique idea is to find interesting child size purses to fill with the party favors. You can find great purses with sequins or metallic fabrics that complement the magic and girly atmosphere of the event. Velour or organza party favor bags are great as well. You may even be able to find these bags in the shape of "glass slippers" to further extend the theme.

Now you have lots of great ideas to get you started on your princess party favor planning. Be creative and have fun!

Movie Premiere Party

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Are you looking forward to your favorite movie getting ready to hit theaters or release on DVD? With so many great movies getting ready to come out, it isn't too surprising that many people, especially children, are excited to see their favorite feature film in their own living room. Since so many people like the same movies, have you considered having your own movie premiere party in your own home? Many people think that red carpet parties are only reserved for the rich, but they are just as much fun to have with family and friend, especially when it means you can all enjoy a great movie in your own living room without high movie theater prices!

Movie Premiere Party: Party Decorations

Want to know the best part of hosting your own movie premiere party? You have an excuse to decorate! It is easy to find decorations that make your house looking like a movie theater, or a typical red carpet party. If you are having your party during the Oscars, you can even find little fake awards to use as table centerpieces or party favors, letting everyone know that they are a winner or VIP at your own event. When decorating, make sure you don't go overboard, however, since the main event is, of course, the movie.

Movie Premiere Party: Food

As anyone would tell you who goes to the movies - food is one of the best parts! One thing that is a must at any movie premiere party is popcorn. The best part about serving snacks at home is that you can forgo the high movie popcorn prices by popping popcorn that is healthier and cheaper for all of your guests. To give the movie feel to your popcorn, consider purchasing some disposable bowls or boxes meant for holding popcorn. These might have anything from a movie theater look to something else fun. Along with popcorn, have a large selection of candy available to all of your guests. They will love choosing from a large selection of movie theater-style candy! Don't forget too that you can steer away slightly from the movie theme by making your own homemade treats, or other appetizers that you know your family and friends are sure to love eating during the movie!

Movie Premiere Party: Party Games

Before the start of the movie, consider playing some fun movie themed games with all of your guests. You can find party games designed especially for movie parties, or go with traditional games for parties like pin the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss, and other games you would find at kids parties. Just make sure that all the games at your party are age appropriate. If you want to stay with games that are great for all ages and can be played again, consider popular games like Apples to Apples and Scene It. With the right preparations, you can easily create the perfect movie premiere party!

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It's Time For A Luau-Style Children's Beach Party!

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Slip on those flip flops, set out the tiki torches, and let's get the Hawaiian party started! We have everything you will want to give your kids a beach party that they will never forget. From hula skirts to colorful leis, and everything in between. We even have inflatable crabs and palm trees, and plastic seashell plates to add some color and realism. Brightly colored porcupine fish sippy cups are easy to grip, and are sure to grab the attention of the smallest members of your tropical party!

For the bigger children, your luau tableware includes coconut shaped cups with brightly colored flowers, and lovely hibiscus print plates, cups, and plastic eating utensils. You can even keep the cool juices outside at the Hawaiian party with our inflatable pineapple cooler, and sip through amusing hula skirt straws.

There are dozens of different luau decorations available, including a variety of beach balls, water games, squirting monkey heads, and much more. Sand activity sets and sand art help keep everyone occupied between exciting games, and all the children will love the feeling of being right there on the beach with their hula skirts, and authentic looking bamboo tiki torches.

And don't forget the luau party favors! Leis are available in many different styles, and we have temporary Hawaiian style tattoos, miniature beach balls for everyone, gummy candy flip flops, and delicious powder filled bottles. Make the beach party exciting and unique with "message in a bottle" invitations and a giant inflatable flamingo. This is a tropical party paradise, and the children will be excited about it for days!

And what set of luau decorations is complete without balloons of all sizes, shapes and colors? For children, inflatable balloons and toys mean that even the most exciting party is a safe and healthy one. You can even get a set of inflatable tropical fish, or some rubber duckies that are perfect for playing exciting games like duck bobbing, where different prizes are awarded as treats during the game.

What more could you want? We have beach balls of all sizes and shapes, sunglasses, fans and cups in so many different fun designs and colors that we can't list them all, and even a brightly colored luau hat for you, the beach party planner

No matter where you are, or what time of year it may be, it is always time for a children's tropical party. In fact, when the snow is piling up outside, you can entertain everyone with when you pull out the luau tableware and other luau decorations, inflate a few beach balls, and get ready for the hottest summertime party a kid could imagine.