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Party Planning On a Budget

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Things to Buy in Bulk For Kids Parties

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 2 years ago 1690 Views No comments

Six Fuchsia Wings

Did you know buying in bulk for kids parties can save you a lot of money? When many of us start planning for a kid's party or large event, we can very quickly get overwhelmed. Buying for lots of children can quickly get expensive, especially if we want everyone involved to have a variety of fun prizes, party favors and candy. The problem, however, is that if you buy everything at normal prices, the costs very quickly add up, leaving you wondering what you have to cut to stay within your budget. One trick that smart parents, companies, and non-profit organization use to stay within a tight budget is buying everything they need for the party in bulk!

Six Blue TutusThings to Buy in Bulk for Kids Parties: Costumes

If there is one thing we love, it's cute costumes. Nothing is better than seeing the smiling faces of little girls as they pretend to be princesses, ballerinas, or even fairies at parties. The problem is that buying enough for every girl can be very pricy unless you start excluding some of your daughter's friends. Many people don't realize that we sell a variety of tutu, fairy wing, and other items in sets to allow parents to save money by buying multiple costume pieces at once. You can even make your own sets by mixing and matching colors! If you don't see the right sets you like, just contact us.

Things to Buy in Bulk for Kids Parties: Tableware

Even though many of us don't think about it, tableware can very quickly get expensive for large parties too. While you can buy things in sets, it doesn't always take care of everything. All too often, you find that you don't have enough plates, cups, or sometimes even plastic utensils. In many cases you can buy these items in bulk as well, allowing you to have a themed parties for lots of kids without a scary price tag, and ensuring you have enough of everything to go around!

Candy and ToysThings to Buy in Bulk for Kids Parties: Candy & Party Favors

While candy may seem cheap at first, it can very quickly add up. Buying candy for a few dozen, all the way up to hundreds of kids for an event can be downright frightening for party organizers. Even buying cheap candy to fill Easter eggs might leave you wondering how you are going to buy other items and stay under your Easter budget. Buying candy especially in bulk allows you to pick up a large variety of candy at a discounted price. Even if you don't see it in bulk on a site, always contact the company. We are delighted to offer bulk discounts on many of the products on Designed 2B Sweet, especially some of our candy!

Easy Halloween Costume for Toddlers

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 3 years ago 2517 Views No comments

clown costumeIs this your child's first or second Halloween? For many families, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and have fun. The problem with many of the costumes out there for toddlers, however, is that with how quickly they grow, the costume you bought earlier in the month may no longer fit your child, or it's too cold on Halloween for them to actually wear said costume. Rather than pay for an expensive costume that your child may not even be able to wear, many parents have decided to go with homemade or semi-homemade costumes that are simple and allow their child to still wear fairly normal clothes as they go trick or treating with older siblings. You may even be surprised how easy many of these costumes are to make for toddlers!

Easy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Clown

For many parents, nothing is easier and cuter than having their child look like a rainbow clown for Halloween. Not only are these costumes really cute on a little one, they are very easy for parents to put together without spending a great deal of money. For this costume, all you will need is some face paint and a rainbow clown wig. It is easy to find clown wigs this time of year, and sometimes even big red clown noses. To make your child look like a true carnival clown, use a fine brush and safe face paint to paint decorations like circles, stars and triangles on your child's cheeks. For an even sillier look add a clip on bow tie for fun!

Toddler in a fairy costumeEasy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Fairy

If you would like a Halloween costume that is a bit more girly, don't forget that this is the perfect time of year to help your child look like a cute little princess or fairy. Many parents love going with a fairy theme, since it can be as simple or complex as they like. For those who would like a simpler costume, all you have to do is give your daughter a beautiful set of fairy or butterfly-style wings in her size, and a magic wand. By going this route, your child can wear whatever clothes you like, allowing them to be as warm or cool as they would like, weather permitting. You can also add a tutu, flowered skirt, or other cute accessories to give this outfit the finishing touches to help your daughter look like a real fairy!

Superhero CostumesEasy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Superhero

Another cute Halloween costume that is perfect for boys and girls alike are superhero costumes. With these movies so popular for the last several years, it is very easy to find superhero sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other clothing made for children and adults of all ages. To add the finishing touches to a superhero costume for toddlers, make sure to get a superhero costume kit, which usually includes a cape and mask. If this doesn't work, you can find masks in the form of sunglasses for toddlers. For children who are uncomfortable wearing anything over their face, you can also use washable paint to paint a little mask around their eyes, allowing your toddler to look like a miniature of their favorite superhero!

30 Kids Party Favors for Pennies

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 2074 Views 1 comment

Party favors do not need to be expensive, they are just a simple way for your guests to remember the good time they had at your child's birthday party. Each of these party favors cost under $1.00 per person, some only pennies apiece.


Shop dollar stores and discount outlets to find these great party favorites. Use individually or mix and match, using your chosen party theme as a guide.

  • Craft stick picture frames (decorated by party guests of course) with a picture of the party child with each guest!
  • Small plastic toys, stickers, stringed beads, candy coins, etc. inside an inflated balloon!!
  • Glow necklaces, rings and bracelets
  • Small pack of crayons with a coloring book
  • Books matching the party theme
  • Frisbee
  • Bubble Bottles. Preferably to match your theme.
  • Assorted sidewalk chalk
  • Puzzle (again great if you can have the picture in the puzzle match your theme)
  • Beach balls. Sometimes you can get them in the shapes of animals!
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Balloons
  • Decorative Pencils
  • Hair ornaments, scrunchies, barrettes
  • Watercolor paint set
  • Address book
  • Tiny Notebook / Journal
  • Plastic Rhinestone Tiara
  • Lollipops
  • Pez Dispensers
  • Seed packets to plant
  • Unused fast food toys
  • Fast food coupons worth $1
  • Homemade modeling clay and a cookie cutter

Make and Take Party Favors:

Kids love to make crafts and these double as party favors when kids get to take them home...

  • Personalized and decorated foam sun visors
  • Hand painted and decorated sunglasses
  • Personalized and decorated bookmark
  • Handmade potpourri sachet
  • Handmade refrigerator magnet
  • Hand painted sun catcher
  • Handmade beaded jewelry
  • Homemade soap

Party favors do not need to be expensive just fun! Keep it small, simple, and easy on your wallet.

Creating a Cartoon Character Birthday Party on a Budget

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 3196 Views 3 comments

As any parent with children knows, children love picking cartoon characters and making them the center of the world. Almost every toy or item in their room has something to do with their new idol, making it not too surprising that they want the theme of their next birthday party to revolve around this character. While many of us may love these cartoon characters, the price of their exclusive items can be out of many parents budgets, having them paying a great deal of money for basic items such as paper plates and cups, leaving little room for other party favors.

If you are like many parents who want to see your money go as far as possible, but how is this possible while still giving your child the themed party they want? Luckily, there are ways to give your child the cartoon character party they wanted, by not revolving the party around the character, but the world of the character.

Fairy Tale
Many characters that are loved by little girls revolve around old fairy tales, being the basis of many popular Disney characters. Instead of basing your party around this character, find a similar costume to this character and give your character a princess party, revolving around the specific theme of that world. For example, for a Sleeping Beauty party, have all of the decoration revolve around a fantasy theme, with your daughters little guests looking like visiting princesses or fairies similar to the movie.

The Explorer
One of your child's favorite shows may very well be Dora the Explorer. For this world, create jungle themed party, packed with fun tropical decorations and animals that will make your child feel like they are part of the show. Don't forget to get special jungle themed decorations or to look at jungle party packs to save you money.

Oriental and Anime
Recently, quite a few Japanese shows have been making their way into your child's morning cartoon line up. These popular cartoons can translate into fun magical girl parties, pirate themed parties, or maybe even oriental themes parties revolving around ancient Chinese dress. All of these popular themes can be incorporate into fun parties relatively easily, especially your little girl's favorite magical girl, which can incorporate many of these same items that could be found in a fairy tale princess party. Make sure to do research on the internet first, however, before you plan your party to make sure you can pay attention to the little details your child will love.

Classroom Birthday Party on a Budget

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 2745 Views No comments

To every little child, nothing is more exciting than their birthday. Even if they are having a party at home, most children want to celebrate their birthday at school with their peers, allowing them to have their own special day with all of their classroom friends. When it comes to planning two birthdays, however, many parents can't help but be stressed, knowing they don't have the finances to create two fun parties for their child. Luckily, it is easy to create a small classroom party for under $35.

If you call ahead, many bakers and grocery stores may have a special on cupcakes if they bought in bulk. While this can be a fairly inexpensive, it is best if you can buy a cake mix and divide it into 24 to 28 little cupcakes for your child's class. After adding some fun icing and sprinkles, you will have adorable little birthday cakes for everyone in your child's class.


Since school birthday parties cannot last more than a half an hour, don't worry about bringing a great deal of food and candy. Make sure you talk to your child's teacher before bringing in food and drinks to make sure you don't cause any disruptions due to allergies. This part of your party should cost about $10 to $15.

Goody Bags
Nearly every child is excited about showing off to their classmates, by giving them little goody bags as part of their birthday. Even if they receive gifts or not, this is customary with many school birthday parties since it allows every child to feel equally important, even on your child's birthday. If you aren't careful, however, these goody bags can be expensive.


To keep costs down, it is best to go with a fun but inexpensive goody bag, such as the Smile Face Cellophane bags sold right here at this site. Buying 3 dozen of these bags should cost you about $6, allowing you to put most of your budget toward fun toys and school items for your child's friends. Quite a few options are available when it comes to fun goody bag treats, but students will love being able to use your child's fun goody bag items during their school work. For this reason, the Cool Animal Print Stationary Set is an ideal goody bag treat with some small pieces of candy. This stationary set comes with a pencil, notepad, and other fun school items.


Your child's goody bags should come to about $20. For under $35, you can create a fun atmosphere at school for your child, as well as bring a smile to everyone's face in your child's classroom.