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Day Of The Dead Party

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While many of us celebrate Halloween, very few people celebrate an upbeat, Spanish holiday that happens not long after one of our favorite days of ghouls and ghosts – The Day of the Dead. For those who don’t know this holiday, it is a celebration of the life of those who have passed. Rather than being sad, however, it is a day of celebration, dancing, and food. It is believed in this Mexican tradition to be a day where the spirits of loved ones come back to celebrate with those they were close to in life. In a way, it is a mix of Cinco de Mayo and Halloween all in one, without the scariness! Best of all, it is a way to teach children about death with a sense of hope, and that it is alright to remember those who have passed with a fun party!

Day of the Dead Party: Food

When many people think of the Day of the Dead, they think of skull shaped candies. Candy molded in the shape of skulls is very common for this holiday, as well as people baking treats that look like skulls or graves, including cupcakes, cookies, candies, even cakes! While these desserts are a must of the holiday, it is also important to have a variety of dishes available, including traditional breads like Pan de Muerto, corn quesadillas and enchiladas. This is a great time to have fun in the kitchen making fun Spanish inspired dishes!

Day of the Dead Party: Decorations

Part of what makes The Day of the Dead so fun is the mix of fun colors and decorations. Consider decorating with colored beads, skulls, and marigolds. As well, balloons and live flowers can be another fun decoration to have as table centerpieces. Many people who invite guests for a Day of the Dead party also love using grave style decorations to invite friends and family to the party. Just make sure to be creative, festive and cheerful with your decorations. In many cases, Cinco de Mayo decorations can be reused for the Day of the Dead when it comes to colors and overall theme of the party.

Day of the Dead Party: Crafts

One of the things that is really neat about the Day of the Dead is it is a time to decorate the graves of those we love. For kids, this means that they can decorate with fun, colorful skulls and make crafts to put on the grave(s) of those who have passed. Some Halloween crafts are great for this, especially if they have a skull theme. If you can’t find one, don’t worry, kids can make their own decorations with construction paper, markers, and the help of adults. If celebrating the day is personal, you can even add these crafts to flowers for the grave of the deceased, letting children have fun and pour themselves into decorating, while learning to respect those who have left their lives on this special day.

Easter Activities for Kids

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Assorted Easter CupcakesLooking for some cute Easter activities for kids? As hard as it may be to believe, Easter is going to be here before we know it. For many families, this is the time when all the kids get together and have a fun day of family games and crafts. Since Easter usually involves lots of children of various ages, it is important that you think ahead and have a plan together to make sure all the kids involved have fun throughout the day, and even the days prior if you want to get your own kids assisting. Below, we included some of our favorite Easter activities that are perfect for kids of all ages!

Easter Activities for Kids: Baking

For many kids, nothing is more fun than making treats in the kitchen with mom and dad, especially if they know they get to enjoy them later with family and friends. One of the most simple baking activities that kids love is being able to decorate their own cupcakes. Instead of just having kids put just icing on cupcakes, find religious themed sprinkles or even sprinkles with a fun Easter theme. As well, decorate the cupcake with fun Easter themed cupcake toppers and skirts to give them a fun and festive look before putting them in cupcake boxes. Older kids may also enjoy making their own Easter themed candy in the shape of crosses, eggs, and Easter bunnies!

Cross NecklaceEaster Activities for Kids: Jewelry

Another classic Easter activity for kids is making jewelry. Since Easter is mostly a religious holiday, many families like to remind children that it is more than just looking for Easter eggs and getting a cute basket from the Easter bunny. Rather than focus on a sermon for young children, it may be more effective to tell them the story of Christ as they make cross jewelry, teaching them the importance of the cross and why many Christians wear it as jewelry. Today, you can even find many individually pre-packaged craft activities where kids can make their own religious charm bracelets or cross necklaces in their favorite style.  Best of all, these crafts are very inexpensive, allowing you to purchase a variety of different jewelry craft sets for all the kids at your family Easter event.

Kid in Carnival Potatoe SackEaster Activities for Kids: Games

Of course, it wouldn't be Easter without an Easter egg hunt, and outdoor Easter games.  Kids love being able to color their own eggs and then find them later. Older kids are even more motivated if they know there are plastic eggs hiding somewhere with little treats or money. What many people don't think about, however, are what games they are going to play after the Easter egg hunt. Many kids enjoy all types of field day games, including potato sack hops and even ring tosses. To make things even more fun for kids, have games that the whole family can play together, allowing everyone to play outdoors together. With the right planning, it's easy to make Easter fun for everyone!

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

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Fall leaves craft projectLooking for some activities to keep kids busy this Thanksgiving? While this is obviously a holiday for family, sometimes kids can be impatient, especially as parents are busy cooking in the kitchen or enjoying time catching up on family news with other adults. While this is a lot of fun for adults, children, especially if they are sitting with other adults and not at a children's table, can easily get bored and distracted. Luckily, we know the perfect activities to keep them busy this Thanksgiving. Not only are these activities fun, but are a great way for children to interact with other children at your family get together!

Fall Leaves BraceletThanksgiving Activities for Kids: Craft Activities

Want to keep kids busy and nearby while adults are finishing up preparing (or eating) Thanksgiving dinner? One of the best ways to keep kids happy and having fun is by helping them make cute Thanksgiving theme crafts. This can be as simple as helping them make construction paper turkeys or making Thanksgiving theme bracelets. Fall leaves is also a great Thanksgiving theme for craft project ideas. These crafts can be as complicated as you like.  Just make sure the craft projects you choose are appropriate for the age of children who will be attending your Thanksgiving dinner. Also, don't forget that you can also turn this into a time for kids to make other holiday items, such as making Christmas ornaments or homemade gifts for their parents for Christmas!

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Outdoor Games

Depending on where you live and the weather, outdoor games can also be a great way to keep kids busy and happy while adults enjoy Thanksgiving. While you can order inflatable ball pits or bounce houses, they usually aren't necessary to keep kids happy. To make set up and clean up as easy as possible, however, we do recommend having inflatable games. You can find easy games for kids of all ages such as inflatable obstacle courses and even ring tosses. If you have the room, you can even have a miniature soccer or football game to keep kids busy and active after a large meal!

Inflatable Football Game

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Board Games

Looking for something the entire family can do together or some of the adults can do with children at the party? Don't forget about classic board games! You can find board games that are perfect for the entire family to play, ranging from card games to classic family games like Monopoly. Just make sure you find things that kids can play on their own or with the assistance of older kids if you want this to be fun kids' time! To make things even more fun, consider having unique toy prizes that kids can win for winning the most games!

July is National Ice Cream Month

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Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Not only is this the time of the year where you can find killer ice cream sales, but an excuse to enjoy ice cream with your children. I mean, how many times can you say you have an excuse to finish an entire quart of ice cream in one sitting? While it may not be worth it calorie wise, the smiles all around make it worth the extra exercise later. So, what could be more fun than enjoying ice cream outside with your kids? Well, an ice cream party, of course!

Really Its National Ice Cream Month?

So what is National Ice Cream Month? it is a fun day where everyone can enjoy one of their favorite treats guilt free. This fun little celebration started on July 14, 1984, when President Ronald Reagan declared the month of July to be devoted to ice cream with a presidential proclamation. Since then it has been celebrated all throughout the US with fun ice cream events and amazing sales from the various ice cream makers. In other words, it gives us an excuse to enjoy this delicious dessert with our friends and family!

Food Ideas At Your Ice Cream Party

Of course, you can't have an ice cream party without ice cream. For a great party, we recommend a variety of different types of ice cream, definitely including ice cream sandwiches. Since all of us like to eat things other than ice cream, at least every once in a while, traditional grilling and BBQ foods are great as well - who doesn't enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers before digging into the ice cream? To cut down on the mess, however, we do recommend getting some ice cream themed tableware for the party.  Putting an ice cream table cloth on a picnic bench with cute cups and plates turns a boring picnic into a fun ice cream party for your entire family!

Games & Prizes

What is a party without games and prizes? Just like any party, you can find fun ice cream themed games, ranging from bean bag tosses to piñatas - no need to make the ice cream eating contest official!  If weather allows, have some of your other favorite games there as well, including board games. To go along with the theme, however, make sure to have ice cream-themed prizes for the kids, like jewelry, toys, or even yummy looking school supplies that kids can use once they go back to school in August or September. Just make sure your prizes are age appropriate, and remember the fun ice cream bags so kids can carry their cool prizes home after the party. Kids will have so much fun at your ice cream party, don't be surprised if they want to have them throughout the month of July!

Father's Day Gifts

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Father's Day GiftsLooking for the perfect Father's Day Gift? Everyone can agree, being a Dad is hard work and comes with quite a few sacrifices to make sure their family is happy. To celebrate the importance of being a Dad, we all love to spoil Dad on this special day. One of the hardest things, however, is finding that perfect gift for him that will make him truly light up when he opens his Father's Day gifts. Knowing that many of us struggle, we included some of what considered the perfect gifts for Father's Day.

Father's Day Gifts: Homemade Cards

Want to make a fun, unique card that Dad is sure to love? Forget those expensive Hallmark cards and go with something he will truly cherish - a card made by his children. Many guys love getting those special, handmade items from their kids and showing them off at work after Father's Day. Best of all, these crafts don't even need to be fancy - all you need are craft materials, like glitter, glue, markers, and construction paper. If you want to do something truly unique, you can even help your children make a wearable card, by making a Father's Day t-shirt for your favorite dad using fabric paint and markers.

Father's Day FigurineFather's Day Gifts: Collectable Figures

Along with more traditional gifts, you can also give Dad something neat that he can bring with him to the office or display at home. Everyone guy has unique hobbies, from bowling to fishing. One of the best ways you can show Dad that you care is with a fun collectible figure. If you have a dad that loves to fish, consider going with a fun figure showing a cartoon guy fishing. For Dads that love comic books, consider going with something unique showing off their favorite superhero. The sky is truly the limit and kids can have fun trying to find the perfect item that they think is perfect for their own dad!

Father's Day Gifts: Gift Sets

If all else fails, you can also go with more traditional gifts, including gift sets. Many stores sells gift sets special for dad. These gifts sets can centre around just about anything from cologne to beef jerky. It is easy to find the perfect gift for your budget - and what you think is perfect for the dad in your life. To make these generic gift sets more personal, consider going with a unique gift bag or gift box. Some kids may even enjoy decorating their own gift bags using markers. For older kids, consider going with gift bags in your father's favorite colors, or going with a traditional blue bag. With a fun gift bag, you can have Dad trying to guess all day what fun gift he will be getting from his favorite child! 

Mother's Day Gifts

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Mother's Day GiftsLooking for the perfect gifts for Mother's Day? While it may be customary for adults to buy gifts for mom, many children's love making unique gifts that are straight from the heart. While they don't have a lot of money, they have enough love and creativity to make what can easily be the perfect gift for any mom. Even though kids have quite a few ideas, it is sometimes up to Dad to help kids when it comes to making gifts for mom, especially if they are wanting to keep it a secret. Below, we have some of our personal favorite gifts that every mom will love!

Cupcake BoxMother's Day Gifts: Desserts

Of course, most mom's love the idea of getting something baked special for them. While Dad may have to help with the cupcakes, kids will love being able to decorate them with specialty cupcakes skirts or even colored sprinkles and sugar. Of course, if kids want to be really creative, they can also make homemade cookies and decorate them to look perfect for Mother's Day. To add that finishing touch to baked desserts, just place them in decorated cupcake boxes or bags to make them look pre-wrapped for mom! If you are planning on making baked treats, just make sure that small children have the help of an adult before any baking takes place!

Butterfly photo holderMother's Day Gifts: Homemade Gifts

Many mom's also enjoy getting homemade gifts just in time for Mother's Day. If mom loves to take photos, consider making a magnetic photo holder so she can proudly dispaly her family photos. While this may seem like a very simple craft project, it will be something mom will treasure forever. For families with multiple children, you can also make craft project that are a little more difficult. Such as painting a butterfly (or other shape) photo holder together or even making a special bird house that mom can watch outdoors. With so many different craft projects available kids can easily make the perfect gift for mom for Mother's Day!

Photo Magnet Craft KitMother's Day Gifts: Cards

Probably the most classic gift that all mom's cherish is a special card made by her children. Cards are inexpensive since they can be made using minimal craft supplies. To get started, all kids need is construction paper or poster board to make the card itself. From there, they can use markers to write a special message for mom on the card. Once the card is finished, they can then decorate it using a variety of craft supplies, ranging from glitter to decorative stickers. Since cards are so easy to make, they go great with just about any homemade gift or treat!

Teacher's Day Gifts

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Girl giving teacher a giftStruggling to find the perfect gift for a favorite teacher? With Teacher's Day closely approaching on May 6, parents all over are trying to find the perfect gifts to give to their children's teachers. While we all know that gift cards are a great choice, they aren't very personal and many teachers get a lot of gift cards from their students. Wouldn't it be great if you had the perfect gift for your child's favorite teacher? You may be surprised just how easy it is to find a memorable or cute gift that every teacher is sure to love!

Make a travel mugTeacher's Day Gifts: Homemade Crafts

If there is one thing every teacher loves it is crafts made by their students. Some of the cutest gifts are things made using traditional craft materials, or those made from kits. Kids especially love making their own travel mugs for teachers using crayons or markers. There are also many other type of craft projects that are perfect for kids to make for their teachers, including fun flower pots, bird houses, or even pen holders. Just make sure it's a project that the kids can take part in and put their name on the bottom so teachers can remember where it came from years later.

Teacher's Day Gifts: Desk ItemsTeacher Figurine

While some teachers don't talk about it, they all love having fun things to decorate their desks. Some of the cutest are teacher themed statues or figures. These little things stay with them for years and surprisingly, very few people give things like this as gifts. Things such as coffee mugs, plastic teacher figurines, or even small stuffed animals are the perfect gifts for teachers of all grade levels. Not only that, many of these unique gifts are fairly inexpensive, allowing you to get one for each of your children's teachers. If you can, try putting these gifts in a fun bag decorated by your kids to make them even more personal!

Teacher's Day Gifts: Homemade Treats

 Even though they aren't something that be kept, many teachers love getting homemade treats. Since many teachers work long hours, they rarely have time to bake at home or the change to buy nice bath products. Surprise your favorite teacher with homemade treats and if you make them, homemade bath items. For many teachers, this is an excuse for them to relax at night after a hard day of teaching and grading papers. To give that extra touch to these gifts, making sure to purchase cute tags or colored gift bags to make your Teacher's Day Gift look even more amazing! With the might amount of preparation, your favorite teacher will love your child's gift and know they are appreciated!

International Astronomy Day

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Outer Space PlateDo you have a little one who loves outer space? Many children love to learn about space and are curious about what else may exist in our universe. To celebrate a love for space all around the world, various schools and astronomy clubs are looking forward to celebrating International Astronomy Day on April 28. To help making your outdoor event even more fun, wouldn't it be great to have a little outdoor gathering as everyone enjoys watching the stars together? Below, we have tips for creating a fun night or camping trip for International Astronomy Day!

International Astronomy Day: Things You Need

If you are planning on having a little gathering for International Astronomy Day, make sure you have everything you need ahead of time. Since you want to be somewhere that is dark, you want to be in a park, or a very dark backyard. Along with a telescope, this is the best way to look at the stars or even go searching for planets! If you are going to have children at the event or outdoor party, make sure to bring flashlights and books so that you can teach them about the different constellations and things that can be found in the sky. Some learning and party stores even have workbooks or activity books to make learning even more fun for kids!

Outer Space CupcakesInternational Astronomy Day: Food

Of course, any outing needs good food! More than likely, you are going to be outside for hours. Consider filling a cooler with drinks and packing some snack food. You can even make decorative cupcakes using outer space cupcake picks or other decorations to get your favorite food in the spirit for some outer space exploration. As well, you can also bring space themed candy to give as prizes to kids who are able to find various constellations in the sky. Kids will be excited to get candy that is made to look like astronauts, planets, or even aliens if you want to get really creative! If you want to avoid candy, you can also purchase space themed pencils and other outer space toys.

Rocket Ship ErasersInternational Astronomy Day: Camping Fun

For those who are deciding to camp out, make sure you have plenty of activities planned to keep children interested throughout the night. While they will love looking at the stars, make sure to have things to keep them occupied. For example, consider playing flashlight tag or other traditional camping games with kids. Since it can still get cold at night, make sure to bring plenty of blankets, even if you aren't planning on staying outdoors with kids for the entire night. With the right food and games, it is easy to make International Astronomy Day fun for the entire family! 

The Month of February: Fun & Flirty

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As the month of February rolls around, people start thinking about love and springtime. With February being the shortest month of the year, its sometimes hard to believe that spring will be upon us before we realize. February is also the month of "Love" with a capital "L". Valentines Day gets lovers thinking about what made them fall in love with their partner in the first place.


Holidays in February

Our minds drift to spring especially because in the United States, citizens celebrate Groundhog Day. If the groundhog sees his shadow there will six more weeks of winter and if no shadow is cast, it means that spring will come early that year. There are a few famous groundhogs that are used for this old tradition such as Punxsutawney Phil. This holiday has its roots in the Christian Candlemas Holiday and a superstition believed by the Germans.

Then love blooms next with the celebration of Valentine's Day. Red roses and open hearts are the items of the day when February 14th makes her debut on the February stage. Now spring is closer than ever only being about a month away! Next we have Presidents Day when we are supposed to reflect upon our lucky heritage though most of us reflect on the great advertising push for sales and deep discounts from vendors that have spent their holiday stash. Presidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday of the month. Spring is getting even closer now!


Other Notable Holiday Celebrations in February

Black History Month is recognized in February and its a good reminder and follow up to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We also acknowledge American History month. It never hurts to look into the past to see what you can change in the future. American Heart Month would like you to remember to be heart smart and Florida wants to remind the rest of the world about Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month. It refers to sweet smelling and mouth watering strawberries which are grown in Florida for the rest of us to enjoy.
You might think about supporting your local food pantries and drives. February is also host to Canned Foods Month. It is also the month for Library Lovers, Expert Success and Friendship which all are being showcased this month. For those cat lovers, February is also National Cat Health Month. Remember to have your pet sprayed or neutered and be sure they see their veterinarians yearly. Get the kids to the dentist as it is National Childrens Dental Health Month. Get their teeth ready for Easter Baskets full of jelly beans and other sugary goodies coming in April. Don't forget to keep feeding your feathered friends that come to partake of your bounty. It is National Wild Bird Feeding Month. They are getting ready to nest and need extra nutrition for their breeding season.


Finally we come to daily celebrations. These ought to give you a chuckle:

February 1st is Robinson Crusoe Day
On the 3rd, remember Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day. There are many people out there that can totally relate to that, myself included!
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day on February 6th. (Come on ladies; lets do it!)

Take the Chill Out of January with these Unique and Unusual Celebrations

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Most people associate January with paying the holidays bills as they begin to roll in and staying in out of the cold. There is much more to the month of January than meets the eye. Did you know that January was National Soup Month? What a great way to have an inexpensive get together with friends by inviting all the guests to bring their favorite homemade soups. All you need to supply is the bowls, spoons, bread and crackers and you have a party! Another reason to get together with friends is that January is Book Blitz Month. Your guests can bring some of their favorite tomes and you can do a book exchange or even decide on a particular novel and have a weekly book discussion group. You may decide to get the computer geeks you know gathered in order to celebrate as January is Clean Up Your Computer Month.


A lovely way to spend an evening with family and close friends is Celebrate the Past month. You can bring out your favorite family photos, videos and other remembrances to relive the happy moments you have shared throughout your lifetime. This will be especially interesting to children as they love to hear stories about the past and visuals will help to bring the tales to life. How about you ladies head to the mall or wherever else you might think there will be a plethora of men and indulge yourself this January during Man Watcher'™s Month. You don't have to talk or flirt; you can just feast your eyes on some hunky guys.


There are also weekly celebrations during the month of January. During the beginning of January you can commemorate Celebration of Life Week from the 1st to the 7th. Also during the first week of January for those that are trying to lose weight, they can get a confidence booster from Diet Resolution Week. If you have a special man or a few exceptional fellows in your life you can pile on the kudos during Let Men Be Our Heroes Week from the 14th through the 20th. Do something unique so that they know how much you truly appreciate them and all they add to your life.


Juicer fans might enjoy celebrating National Fresh Squeeze Juice Days from the 15th to the 19th. A fun activity the family might enjoy is Cuckoo Dancing Week which runs from the 11th to the 17th. You can choose a time of the day when the family is all done with chores and homework, put on some music and do some crazy footwork. It is sure to bring the entire family to tears of laughter and it is a terrific way to spend some quality time with them. So the next time you think of January as boring, cold and so very far from warm weather, refer to this article and choose a few activities that will brighten your spirits if not the weather.

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