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Party Favor Ideas for a Princess Party

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If you are throwing a Princess Birthday party for your little princess, you know one of the most important elements is the party favors. But when you have a party of 20 children, you also know purchasing the party favors can be an expensive and exhausting endeavor. Here are some party favor ideas that are inexpensive and fun!

1. Small ribbon tutus, princess wands, beaded tiaras or halos are really great party favors. Not only do the little princesses get to take these home; they can wear them at the party to add to the ambiance of the event. These items are relatively inexpensive and can usually be purchased at a discount when you buy in bulk. The great thing about these favors is that they will not be used just once. Girls will want to play dress-up with them over and over again and will remember your party each time.

2. Sweet confections such as pink rock candy, jewel lollipop rings, sweet tart candy necklaces, and tiara shaped lollipops all complement the theme well and are sure to delight the party guests!

3. Child size jewelry such as long beaded necklaces, plastic jeweled necklaces, princess or girl theme charm necklaces and bracelets or large plastic jeweled rings in the shape of gems, diamonds, flowers and hearts are great favors. The larger and more sparkly the better! The preferred colors for these jewelry items are, of course, pink, purple or red.

4. Hair accessories like butterfly hair clips, sparkle jeweled barrettes, tiara hair combs, shimmer ribbon hair scrunchies and headbands with beaded tiaras or jewels on top work very well too. Give these items in any combination with the princess party favors mentioned above for a birthday party that will be remembered long after it is over.

5. Instead of just handing any of these items out to the girls why not put them in princess theme party favor bags with tiaras, sparkles or stars on them? Another unique idea is to find interesting child size purses to fill with the party favors. You can find great purses with sequins or metallic fabrics that complement the magic and girly atmosphere of the event. Velour or organza party favor bags are great as well. You may even be able to find these bags in the shape of "glass slippers" to further extend the theme.

Now you have lots of great ideas to get you started on your princess party favor planning. Be creative and have fun!

Party Favor Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts

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When deciding on the type of party favors to choose from weather it's for a wedding, birthday or baby shower, it is very important that you consider the theme of your event, the number of guests you are inviting, the diversity of the crowd, cost effectiveness, etc. All of these factors should influence your decision on choosing the perfect favors and how to present them. Although there are many non-traditional ways that are acceptable concerning party planning etiquette, there are some do's and don'™ts that you must take into account when dealing with party favors. Below you will find a reasonable list of protocol as it relates to choosing and presenting gift favors.


  • Do coordinate your favors with the overall theme of your event or party.
  • Do set a budget for your party favors and stick as best you can.
  • Do provide a favor for every single guest.
  • Do incorporate the favors into your party decorating if possible.
  • Do order a few extra emergency favors just in case some get damaged during preparation for the wedding.(Or you have some party crashers)
  • Do choose a party favor that is unisex.
  • Do plan ahead on how you will present these unique favors to your guests.
  • Do select a favor that you yourself would enjoy receiving.
  • Do select a favor that is special and that reflects the appreciation you have for your guests.


  • Don'™t choose a favor that goes against the theme of your special event.
  • Don't be afraid to choose a less expensive favor if the one that you really wanted is too expensive for your budget.
  • Don't give a favor for each couple to share. (Tacky)
  • Don't choose a party favor that will clash with your unique party décor.
  • Don'™t order just enough favors for each invited guest.
  • Don't give a favor to a guest if it is damaged in any way or dirty.
  • Don't choose a favor that is gender specific. (Unless it's a Princes Party!)
  • Don't forget to designate a special place to set your party favors so that your guests will be sure to receive them.
  • Don'™t give your guests a favor that you would not like to receive.

Party favors are very special in that they are an unspoken way for the hostess to express gratitude to the guests. With this is mind, you must be careful to properly communicate your appreciation. When following the proper protocol, your guests are sure to appreciate the time that you invested in presenting them with a unique and special party favor to remember the special day.

Ideas And Suggestions For A Great Party Favor

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Flower lollipops can make a great party favor when you are planning any sort of fun party, especially a baby shower. You have probably seen lollipop suckers that are in the shape of baby feet. They come in assorted colors and can be used for a number of different purposes with regard to party favors for baby showers.


One way that you can use this popular baby shower candy is to make bouquets of flower lollipops for each of the guests. Simply get wrapped candy and tie a few of them together with ribbon and place them by each of the place settings. These make cute party favors and everyone will love the little baby feet lollipop suckers.


Another way that you can use these flower lollipops is to mix them with regular lollipops and make a centerpiece for the tables. Lollipop suckers have a stick, are wrapped and come in a variety of different colors. In addition to those that are shaped like baby feet, you can also find those that say "it'™s a girl" or "it's a boy." There are many different lollipop suckers that are available to purchase online in bulk. You can mix them together to make centerpieces in the same way that you would mix silk flowers to make a floral centerpiece.


You can also make a candy baby using lollipop suckers. One large lollipop can be the head, you can use two of the baby feet lollipop suckers for the feet, use small wrapped party candy for the arms and wrap each piece so just the head, arms and baby feet are sticking out. You can even put googly eyes on the lollipop head. Make sure you leave all of the candy wrapped. You can purchase googly eyes at any craft store - they are very inexpensive and go on well with a glue gun.


You can also use the baby feet lollipop stickers to make the invitations and place settings for the shower. You can dip one of the baby feet in ink and use it like a stamp to make the stationary for the invitations. You can also remove the baby feet lollipop suckers from the wrapping and the stick and glue them, using a hot glue gun, onto place settings.


Baby feet lollipop suckers are available to buy online in bulk. If you know that the girl who is having the baby is having a boy or a girl, you can order them in blue or pink respectively. If you do not know the sex of the baby, you can use assorted lollipop suckers.


Party candy has many different uses other than just for eating. When you are throwing a baby shower for anyone, order a bunch of these baby feet lollipop suckers to give to your guests. These are just a few ideas, but once you start using your imagination when it comes to party favors, you will be able to think of dozens of different things that you can do to the delight of your guests at the baby shower. Lollipop suckers are colorful, fun and can be used in many different ways to make your baby shower a huge success.