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Party Decorating Ideas

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Victorian Baby Shower

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Victorian CupcakesDid you know many of today's new moms love Victorian Baby Showers? For many busy moms, it's tough sitting down and relaxing with friends, especially while planning for a new baby. Since new mothers barely have time for themselves away from kids, consider creating a baby shower with a more relaxing, elegant theme that focuses on talking and enjoying time together with friends. Best of all, it is fairly inexpensive, allowing you to put on a fun, picture-perfect baby shower without spending a fortune on the baby shower itself.

Baby Shower Sugar CubesVictorian Baby Shower: Food

When it comes to food for your party, elegance is key. Go for foods that are beautiful and decorative, like tea cakes or cupcakes. When it comes to drink, make sure to also be careful with your selections since most soon to be mothers are restricted when it comes to caffeine. Just to be safe, have a selection of caffeine free and herbal teas available so that everyone at the party, including the guest of honor, has a chance to enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea as you play baby shower games and talk.  Also, don't forget the little details, like baby shower themed sugar cubes for the tea!

Vintage Table Cover

Victorian Table Setting

Victorian Baby Shower: Decorations

Like any party, decorations are key to setting the mood for any baby shower, especially a Victorian baby shower. For this type of baby shower, vintage colors and flowers are a major part of the decor. Various shades of pinks, red, and purples should be focused on when picking out decorations. If you can find it, also things with a lace like look to make the party room look as elegant as possible. As well, try encouraging those attending the party to pick wrapping paper and decorative bags with these themes, to keep everything cute and elegant, to help the new mom feel special.

Victorian Baby Shower: Table Setting

As part of the decorations make sure you find appropriate tableware for your baby shower. While you may be tempted to get out the fine china for the baby shower, it isn't necessary. You can find beautiful, vintage-decorated paper and cardboard tableware that is not only beautiful, but elegant. This is a great way to reduce mess at the party and keep stress down for both you and the guest of honor since clean up won't take long at all. You can even find elegant plastic tablecloths that can be thrown away from the party, making things as easy as possible for you as the organizer. In the end, it's easy and inexpensive to create the perfect Victorian baby shower for your best friend!

Decorating with Pumpkins

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Pumpkin DisplayWith fall right around the corner, it's time for us to put away those summer decorations and welcome autumn with some fun fall decor. Of course, some of the most cost effective and fun decorations for the season are pumpkins. Slowly, stores are getting their stocks of pumpkins, but many orchards are already selling pumpkins of different varieties and sizes, making it the perfect time to get some pumpkins and make decorating the front of your house with pumpkins a fun weekend project!

Decorating with Pumpkins: Display

One of the easiest ways to give your house an autumn touch is with an autumn display. For most people, this includes having pumpkins of various sizes displayed in front of your home, possibly along with hay stacks or a simple scarecrow. The trick with this is making sure you have a display appropriately sized for your home. If you live in an apartment, one large pumpkin accompanied by smaller, hand size pumpkins is perfect. You can even mix some other gourds in to add color and give the front of your house a cute look. Depending on how early you start you might even reuse the pumpkins later for Halloween pumpkin carving or for making pumpkin pie!

Kids with pumpkinsDecorating with Pumpkins: Carving

With Halloween being next month, many kids are already looking forward to pumpkin carving. While you can use a normal kitchen knife for carving, we highly recommend getting a pumpkin carving kit if the kids are helping. These kits are usually a bit safer and give you everything you need for creating the perfect pumpkin. Before starting to carve your pumpkin, however, make sure you draw guide lines, since once the pumpkin is cut, that is how your pumpkin is going to look. We personally also like to highlight our carved pumpkins with paint to give a creepy or cute look to our own fall pumpkins.

Painted Pumpkins

Decorating with Pumpkins: Painting

If you have small children and want them to be more hands-on with your outdoor display, you may want to consider painting rather carving your pumpkins. While it can take a bit more work at times, it can not only be fun, but a chance for each of your children to show their creativity. It isn't uncommon to see pumpkins painted to look like cartoon characters, or with silly faces during Halloween. For small children, allow them to show their creativity with safe and fun paints. One of the cutest ideas we saw last year was a family that decorated a pumpkin in finger paint, with each of the kids having a hand print on the larger pumpkins, giving it a cute family vibe. When looking for paints, make sure to find things that won't easily wash off the pumpkin, or get a special paint to help set the paint on the pumpkin. We highly recommend permanent makers as well, and most traditional art paints. Just make sure to get them in a tube since you are likely to use a lot more paint than you think! With the right amount of preparation, though, it is easy to create adorable pumpkins that you will be happy to display outdoors!

Cake Decorating With Candy

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Looking for ways to make your cake or cupcakes look even more amazing? One of our favorite ways to make our sweets look even more amazing is with candy. Not only is most candy vividly colorful, but (hopefully!) edible, making it a better option for events where small children are present, who may confuse plastic decorations for food. The trick sometimes is finding the right candy for your theme, and matching it with the flavors of your favorite sweets. With the right amount of creativity and fun candy, however, you can easily make any dessert look even sweeter with party candy!


Cupcake with Lollipop DecorationsDecorating with Candy: Preparing for Decorating

When many people start getting the idea to decorate cakes or cupcakes with candy, their inspiration usually comes from Pinterest or something cute they saw on the Food Network. While many of us start decorating with good intentions, it is a good idea to have a detailed plan before you start decorating, especially if you are planning on your dessert being a centerpiece at your party. If you are artistically inclined, try drawing out your vision for the cupcakes. For everyone else, try considering what all you want on the cupcakes first and prepare to experiment with different options days before the event. We usually recommend starting with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, and a basic icing since you don't want to overwhelm the cupcake - you must remember the candy will be adding flavors as well.


Decorating with Candy: Cupcakes

Once you have your plan together, it's time to start looking for the fun part - the candy. One of the mistakes many people make when they first start decorating with candy is getting candy that is too small or too big for their project. If you are planning on making smaller cupcakes, go with bite-sized candies, such as SweetTarts or gummy candies. If you decide to use a large piece of candy, go with something that can easily be a centerpiece and you can plan around, such as ring pops, or suckers. To help make these larger candies stand out on a larger cupcake, emphasize with the colors in the candy with colored sprinkles or color sugar.


Cake DecorationsDecorating with Candy: Cakes

For cakes, the sky is truly the limit since you aren't working on a small surface. The trick, however, is using the right candies without overwhelming the cake itself. Usually these decorated cakes have candy that decorate the outer edge of the cake or used to create a design. While this can be very time consuming, it can also give your cake a unique look, emphasizing a decal or lettering in the center of the cake. As well, don't be afraid to break up harder candies and spread this candy along the side of the cake giving a fun, colorful look to your dessert. While decorating with candy can sometimes be tricky, it can also help you create a fun, memorable dessert that your guests are sure to talk about long after the party

Candy Centerpieces

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Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect centerpieces for your party? When it comes to themed parties, it's sometimes hard finding that centerpiece that not only stands out, but is actually useful. One way that people are saving money on centerpieces and adding more color to their party tables is with candy centerpieces. By using candy centerpieces, you can inexpensively make your own centerpieces without a lot of time or effort, and are likely to 'wow' your guests with these fun, edible centerpieces. The trick is just finding the right combination of candies and containers to make sure that your centerpiece truly stands out!


Candy Centerpieces: Lollipops

While many people don't really consider it, lollipops are a great way to color to any table without a great deal of effort.  Many decorators love using old fashioned, large swirl lollipops as part of table centerpieces since they are both eye catching, and come in just about every color. This is important since it means that these lollipops can go with just about any color scheme, allowing you to make your party table fun, or even elegant with the right sucker combinations. Usually, these lollipops are placed in vase like containers, with some form of accent candy in the container to keep them in place.


Candy Centerpieces: Accent Candy

Rather than spend money on expensive marbles or beads for centerpieces, many designers are instead going with colored candies. Unlike beads, these candies can be eaten during the event if guests desire, allowing them to have a sweet treat after a meal, or even a nice piece of chocolate in a fun colored wrapper. The main purpose of these accent colors is to put more emphasis on the lollipops and help keep the actual lollipops in place. To help add extra attention to the candies, some decorators and crafters also tie ribbons around the tops of the containers, allowing the colors to stand out and also add an extra touch of elegance to each of the centerpieces.


Candy Centerpieces: Ideas

One of the best parts of making candy centerpieces is that you can really do just about anything and fit them with just about any event. While lollipops are quite possibly the most popular choice, the design of the centerpiece itself mostly depends on your own creativity. On Pinterest, you can find centerpieces that include flowers and a variety of candies depending on the actual theme of your party. You can even design them to fit perfectly as holiday decorations by using Christmas candies, or even Halloween candies to give a fun, seasonal and festive look to your event. Just make certain you plan ahead to make sure you have the right variety of candies. As well, before buying the candies at your nearest local store, do some price and comparison shopping! Often, you can buy the candies online, and most party retailers have more candies available to fit many different color schemes.

Wedding Decorations

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Looking for some ways to cut back on expenses when it comes to your wedding decorations? When many women first start planning their wedding, they underestimate the cost of wedding decorations, especially when it comes to their wedding reception. One way that brides are able to cut back on costs is doing the decorating for their reception themselves, including buying their own decorations. By taking advantage of some cool do it yourself wedding decoration ideas, you can easily save yourselves hundreds of dollars when it comes to your wedding reception!

Wedding Tables & Centerpieces If there is one area where brides underestimate at their wedding reception, it is their table decorations. Many women assume that a simple tablecloth and set of flowers will be fairly inexpensive, not expecting that many decorators have a simple setup costing over $1,000 just for table decorations! One way you can save is by buying your own tablecloths and using unique wedding centerpieces! While you may like the idea of cloth table covers, you may want to consider going with a plastic table cover designed special for weddings. They are only half the cost of fabric table covers, and come in a variety of fun colors to match nearly any wedding theme. Many brides especially love a wedding bell theme tablecloth since it goes with any color scheme and gives an elegant, beautiful look to any wedding reception. To make your table stand out even more, consider using food and trays as your centerpieces.

Wedding Food Centerpieces Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on flower centerpieces, you may want to consider using elegant wedding food trays as your table centerpieces. These colorful trays are designed to fit with wedding color schemes, allowing you to have colorful candies and foods for all of your wedding guests to snack on. Not only does this save money, but these practical trays can look elegant with the right finger foods.

If you are looking for trays that are a bit more elegant, many companies make special designer wedding trays, allowing each guest to have their own special candies or finger foods in shaped bowls. Some of the most popular and beautiful favor plates are in unique shapes, including swans and rose shapes.

Wedding Party Favors Many wedding decorators overcharge for party favors, many of which you can purchase on your own for a fraction of the cost. Not only can you save money by picking your own party favors, but can purchase more elegant favors since you are not being overcharged by a decorator hoping to make a profit. Some of our favorite party favors include wedding themed bubbles and special wedding mementos for all of you guests.

How to Make a Balloon Arch

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Balloon decoration is an inexpensive but effective way to change your party room into a festive space within minutes. Tie balloon bouquets to the back of a chair, mailbox and your facade door. It can be fun to use balloon bouquets as centerpieces at your special events. Tie bunches of balloons all over your party location. Balloon arches & decorations are perfect for photo backdrops, gateways, and to emphasize different areas around your party room. It is equally effective to scatter balloons on the floor or to swag balloons across a ceiling.

The first step in making a balloon arch is choosing what type you want to make. There are two essential types: air filled and helium filled balloons as follows:

Helium Balloon Arches Helium filled balloons arches are great for filling large spaces and need less support. Helium arches are created by attaching clusters of balloons to a nylon line, which is tied down to ground supports (railings, tables, etc.) or deep weights (cinder blocks, bricks, rocks, bags of smooth, etc.) The helium holds the balloons up, so all you require is the balloons, helium, heavy nylon yarn, and something fun and creative to tie the ends to. However, helium is more expensive than air and would only float the balloon arch for about 10 to 12 hours. If you prefer to fill your balloons with helium, the gas would hold the balloons up without extra support; all you would require is heavy nylon thread (fishing line) or twine to tie the colorful balloons together, and two ground supports to join down each end of the line.

Air Filled Balloon Arches Air filled arches are shaped by joining clusters of balloons to a border made out of an aluminum or plastic rod, conduit, PVC pipe or from the combination of these. They can last for days or even for months together (depending on conditions) but require either a strong base or a useful wall or ceiling to wire the arch to for support. Air pumps are reasonably priced to rent for one time uses and rather reasonable to buy if you are planning to make balloon decorating a career. For air-filled arches, prepare the frame in its enduring location, if possible. If not, lay the frame flat so that balloons could be simply attached.

Making Gifts Look Special

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Do you like wrapping Christmas gifts? While many of us love Christmas shipping, we dont really think too much about how we are going to wrap our gifts. Usually we find the cheapest wrapping paper we can and hurriedly wrap our gifts the day before Christmas. While this may work for some families, quite a few are jealous when they see beautifully wrapped gifts at their favorite retailer or at Christmas parties. What many people do not realize, however, is that making your Christmas gifts look special is not only easy, but very inexpensive!

Making Gifts Look Special: Ribbons
While many people put most of their attention on wrapping paper, the trick is actually finding the right ribbons for your packages. With a scissor, you can curl even the most boring ribbons, making them looking amazing when tied right on a package. While it may take some adjusting, it can easily make the most boring package stand out, making people think you spent hours making your gift bag or wrapped box look extra special. When it comes to making your gifts look special for the Christmas season, try going with thinner ribbon in typical Christmas colors, such as silver, gold, red, and green.


Making Gifts Look Special: Boxes
Sometimes the trick to making your gifts look special is simplicity. Rather than going with fancy wrapping paper, consider going with a colored box that is the perfect size for the gift. Most colored boxes can easily be spruced up with ribbon and are cheaper than buying wrapping paper. Even better, you can buy craft supplies to let your kids spruce up the boxes themselves, adding glitter, rhinestones, and fun stickers to the box to add a little bit of extra sparkle to your Christmas gifts. If you want to make your gift look very unique, consider going with a unique box, such as an oriental takeout box in Christmas colors.


Making Gifts Look Special: Bags
Another way of making your gifts look special is using decorative gift bags. Like most colored boxes, they are very easy to decorate and many people love reusing these bags when giving gifts to others. If you are wanting to be more eco-friendly, however, you can always give your gift in a reusable bag, such as a tote. Tote bags can be decorated to look beautiful and customized to fit the personality of those you are giving the gift too. Reusable bags can also be part of the gift, allowing you to give someone special two gifts in one!

Over the past few years, more companies have also been making special bags that can be colored and decorated by kids. While these color your own gift makes may not look elegant, they are perfect at making gifts look special in your own family. Grandparents especially love getting these cute gift bags since they can easily be saved as a unique craft project, or used as part of a Christmas decoration. With the right supplies, it is easy to make just about any look special for the Christmas season!