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Easter Activities for Kids

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Assorted Easter CupcakesLooking for some cute Easter activities for kids? As hard as it may be to believe, Easter is going to be here before we know it. For many families, this is the time when all the kids get together and have a fun day of family games and crafts. Since Easter usually involves lots of children of various ages, it is important that you think ahead and have a plan together to make sure all the kids involved have fun throughout the day, and even the days prior if you want to get your own kids assisting. Below, we included some of our favorite Easter activities that are perfect for kids of all ages!

Easter Activities for Kids: Baking

For many kids, nothing is more fun than making treats in the kitchen with mom and dad, especially if they know they get to enjoy them later with family and friends. One of the most simple baking activities that kids love is being able to decorate their own cupcakes. Instead of just having kids put just icing on cupcakes, find religious themed sprinkles or even sprinkles with a fun Easter theme. As well, decorate the cupcake with fun Easter themed cupcake toppers and skirts to give them a fun and festive look before putting them in cupcake boxes. Older kids may also enjoy making their own Easter themed candy in the shape of crosses, eggs, and Easter bunnies!

Cross NecklaceEaster Activities for Kids: Jewelry

Another classic Easter activity for kids is making jewelry. Since Easter is mostly a religious holiday, many families like to remind children that it is more than just looking for Easter eggs and getting a cute basket from the Easter bunny. Rather than focus on a sermon for young children, it may be more effective to tell them the story of Christ as they make cross jewelry, teaching them the importance of the cross and why many Christians wear it as jewelry. Today, you can even find many individually pre-packaged craft activities where kids can make their own religious charm bracelets or cross necklaces in their favorite style.  Best of all, these crafts are very inexpensive, allowing you to purchase a variety of different jewelry craft sets for all the kids at your family Easter event.

Kid in Carnival Potatoe SackEaster Activities for Kids: Games

Of course, it wouldn't be Easter without an Easter egg hunt, and outdoor Easter games.  Kids love being able to color their own eggs and then find them later. Older kids are even more motivated if they know there are plastic eggs hiding somewhere with little treats or money. What many people don't think about, however, are what games they are going to play after the Easter egg hunt. Many kids enjoy all types of field day games, including potato sack hops and even ring tosses. To make things even more fun for kids, have games that the whole family can play together, allowing everyone to play outdoors together. With the right planning, it's easy to make Easter fun for everyone!

Some Fun Snow Day Activities

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Girl making a snowmanStruggling to find the perfect snow day activities for your kids? With winter here, we are now enjoying more than just cold weather - snow is here again! For parents, though, snow isn't just a hazard but something that can be very stress inducing, since kids are stuck indoors or complaining they are bored since school is cancelled. While we may want to get kids busy with chores, we know it is all too unlikely to happen, especially if they are dreaming of playing outdoors in the snow. Luckily, it is easy to create a fun snow day for kids, even if you are on a tight budget!

Snow Day Activities: Build a Snowman

For many kids, one of the best part of having a snow day is playing outside in the snow. One of the most fun things about winter is actually building a snowman or having a snowball fight with siblings. To create a good snowman though, make sure you have plenty of snow and the right tools to help you sculpt the perfect snowman outside. Some kids even enjoy getting out their summer beach buckets to help them better mold their perfect snowman. Once your snowman is built, decorate with fun clothes and then take a picture so that your kids can enjoy their snowman art years later!

Children playing gamesSnow Day Activities: Board Games

When it's time to stay indoors or its too cold to play outside, it is always fun playing classic board games as a family. Many kids love playing classic family board games and card games, especially if they know they can win delicious treats, prizes, or even just the chance to celebrate beating their siblings at their favorite game. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can also create your own board games using craft materials and poster board. This can also be a fun educational activity - have kids think out their own board games and create all the rules so that your family can later play together.

Circus Picture Frame Craft KitSnow Day Activities: Crafts

Of course, nothing beats being able to enjoy sitting inside and making something fun as the snow falls outside. If you don't have much time to prepare for the storm, you can make cute activities inside like coffee filter snowflakes or even draw fun pictures using markers or crayons. For older kids, if you have the supplies and time to prepare, you can also do more hands-on, time intensive activities like making their own jewelry or even photo frames that they can use to display their favorite winter memories - or summer pictures to remind them that warm weather is around the corner. With the right amount of planning, snow days can be fun for everyone in your family!

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

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Fall leaves craft projectLooking for some activities to keep kids busy this Thanksgiving? While this is obviously a holiday for family, sometimes kids can be impatient, especially as parents are busy cooking in the kitchen or enjoying time catching up on family news with other adults. While this is a lot of fun for adults, children, especially if they are sitting with other adults and not at a children's table, can easily get bored and distracted. Luckily, we know the perfect activities to keep them busy this Thanksgiving. Not only are these activities fun, but are a great way for children to interact with other children at your family get together!

Fall Leaves BraceletThanksgiving Activities for Kids: Craft Activities

Want to keep kids busy and nearby while adults are finishing up preparing (or eating) Thanksgiving dinner? One of the best ways to keep kids happy and having fun is by helping them make cute Thanksgiving theme crafts. This can be as simple as helping them make construction paper turkeys or making Thanksgiving theme bracelets. Fall leaves is also a great Thanksgiving theme for craft project ideas. These crafts can be as complicated as you like.  Just make sure the craft projects you choose are appropriate for the age of children who will be attending your Thanksgiving dinner. Also, don't forget that you can also turn this into a time for kids to make other holiday items, such as making Christmas ornaments or homemade gifts for their parents for Christmas!

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Outdoor Games

Depending on where you live and the weather, outdoor games can also be a great way to keep kids busy and happy while adults enjoy Thanksgiving. While you can order inflatable ball pits or bounce houses, they usually aren't necessary to keep kids happy. To make set up and clean up as easy as possible, however, we do recommend having inflatable games. You can find easy games for kids of all ages such as inflatable obstacle courses and even ring tosses. If you have the room, you can even have a miniature soccer or football game to keep kids busy and active after a large meal!

Inflatable Football Game

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Board Games

Looking for something the entire family can do together or some of the adults can do with children at the party? Don't forget about classic board games! You can find board games that are perfect for the entire family to play, ranging from card games to classic family games like Monopoly. Just make sure you find things that kids can play on their own or with the assistance of older kids if you want this to be fun kids' time! To make things even more fun, consider having unique toy prizes that kids can win for winning the most games!

Easy Halloween Costume for Toddlers

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clown costumeIs this your child's first or second Halloween? For many families, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and have fun. The problem with many of the costumes out there for toddlers, however, is that with how quickly they grow, the costume you bought earlier in the month may no longer fit your child, or it's too cold on Halloween for them to actually wear said costume. Rather than pay for an expensive costume that your child may not even be able to wear, many parents have decided to go with homemade or semi-homemade costumes that are simple and allow their child to still wear fairly normal clothes as they go trick or treating with older siblings. You may even be surprised how easy many of these costumes are to make for toddlers!

Easy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Clown

For many parents, nothing is easier and cuter than having their child look like a rainbow clown for Halloween. Not only are these costumes really cute on a little one, they are very easy for parents to put together without spending a great deal of money. For this costume, all you will need is some face paint and a rainbow clown wig. It is easy to find clown wigs this time of year, and sometimes even big red clown noses. To make your child look like a true carnival clown, use a fine brush and safe face paint to paint decorations like circles, stars and triangles on your child's cheeks. For an even sillier look add a clip on bow tie for fun!

Toddler in a fairy costumeEasy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Fairy

If you would like a Halloween costume that is a bit more girly, don't forget that this is the perfect time of year to help your child look like a cute little princess or fairy. Many parents love going with a fairy theme, since it can be as simple or complex as they like. For those who would like a simpler costume, all you have to do is give your daughter a beautiful set of fairy or butterfly-style wings in her size, and a magic wand. By going this route, your child can wear whatever clothes you like, allowing them to be as warm or cool as they would like, weather permitting. You can also add a tutu, flowered skirt, or other cute accessories to give this outfit the finishing touches to help your daughter look like a real fairy!

Superhero CostumesEasy Halloween Costume for Toddlers: Superhero

Another cute Halloween costume that is perfect for boys and girls alike are superhero costumes. With these movies so popular for the last several years, it is very easy to find superhero sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other clothing made for children and adults of all ages. To add the finishing touches to a superhero costume for toddlers, make sure to get a superhero costume kit, which usually includes a cape and mask. If this doesn't work, you can find masks in the form of sunglasses for toddlers. For children who are uncomfortable wearing anything over their face, you can also use washable paint to paint a little mask around their eyes, allowing your toddler to look like a miniature of their favorite superhero!

Homemade Valentine's Day Treats

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Sometimes, the very best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, made by little hands. While we all may love getting a little Valentine's Day card from our children, there is just something amazing about getting a cute little card or craft project made by them, knowing it was something they put a lot of time and energy into just to make you smile. Rather than getting the pre-made Valentine's cards and treats at your local big box retailer, make your daughter's Valentine's day even more fun by giving fun Valentine's Day treats and crafts as gifts!


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Cards & Crafts

When it comes to Valentine's Day, one of the most popular gifts are cards. While you can purchase pre-made cards and candies at most stores, it is much more fun to have children design their own cards and put their own special messages on their Valentine's cards. As well, you can make these cards as simple or decorative as you like, allowing kids to put their own creativity and imagination to work. Before starting, just make sure you have a variety of card-making supplies available, including markers, glitter, glue, stickers, and even foam cutouts.


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Cupcakes

Another homemade Valentine's Day treat that little girls love is making their own cupcakes. While you can find many complicated recipes on Pinterest, you usually don't have to do anything that complicated to make children happy. All you need is your favorite box cake recipe, icing, and a Valentine's Day themed cupcake set. These sets usually include Valentine's Day themed paper cupcake cups and decorative plastic or wood cupcake picks. Usually, you can find these in a variety of designs ranging from hearts to even animals!  Don't forget too that you can use colored sugar and sprinkles to add that finishing touch to all of your homemade Valentine's Day cupcakes!


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Candy

Of course candy, especially chocolate, is one of those important treats that goes hand and hand with Valentine's Day. Rather than spend big money on candy, consider making your own at home! One of our favorite treats is making homemade chocolate bark. All you have to do is melt your favorite chocolate in the microwave, spread it out carefully with a parchment lined cookie sheet, and let it harden in the refrigerator for an hour. Of course, to brighten it up, you can add colored sugar or sprinkles to the chocolate before it hardens, allowing you to have cute Valentine's Day themed bark to give out as gifts. Just divide it out into cellophane treat bags and you have the perfect Valentine's Day treat that will excite all the kids at school!

Valentine's Day Sleepover

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 For many little girls, nothing is more fun than inviting their favorite friends over for a sleepover, especially during holidays. Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend in 2014, rather than hiring a sitter, consider working together with other moms to create a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover for all the little girls in your life. With the right theme, girls will be busy all night long with a designated adult while the other adults have a romantic night on the town!


Valentine's Day Sleepover: Theme

If you are wanting to have a fun Valentine's Day themed sleepover, it is important that you pick the right theme.  Of course, hearts are one of the most popular, classic themes for Valentine's Day parties, but this is also a time where you can be creative and have some fun! One cute theme that some adults love doing for Valentine's Day parties is animals. Kids will love giving each other animal themed valentines and watching cute romantic comedies with plush animal friends!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Entertainment

For many little girls the best parts of a sleepover are making cute crafts with friends, dressing up, and of course, watching fun movies late into the night. For a Valentine's sleepover, consider renting or streaming romantic comedies that are age appropriate. Girls will love watching cute animals fall in love, or even enjoying a classic romantic movie with their friends - just make sure to watch the movie ahead of time to ensure it really is appropriate for younger girls! Along with movies, consider planning a heart-themed craft or two, or even homemade valentines to give to their parents, when the girls return from their fun slumber party!


Valentine's Day Sleepover:  Treats

When many of us think  back on our favorite sleepovers, they didn't just involve gossip and watching movies, but fun treats as well. One of the things that can be very fun for little girls is making homemade treats before the actual party begins. For example, consider making homemade chocolate bark with sprinkles, or maybe even heart shaped cookies.  To make things even more fun, you can purchase food paint and heart shaped cookie cutters to make your treats even more perfect for Valentine's Day. If you want to make things in advance, you can also buy Valentine's Day themed cupcake kits, which include cute love-themed cupcake picks and paper cups, allowing you to turn your daughter's favorite cupcake recipes into the appropriately perfect party dessert!

Along with edible treats, you can also make adorable Valentine's Day themed goodie bags for all of the girls at your Valentine's Day sleepover. All you need are some cute Valentine's Day themed - whether the classic, simple hearts, or more elaborate  - treat bags and cute Valentine's Day party favors. Some of our favorites are things the girls will use and love even after the party, like notebooks, pencils, and matching erasers! One thing is for certain, all the girls at your party will be excited to go to school and show off all the fun treats and stories about the awesome slumber party they attended for Valentine's Day!

Christmas Crafts

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Looking for the perfect crafts to get kids in the Christmas spirit? With many of us starting our Christmas shopping and preparing for the holidays, it is the perfect time to sit down with kids for some quality family time. One of the best ways to do this is by having a family craft night where you can make a variety of fun craft projects for decorating your house or making gifts. With all the great Christmas crafts available, you can easily spend multiple weekends creating the perfect Christmas crafts for everyone in your family!

Christmas Crafts: Ornaments
For many kids, nothing is more fun than making your own Christmas ornaments and then displaying them on the family Christmas tree. Making your own ornaments isnt only a fun Christmas craft, but gives parents a fun piece of their childrens childhood that they can displayer for many years to come. For younger children, you may want to consider making some magic Color Scratch ornaments, since these are fairly simple crafts that still allow children to get creative. All you need is a scratching tool and you can make a variety of fun ornaments shaped as angels, crosses, and a variety of other fun shapes. For older children, you may want to consider going with unpainted or make your own ornament sets since these are Christmas crafts that are a bit more involved. No matter what type of ornament you decide to make, kids will love displaying them on the tree and showing them off to friends.


Christmas Crafts: Jewelry
Many little girls love making jewelry, especially holiday themed jewelry that they can wear to school or at local Christmas parties. Some of the more popular Christmas jewelry crafts let kids make complicated beaded necklaces and charm bracelets. Our personal favorite are craft projects like snowman charm bracelets since they are perfect for Christmas parties that have children of various religions. They are also perfect for Christmas stockings since they can be worn throughout the winter, allowing kids to enjoy this Christmas craft project even after Christmas! Just make sure you pick jewelry kits that are age appropriate to make sure all the girls at your party have fun!


Christmas Crafts: Gifts
Even though many parents dont think about it, Christmas crafts are the perfect homemade Christmas gifts for parents to give out to friends and family. Most people love getting homemade gifts since they are a bit more personal. If you are making homemade gifts, make sure to pick craft projects that are easy to make but usable, such as decorative reusable bags, jewelry, or even painted jewelry boxes. While these gifts make take a bit more time for mom and dad, kids will love being able to give gifts that they made themselves. Best of all, these homemade gifts can even be packaged in reusable bags or Christmas bags that are designed to be colored by kids. With the right amount of time and preparation, its easy to keep kids busy throughout the holiday season with fun Christmas crafts!

Children's Christmas Party

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Trying to plan the perfect Christmas party for your children? While many of us are used to planning office Christmas parties, very few of us know how to plan an appropriate Christmas party for kids that is not only fun, but captures the essence of a children's favorite holiday. Planning the perfect Christmas party for children is easy, as long as you are willing to be creative and bring out the true meaning of Christmas at your kid themed party!

Christmas Themes When many of us think of a children's Christmas party, we think of Santa Claus. While a Santa Claus themed party is very popular, there are other great themes available for a children's Christmas party. Over the past few years, parents have started being more creative when it comes to Christmas parties. Some of the most popular themes that are used for kids Christmas parities include:

  • Snowmen
  • Angel
  • Penguin
  • Nativity
  • Santa & His Elves

When planning for your Christmas party, make sure you pick a theme out first before you purchase anything. This will make sure you don't overspend for your party.

Christmas Tableware One area where many parents overspend when it comes to planning children's Christmas parties is tableware. We may be tempted to buy extravagant sets like we would for adults, but this really isn't necessary, especially if you are decorating the house with fun Christmas figures and Christmas decorations with your party theme. We recommend buying red or green tableware sets. This will help bring down your costs and allow you to spend more money on cute Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorations When it comes to creating the perfect kids Christmas party, nothing is more fun than buying Christmas decorations. With so many different Christmas decorations available, it is fun to decorate your party with Christmas inflatables and Christmas stuffed animals with your parties theme. One way to give your party a unique feel is using Christmas lights and stockings as part of your decorations, especially if you use personalized stockings as goody bags! If you would like to add a fun twist to your Christmas party, you may also want to add Christmas themed costumes to your party. Kids love dressing up as angels, reindeer, or elves for Christmas parties. Encourage children to dress up by providing simple costumes for all of the children, including halos and angel wings. Not only will this look cute, but will give you cute picture moments with all the kids at your party!

Christmas Foods With all the different Christmas candy available today, it is easy to find candies that fit your party theme. Along with Christmas candies, you may also want to consider going with cool Christmas themed baking sets, including Christmas themed cupcakes and cookies. Making these cool treats is as simple as buying baking trays that are Christmas tree shaped. To add a cool look to all your treats for your children's Christmas party, don't forget cute Christmas themed cupcake skirts and Christmas food picks.

Christmas Gift Crafts

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Trying to find some cool crafts that your kids can give as gifts this Christmas season? While you can buy cheap gifts at most retail stores, these gifts are usually boring and leave many children feeling like they had no real part in purchasing gifts for their friends and family. One way that you can get children more involved in giving Christmas gifts is having them make their own gifts with cool craft projects designed just for kids!

Cool Christmas Crafts During the Christmas season, nothing is more fun than helping children create fun Christmas themed craft projects. While you can make fun Christmas ornaments for your own tree, these ornaments are perfect for kids to give to grandparents or other family members. When looking for craft ornaments to give as gifts, make sure you pick ones that are appropriate for the child's age range. Some children love magic scratch ornaments, while other kids love creating more detailed ornaments, which usually include a bit more fine detail. Some of the most popular of these ornaments include photo frame ornaments with a Christmas theme.

Along with Christmas ornaments, don't forget that there are always a large selection of Christmas themed jewelry available during the holiday season. Many of these craft projects are made to be given as gifts, coming with cute personal messages or Christmas sayings, making them the perfect gifts. Since many of these projects can be time consuming, we recommend that a parent be involved in any make your own craft projects that involves beads or intricate jewelry work.

Wooden Craft Projects Even though many parents don't think about it, some of the most precious Christmas gifts that kids can give family and friends are painted items. While many adults think of painting birdhouses and flower pots as spring crafts, they are the perfect Christmas gifts for family. Older kids especially love giving wooden jewelry boxes and other unique crafts, allowing them to personalize the project to make it the perfect gift. If you are giving a painted item, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to help your child design and paint the project to make sure it is finished in time for Christmas.

Design Your Own Gifts If there is one timeless craft project that nearly any family member loves to get for Christmas, it is special crafts designed just for them. Children love making their own mugs and photo frames for family members. For the Christmas season, it is best to go with Christmas or religious themed items, especially photo frames. Always make sure the craft project is something that your children will love to make, since this will guarantee it is appropriate for a child to give as a gift to a family member or friend.

With all the different craft projects available today for kids, there is no reason to purchase expensive Christmas presents for children to give as gifts. It doesn't matter if your child loves to paint or make jewelry, you can find the perfect projects for any child to give as a gift this holiday season.

Plan an Afternoon Christmas Tea Party

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Everyone has a traditional Christmas party, so why not be different and host an afternoon Christmas tea party for a few of your closest friends. Three or four guests will be an intimate get-together but if you would prefer something larger you can plan on a buffet for the holiday treats.

When and Where to Have the Party

For a tea party that will be light a good time to start is around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. If you live in a cold weather climate find a cozy spot in your house where it will not be difficult to serve. If you have a fireplace, that will be ideal. A crackling fire will bring warmth and holiday cheer to each guest that attends. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always set up your tea party next to your Christmas tree and be sure to have the lights twinkling for added ambiance.

Decorating for Your Afternoon Christmas Tea party

All your tables should be set with red, green or gold tablecloths. We have a lovely assortment of name holders such as our Silver Bell with Dangling Heart Charm that is perfect for the season. You can also decorate the table with our Perfect Heart Scented Rose Soaps as they are red and will fit the theme. As an added bonus, put our Pink Hot Chocolate Mix on the tables so that the ladies can have a hot cup of chocolate at home so that it brings to mind the lovely time they had at your party.

If you have Christmas themed tableware and linens, now would be the time to use them. You can even mix and match items that complement each other and try to use gold and silver so that they sparkle. As a centerpiece you can use fresh greenery such as pine cones and holly that can be made into a beautiful low lying display. Flickering candlelight will also add to the holiday mood so be sure to include one or two tea lights on each table. We have a nice assortment of tea lights from which to choose such as teacups and tea lights miniature porcelain tea light holders or Royal Jeweled Tea Lights.

You may want to give your guests favors for when they leave and we have a great selection of those from which to choose. A long Stem Red Rose Lollipop accompanied by a green Feather tea party hat may tickle the guests fancy as well as a red Feather Fan.

>Serve traditional Christmas cookies and candies and perhaps even offer some mulled cider. It is all up to you how fancy or how casual you want your Christmas tea party to be. As long as you have fun planning and executing the party that is what really matters. One thing is for certain, anyone that attends will be quite impressed with your choice of a holiday get-together and you may inspire your guests to try something like it during the next holiday season.