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July is National Ice Cream Month

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Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Not only is this the time of the year where you can find killer ice cream sales, but an excuse to enjoy ice cream with your children. I mean, how many times can you say you have an excuse to finish an entire quart of ice cream in one sitting? While it may not be worth it calorie wise, the smiles all around make it worth the extra exercise later. So, what could be more fun than enjoying ice cream outside with your kids? Well, an ice cream party, of course!

Really Its National Ice Cream Month?

So what is National Ice Cream Month? it is a fun day where everyone can enjoy one of their favorite treats guilt free. This fun little celebration started on July 14, 1984, when President Ronald Reagan declared the month of July to be devoted to ice cream with a presidential proclamation. Since then it has been celebrated all throughout the US with fun ice cream events and amazing sales from the various ice cream makers. In other words, it gives us an excuse to enjoy this delicious dessert with our friends and family!

Food Ideas At Your Ice Cream Party

Of course, you can't have an ice cream party without ice cream. For a great party, we recommend a variety of different types of ice cream, definitely including ice cream sandwiches. Since all of us like to eat things other than ice cream, at least every once in a while, traditional grilling and BBQ foods are great as well - who doesn't enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers before digging into the ice cream? To cut down on the mess, however, we do recommend getting some ice cream themed tableware for the party.  Putting an ice cream table cloth on a picnic bench with cute cups and plates turns a boring picnic into a fun ice cream party for your entire family!

Games & Prizes

What is a party without games and prizes? Just like any party, you can find fun ice cream themed games, ranging from bean bag tosses to piñatas - no need to make the ice cream eating contest official!  If weather allows, have some of your other favorite games there as well, including board games. To go along with the theme, however, make sure to have ice cream-themed prizes for the kids, like jewelry, toys, or even yummy looking school supplies that kids can use once they go back to school in August or September. Just make sure your prizes are age appropriate, and remember the fun ice cream bags so kids can carry their cool prizes home after the party. Kids will have so much fun at your ice cream party, don't be surprised if they want to have them throughout the month of July!

Office Gift Ideas

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Office partyStruggling to find that perfect office gift for someone at work? For many people, finding a gift for their co-workers can be challenging, especially if you want to find something they enjoy. Even worse, some office environments have rules about what gifts are appropriate and what aren't, making it a bit challenging for those who want to throw a small office party for those on their team. Knowing that finding the right office gifts can be challenging, we decided to make your job easier with this fun guide to office gifts!

Office Gifts: Desk Items

With many people working in cubicles that are a bit on the boring side, many people love finding items for their desk or cubicle walls to make it more personal. This is why desk items are always a popular choice for people who work in an office environment. Some of the cutest office gifts include professional job figures, characters they love, stuffed animals, and even decorative picture frames so that they can display pictures of their kids. By picking the right gifts for your coworker, you can easily let them know that they are not only appreciated, but you want to make sure they have something fun to look at as they do their job each day.Office Gift

Office Gifts: Homemade Treats

Of course, homemade treats are always great office gifts, especially if you make enough for them to share with others in the family. Great homemade gifts include cupcakes, cookies, and even homemade candies! The trick is giving your treats that special touch with decorations. You can find decorated cupcake boxes specially made for displaying your treats and keeping them in place so they don't get damaged during transport. If you making food that isn't delicate, you always purchase decorative bags and add that finishing touch to your treats with ribbons and other food decorations. Once everyone in your office sees these adorable treats, your co-workers desk will be the most popular in the company!

Office Gifts: Gift Cards

Sometimes, it's hard finding that gift for someone who has everything and is on a special diet. For cases like this, it is better to get a gift card to a local store or somewhere where you know your co-workers enjoys to shop. While some people view gift cards as impersonal, there are ways to make your gift card more personal. For example, make a little goody bag to go with the gift card, including special pens in a gift bag, along with confetti, tissue paper, and other fun fillers for the bag. You can even tie the gift card to an inexpensive party favor, such as a business themed rubber duck or other appropriate favor. This gives them something unique to associate with your gift card, making it personal and fun! 

Homemade Candy

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Candy MakingHave you been trying to think of ways to add more homemade items to your goody bags? With many people trying to cut costs, they are deciding to try making their own treats rather than purchasing premade candies. This allows them to give more tasty treats, and focus on fun, themed novelty toys for each bag, allowing kids to go home with lots of goodies they can enjoy at home. Since every parent knows that candy is an important part of any kid's event, they decide rather than forgoing candy to make their own.  While making candy at home may sound challenging, it is actually quite easy, especially with all the different candy molds and recipes that can be found for free online!

Dinosaur LollipopsHomemade Candy vs Buying Candy

Let's face it, there are lots of adorable themed candies on the market. You can find anything from adorable animal shaped gummies to dinosaur shaped suckers. The problem with many of the candies, however, is that they can be pricy, especially if you are having lots of children at your event. This usually means that parents have to decide what to cut from their goody bags, which usually includes candy. While this may sound sad to begin with, it is actually not as bad as it seems. Along with many of the homemade recipes being easy to make, parents can pour the candy as its cooling into molds shaping it into different animals or shapes to suit the party theme. Best of all, by making their own candies, parents can ensure even children with allergies are able to enjoy all the treats in their goodie bags!

Candy Themed Favor BoxesHomemade Candy: Recipes

With so many different candies out there, parents can make just about anything for kids. Knowing that some parents need some extra help though when it comes to making candy for the first time, we included some of our favorite candy recipes that can be found online for free. Best of all, these homemade candy recipes are very easy to make!

Homemade Candy: Wrappers, Boxes, & Containers

One of the other fun things about making your own candy is being able to decorate and wrap the candy any way you like. Some family's use fancy themed wrappers for candies, while others use themed boxes that are designed especially for candy or cupcakes. Best of all, most party sites have a large selection of different types of candy containers, allowing adults to be creative when it comes to displaying or handing out the candy items. With the right containers, kids will be even more excited to try the fun, homemade candy at your next party!

With Winter Being Here

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With winter being here, many of us are bundling up and trying to keep ourselves warm as we deal with the frigid temperatures outside. For kids, being stuck indoors and unable to play outside is even worse, leaving parents frustrated. While it may be okay to put them in front of the TV or video game systems for a time, it is important to get kids interacting with others and having fun doing other, more creative projects. Rather than go with the same boring things this winter, consider taking a day and having a fun winter kids party with all of your children's friends!


Winter Kids Party: Crafts

Since it's too cold to play outside, consider having some fun, winter-themed crafts available for children at your party.  This is the best time of year for doing fun projects that may be a bit time consuming but allow children to learn something new and fun. One craft that many children, especially little girls,  love doing during the winter is learning how to make jewelry. You can find jewelry kits with a winter theme that are very simple, and some that are more complex, including beautiful beads with winter themed charms and colored beads. Sometimes they can be a bit difficult to find, so don't forget to check Christmas sections at party stores. After Christmas, you can often find snowflake and snowman kits discounted, allowing you to make adorable craft projects without the high prices!


Winter Kids Party: Treats

Another activity that is quite a bit of fun for children is making fun treats in the kitchen with mom or dad. It becomes even more fun when you have lots of little girls working together to make cupcakes, cookies, and other fun treats! To avoid a disaster, however, make sure you have everything together before little ones start working in the kitchen. If you are having lots of children, you may want to consider purchasing cookie or cupcake kits with a winter theme. These kits come with everything you need for decorating that dessert. Cookies are always a favorite since parents can make the dough ahead of time, allowing kids to make their own cookies with winter themed cookie cutters and then decorate them with sprinkles, colored sugar, and food grade paints.

If you want to be a little more creative, you may also want to consider making your own winter themed cupcakes. You can purchase snowflake or snowman themed cupcake cups, cupcake skirts, and even cupcake picks! Girls will have fun decorating their favorite cupcakes, giving them a fun winter theme! Best of all, they can share their creations when they are finished, allowing everyone to later relax and enjoy the yummy treats!

Snow Day Activities

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Are you struggling to keep kids busy as they are stuck home from school? Let's face it, while many kids may be excited to not have school, they can also get stir crazy when it's too cold to play outside or there just doesn't seem to be much to do other than play video games. Rather than have them bored throughout the snow day, make the most of it and turn into some fun mother and daughter bonding time! You may be surprised just how much fun you will have during a chilly snow day!


Snow Day Activities: Baking

When it's cold outside, many of us love to bake since it is a great way to warm up the house.  While kids (and husbands) love eating delicious homemade treats, just think how much fun it would be for everyone to work together in the kitchen. Kids love putting on their own special aprons and making treats with adults. Best of all, you can purchase kits to make your job even easier, allowing you to have everything you need for making themed cupcakes, decorating cookies, or even making your own candy! If you want to save money, don't forget you can also buy decorative cupcake skirts and picks, allowing you to make treats look truly adorable before they find their ways into kids' tummies!
Snow Day Activities: Tea Party

We sometimes forget about it with our busy schedules, but kids love using their imagination and creating their own unique parties with stuffed friends. Rather than do something complicated, consider having a fun tea party with your daughter. This can be done by inviting a few friends over (assuming they are nearby, or the roads are safe, of course!), or just something special with you, your daughter, and her plush tea party guests. Just get out a cute tea set, make some tea, and set the table with homemade treats or snacks that your daughter helped make. Of course, this is also the time to get out the dress up clothes, allowing your daughter to feel like a real princess as she hosts her special tea party during her school snow day!


Snow Day Activities: Games

If you have a few kids over, don't forget that this is also the perfect time to bring out the boards games and spend some quality time with one another. For a few younger children together, bingo can be a lot of fun, or any number of other children's themed board games.  If you have older kids involved, just make sure they don't get too competitive and discourage little ones. As well, you can encourage fair play by rewarding prizes not only to the winner, but kids who had good sportsmanship while playing! With the right amount of planning, it is easy to make a snow day fun for the entire family!

Homemade Valentine's Day Treats

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Sometimes, the very best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, made by little hands. While we all may love getting a little Valentine's Day card from our children, there is just something amazing about getting a cute little card or craft project made by them, knowing it was something they put a lot of time and energy into just to make you smile. Rather than getting the pre-made Valentine's cards and treats at your local big box retailer, make your daughter's Valentine's day even more fun by giving fun Valentine's Day treats and crafts as gifts!


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Cards & Crafts

When it comes to Valentine's Day, one of the most popular gifts are cards. While you can purchase pre-made cards and candies at most stores, it is much more fun to have children design their own cards and put their own special messages on their Valentine's cards. As well, you can make these cards as simple or decorative as you like, allowing kids to put their own creativity and imagination to work. Before starting, just make sure you have a variety of card-making supplies available, including markers, glitter, glue, stickers, and even foam cutouts.


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Cupcakes

Another homemade Valentine's Day treat that little girls love is making their own cupcakes. While you can find many complicated recipes on Pinterest, you usually don't have to do anything that complicated to make children happy. All you need is your favorite box cake recipe, icing, and a Valentine's Day themed cupcake set. These sets usually include Valentine's Day themed paper cupcake cups and decorative plastic or wood cupcake picks. Usually, you can find these in a variety of designs ranging from hearts to even animals!  Don't forget too that you can use colored sugar and sprinkles to add that finishing touch to all of your homemade Valentine's Day cupcakes!


Homemade Valentine's Day Treats: Candy

Of course candy, especially chocolate, is one of those important treats that goes hand and hand with Valentine's Day. Rather than spend big money on candy, consider making your own at home! One of our favorite treats is making homemade chocolate bark. All you have to do is melt your favorite chocolate in the microwave, spread it out carefully with a parchment lined cookie sheet, and let it harden in the refrigerator for an hour. Of course, to brighten it up, you can add colored sugar or sprinkles to the chocolate before it hardens, allowing you to have cute Valentine's Day themed bark to give out as gifts. Just divide it out into cellophane treat bags and you have the perfect Valentine's Day treat that will excite all the kids at school!

Cake Decorating With Candy

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Looking for ways to make your cake or cupcakes look even more amazing? One of our favorite ways to make our sweets look even more amazing is with candy. Not only is most candy vividly colorful, but (hopefully!) edible, making it a better option for events where small children are present, who may confuse plastic decorations for food. The trick sometimes is finding the right candy for your theme, and matching it with the flavors of your favorite sweets. With the right amount of creativity and fun candy, however, you can easily make any dessert look even sweeter with party candy!


Cupcake with Lollipop DecorationsDecorating with Candy: Preparing for Decorating

When many people start getting the idea to decorate cakes or cupcakes with candy, their inspiration usually comes from Pinterest or something cute they saw on the Food Network. While many of us start decorating with good intentions, it is a good idea to have a detailed plan before you start decorating, especially if you are planning on your dessert being a centerpiece at your party. If you are artistically inclined, try drawing out your vision for the cupcakes. For everyone else, try considering what all you want on the cupcakes first and prepare to experiment with different options days before the event. We usually recommend starting with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, and a basic icing since you don't want to overwhelm the cupcake - you must remember the candy will be adding flavors as well.


Decorating with Candy: Cupcakes

Once you have your plan together, it's time to start looking for the fun part - the candy. One of the mistakes many people make when they first start decorating with candy is getting candy that is too small or too big for their project. If you are planning on making smaller cupcakes, go with bite-sized candies, such as SweetTarts or gummy candies. If you decide to use a large piece of candy, go with something that can easily be a centerpiece and you can plan around, such as ring pops, or suckers. To help make these larger candies stand out on a larger cupcake, emphasize with the colors in the candy with colored sprinkles or color sugar.


Cake DecorationsDecorating with Candy: Cakes

For cakes, the sky is truly the limit since you aren't working on a small surface. The trick, however, is using the right candies without overwhelming the cake itself. Usually these decorated cakes have candy that decorate the outer edge of the cake or used to create a design. While this can be very time consuming, it can also give your cake a unique look, emphasizing a decal or lettering in the center of the cake. As well, don't be afraid to break up harder candies and spread this candy along the side of the cake giving a fun, colorful look to your dessert. While decorating with candy can sometimes be tricky, it can also help you create a fun, memorable dessert that your guests are sure to talk about long after the party

Candy Centerpieces

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Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect centerpieces for your party? When it comes to themed parties, it's sometimes hard finding that centerpiece that not only stands out, but is actually useful. One way that people are saving money on centerpieces and adding more color to their party tables is with candy centerpieces. By using candy centerpieces, you can inexpensively make your own centerpieces without a lot of time or effort, and are likely to 'wow' your guests with these fun, edible centerpieces. The trick is just finding the right combination of candies and containers to make sure that your centerpiece truly stands out!


Candy Centerpieces: Lollipops

While many people don't really consider it, lollipops are a great way to color to any table without a great deal of effort.  Many decorators love using old fashioned, large swirl lollipops as part of table centerpieces since they are both eye catching, and come in just about every color. This is important since it means that these lollipops can go with just about any color scheme, allowing you to make your party table fun, or even elegant with the right sucker combinations. Usually, these lollipops are placed in vase like containers, with some form of accent candy in the container to keep them in place.


Candy Centerpieces: Accent Candy

Rather than spend money on expensive marbles or beads for centerpieces, many designers are instead going with colored candies. Unlike beads, these candies can be eaten during the event if guests desire, allowing them to have a sweet treat after a meal, or even a nice piece of chocolate in a fun colored wrapper. The main purpose of these accent colors is to put more emphasis on the lollipops and help keep the actual lollipops in place. To help add extra attention to the candies, some decorators and crafters also tie ribbons around the tops of the containers, allowing the colors to stand out and also add an extra touch of elegance to each of the centerpieces.


Candy Centerpieces: Ideas

One of the best parts of making candy centerpieces is that you can really do just about anything and fit them with just about any event. While lollipops are quite possibly the most popular choice, the design of the centerpiece itself mostly depends on your own creativity. On Pinterest, you can find centerpieces that include flowers and a variety of candies depending on the actual theme of your party. You can even design them to fit perfectly as holiday decorations by using Christmas candies, or even Halloween candies to give a fun, seasonal and festive look to your event. Just make certain you plan ahead to make sure you have the right variety of candies. As well, before buying the candies at your nearest local store, do some price and comparison shopping! Often, you can buy the candies online, and most party retailers have more candies available to fit many different color schemes.

Decorated Sugar Cubes

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Are you having problems finding that right finishing touch for your party? While there are hundreds of different party favors and party decorations available today, it is sometimes difficult finding the right decoration that is not only useful, but elegant. Sometime the most elegant and fun party favors are ones that have been around for centuries - sugar cubes! For centuries, sugar cubes have been a central part of any party, ranging from traditional tea parties to relaxing coffee themed going away parties.

While sugar cubes have always been popular, nothing compared to the cute, decorated sugar cubes that are being used for parties today. These royal icing decorative sugar cubes are perfect for coffee or tea, giving an elegant look to any table setting. With all the different themed decorated sugar cubes today, you can make any table look amazing with these cute sugar cubes.

Baby Showers

Nothing is more exciting that throwing a baby shower for your best friend. With so many different baby shower decorations available, it is easy to throw an elegant baby shower. With tea and coffee usually being a central part of baby showers, cute baby shower themed sugar cubes are a great addition to any table set up. With cute baby boy sugar cubes and baby girl sugar cubes available, it is easy to set up these cubes on decorative trays for each guests. These cubes especially look cute with bear themed baby decorations, making them perfect for any table setting.


When every bride plans their wedding reception, elegance and beauty is something that is necessary to make sure each wedding table looks perfect. Decorated flower sugar cubes are perfect for any wedding table. If you have roses at each table, make sure to have rose bud decorated sugar cubes at each place setting, stacked neatly on wedding favor trays. With fine china, this can give a look of elegance and charm that not only looks great, but is fairly inexpensive compared to most wedding party favors.


If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, or planning an elegant Christmas party, you will find that decorative sugar cubes are perfect as part of your table setting. It is very common for Christmas coffees and teas to be served at these dinners, especially with dessert. When dessert is served, place these Christmas or Thanksgiving themed sugar cubes on decorative favor tray. These cute sugar cubes are an excellent conversation piece, and go perfect with other holiday tableware. For children, make sure to also have cute snowman themed sugar cubes, which are part of many winter decorative sugar cube sets.

Traditional Tea Party

Of course, nothing is cuter than throwing a tea party with your daughter, especially if other little girls are involved. With so many different tea party sets available today, you can have an elegant tea party of just about any theme, ranging from a traditional tea party to a cute princess themed tea party. We personally love to match tea party sugar cubes with any girly tableware set. Girls of all ages are guaranteed to love a tea party with these cute party favors.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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Are you looking for some fun ways to decorate cupcakes? With Spring and Easter right around the corner, many of us are looking for some fun and interesting ways to decorate cupcakes. In the past, many of us were happy to have boring looking cupcakes slathered with our favorite icing, but after hours on Pinterest, sometimes we can't help but want something a bit more fancy! It doesn't matter if you are planning cupcakes for a special party or as a fun weekend project with the kids, decorating them can be fun and easy with the right supplies!

Decorating Cupcakes: Unique Designs

If you are a busy parent, you probably bake and make all of your fun craft activities on weekends. One thing that has been getting a lot of attention lately is cupcakes. If you look on Pinterest or at any baking magazine, you have probably noticed all the beautiful cupcakes that look more like edible artwork than your average cupcake. What many people don't realize is that these cupcakes are easy to make in your own home, especially if you have the right tools and supplies. The trick is knowing what you want to do first! No matter what type of cupcake design you try to go with, there are a few supplies you will need for decorating fun cupcakes:

  • Cupcake Icing Kit with Tips
  • Cupcake Recipe
  • Cupcake Icing
  • Cupcake Decorations
  • Cupcake Picks (some designs)

Decorating Cupcakes: Icing

While all of us love cupcakes, the most important part of decorating any cupcake is the icing. It is important that you work with an icing that isn't runny, but soft enough that it can easily be manipulated by your icing bag and tips. The trick to making your icing look amazing is choosing the right tips, and a healthy dose of patience. This is usually a slow process and can be messy, especially if you are using icing that has been dyed. While you can use purchased icing for decorating, we recommend actually making your own. Homemade icing is easier to work with and can be modified if it's too thick or too thin for the design you're wanting. Just remember that food coloring and your decorating kit are your best friends!

Decorating Cupcakes: Cupcake Picks & Decorations

Once you have your cupcakes iced, you can focus on decorating the cupcakes with some beautiful decorations. Today, you can find a variety of fun plastic or gummy decorating that are perfect for just about any themed party. Children especially love to decorate cupcakes with sprinkles and cupcake picks, especially if they want these cupcakes to match a certain theme, such as animals, circus, or even flowers! If you have younger children, you may want to consider going with edible cake decorations. Most edible decorations are shaped sugars that are then painted with food safe dyes. Some of our favorite include lady bugs, flowers, and even balloons! With all the different cupcake decorations available today, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to finding fun ways to decorate cupcakes!