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Children's Party Game Ideas

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Some Fun Snow Day Activities

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Girl making a snowmanStruggling to find the perfect snow day activities for your kids? With winter here, we are now enjoying more than just cold weather - snow is here again! For parents, though, snow isn't just a hazard but something that can be very stress inducing, since kids are stuck indoors or complaining they are bored since school is cancelled. While we may want to get kids busy with chores, we know it is all too unlikely to happen, especially if they are dreaming of playing outdoors in the snow. Luckily, it is easy to create a fun snow day for kids, even if you are on a tight budget!

Snow Day Activities: Build a Snowman

For many kids, one of the best part of having a snow day is playing outside in the snow. One of the most fun things about winter is actually building a snowman or having a snowball fight with siblings. To create a good snowman though, make sure you have plenty of snow and the right tools to help you sculpt the perfect snowman outside. Some kids even enjoy getting out their summer beach buckets to help them better mold their perfect snowman. Once your snowman is built, decorate with fun clothes and then take a picture so that your kids can enjoy their snowman art years later!

Children playing gamesSnow Day Activities: Board Games

When it's time to stay indoors or its too cold to play outside, it is always fun playing classic board games as a family. Many kids love playing classic family board games and card games, especially if they know they can win delicious treats, prizes, or even just the chance to celebrate beating their siblings at their favorite game. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can also create your own board games using craft materials and poster board. This can also be a fun educational activity - have kids think out their own board games and create all the rules so that your family can later play together.

Circus Picture Frame Craft KitSnow Day Activities: Crafts

Of course, nothing beats being able to enjoy sitting inside and making something fun as the snow falls outside. If you don't have much time to prepare for the storm, you can make cute activities inside like coffee filter snowflakes or even draw fun pictures using markers or crayons. For older kids, if you have the supplies and time to prepare, you can also do more hands-on, time intensive activities like making their own jewelry or even photo frames that they can use to display their favorite winter memories - or summer pictures to remind them that warm weather is around the corner. With the right amount of planning, snow days can be fun for everyone in your family!

Snow Day Activities

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Are you struggling to keep kids busy as they are stuck home from school? Let's face it, while many kids may be excited to not have school, they can also get stir crazy when it's too cold to play outside or there just doesn't seem to be much to do other than play video games. Rather than have them bored throughout the snow day, make the most of it and turn into some fun mother and daughter bonding time! You may be surprised just how much fun you will have during a chilly snow day!


Snow Day Activities: Baking

When it's cold outside, many of us love to bake since it is a great way to warm up the house.  While kids (and husbands) love eating delicious homemade treats, just think how much fun it would be for everyone to work together in the kitchen. Kids love putting on their own special aprons and making treats with adults. Best of all, you can purchase kits to make your job even easier, allowing you to have everything you need for making themed cupcakes, decorating cookies, or even making your own candy! If you want to save money, don't forget you can also buy decorative cupcake skirts and picks, allowing you to make treats look truly adorable before they find their ways into kids' tummies!
Snow Day Activities: Tea Party

We sometimes forget about it with our busy schedules, but kids love using their imagination and creating their own unique parties with stuffed friends. Rather than do something complicated, consider having a fun tea party with your daughter. This can be done by inviting a few friends over (assuming they are nearby, or the roads are safe, of course!), or just something special with you, your daughter, and her plush tea party guests. Just get out a cute tea set, make some tea, and set the table with homemade treats or snacks that your daughter helped make. Of course, this is also the time to get out the dress up clothes, allowing your daughter to feel like a real princess as she hosts her special tea party during her school snow day!


Snow Day Activities: Games

If you have a few kids over, don't forget that this is also the perfect time to bring out the boards games and spend some quality time with one another. For a few younger children together, bingo can be a lot of fun, or any number of other children's themed board games.  If you have older kids involved, just make sure they don't get too competitive and discourage little ones. As well, you can encourage fair play by rewarding prizes not only to the winner, but kids who had good sportsmanship while playing! With the right amount of planning, it is easy to make a snow day fun for the entire family!

Party Games For Kids

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Are you trying to find some unique party games for a kids party or event? While traditional party games are fun, some of them do get boring after some time. Kids get bored with constantly playing pin the tail on the donkey or playing the same musical chairs they have been playing in school. To help liven up your kids' party, consider adding some cool kids' games that children of all ages are sure to love! You may even find that some of these games can easily fit just about any themed party!

Inflatable Games When many of us think of inflatable toys, we think of beach balls and many different pool toys. Many of the inflatable toys that are available today are much advanced, including some of the inflatable games for children. In a matter of minutes, you can have an inflatable obstacle course available for children, ranging in anything from inflatable sports equipment to an inflatable fun roller that is the perfect size for kids. Not only are inflatable games fun for children, but are reusable and easy to store, allowing you to take out the game for another party or kids event.

Carnival Games Over the past few years, carnival games have been becoming increasingly popular with children. Kids love playing their favorite carnival games at home, including bean bag toss games and ring toss games. These games are not only easy to set up, but can keep children busy for hours. Many of these carnival style games are also designed to be reusable, allowing parents to bring out these same games again and again at parties. Since many carnivals are getting more creative, you may also want to consider adding unique games like fun themed bowling games and carnival games designed special for your themed party.

Pinatas If there is one kids' game that has never gone out of fashion, it is pinatas. While you may have been stuck with the traditional donkey or horse in the past, you can now get just about any type of pinata imaginable, including princess themed pinatas and pirate ship pinatas. To make things more interesting, fill the pinata with fun candies and themed party favors that children will love to grab up when the pinata is finally busted.

Old Games With a New Twist One thing that companies love to do with kids games is recycle classic games and give them a new, themed twist. While many of us played pin the tail on the donkey as kids, you can now buy this game in just about any theme, including themes like Pin the Glasses on Barbie and Pin the Patch on the Pirate. Kids also love other classic remakes of games. One of the most popular being remakes of hot potato and musical chairs. With so many different games available for children, it is easy to keep them happy at any themed birthday party!

Games and Activities the Kid's will Enjoy at Their Next Party

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Tired of the same old party games? Do you think your kids are too? We have some ideas that might make a dull party a little livelier. With a little creativity and imagination, your child'™s next party will be one that will truly be enjoyed.

Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe This is an easy game to prepare and the kid's will have a blast playing it. Simply get a large piece of poster board and draw a tic tac toe board on it. You can make bean bags out of old fabric scraps even if you don'™t sew. If you don't have any fabric lying around go to the discount store and buy some. Cut the fabric into pieces and fill with dried beans and staple them together. Designate X's & O'™s and let the kids toss them onto the board to see if they can get tic tac toe.

How Many Are There? When the children arrive have their names written on pieces of paper with a space for them to write a number. Have a jar filled with whatever you decide such as jelly beans, dog biscuits or marbles and have each child write their guess on their paper. At the end of the party whoever has come the closest wins a prize. They will be wiggling in anticipation until a winner is called.

Who Am I? As the children arrive to the party, tape a piece of paper with the name of an animal or object to their backs. Explain they must try to guess what they are by asking yes or no questions. If the theme of the party is "œOn the Farm" use farm animals or farm equipment, if it is a princess party you can use things like a jester, moat, castle or a member of royalty. The kid'™s will love trying to figure out what they are.

Water Balloon Fun Be sure to have plenty of water balloons and towels on hand. Set up a volley ball or badminton net. Divide the children into teams. Pair up the kids giving them one beach towel between them. The object of the game is to toss the water balloons over the net using only the beach towels while the pairs on the other team try to catch them in their towels. This is a great game that will have the kids soaked and silly. It is sure to become a summertime favorite.


You don'™t have to stick to games such as pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs. There are plenty of fun alternatives that kids will enjoy. Plan a treasure or scavenger hunt. Play the old tried and true game of "œFreeze". Set up a table and let them make some crafts. Let the kids have a blast while you enjoy watching them have fun.

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