Birthday Party Ideas

Decorating With Candy

Looking for ways to make your cake or cupcakes look even more amazing? One of our favorite ways to make our sweets look even more amazing is with candy. Not only is most candy vividly colorful, but (hopefully!) edible, making it a better option for events where small children are present, who may confuse plastic decorations for food. The trick sometimes is finding the right candy for your theme, and matching it with the flavors of your favorite sweets. With the right amount of creativity and fun candy, however, you can easily make any dessert look even sweeter with party candy!


Decorating with Candy: Preparing for Decorating

When many people start getting the idea to decorate cakes or cupcakes with candy, their inspiration usually comes from Pinterest or something cute they saw on the Food Network. While many of us start decorating with good intentions, it is a good idea to have a detailed plan before you start decorating, especially if you are planning on your dessert being a centerpiece at your party. If you are artistically inclined, try drawing out your vision for the cupcakes. For everyone else, try considering what all you want on the cupcakes first and prepare to experiment with different options days before the event. We usually recommend starting with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, and a basic icing since you don't want to overwhelm the cupcake - you must remember the candy will be adding flavors as well.


Decorating with Candy: Cupcakes

Once you have your plan together, it's time to start looking for the fun part - the candy. One of the mistakes many people make when they first start decorating with candy is getting candy that is too small or too big for their project. If you are planning on making smaller cupcakes, go with bite-sized candies, such as SweetTarts or gummy candies. If you decide to use a large piece of candy, go with something that can easily be a centerpiece and you can plan around, such as ring pops, or suckers. To help make these larger candies stand out on a larger cupcake, emphasize with the colors in the candy with colored sprinkles or color sugar.


Decorating with Candy: Cakes

For cakes, the sky is truly the limit since you aren't working on a small surface. The trick, however, is using the right candies without overwhelming the cake itself. Usually these decorated cakes have candy that decorate the outer edge of the cake or used to create a design. While this can be very time consuming, it can also give your cake a unique look, emphasizing a decal or lettering in the center of the cake. As well, don't be afraid to break up harder candies and spread this candy along the side of the cake giving a fun, colorful look to your dessert. While decorating with candy can sometimes be tricky, it can also help you create a fun, memorable dessert that your guests are sure to talk about long after the party

Create A Themed Sleepover

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Is your daughter planning on having a fun sleepover? For girls, nothing is more fun than spending the night with friends, especially if they get private time to gossip or put on makeup with their friend's mom. The hardest part for most moms, however, is picking a theme and finding the right party supplies for their daughters. While you can always go with a traditional sleepover theme, this doesn't encourage girls to want to spend the night at your house more, making it important that you pick a fun, original theme for your daughter's sleepover. Luckily, there are fun themes (and themed party supplies) that can be used for just about any girly sleepover!


Themed Sleepover: What to Consider

When preparing for a themed sleepover, the first thing you should consider is what your daughter and her friends like. Do they love animals? How about watching princess movies with friends? From their likes, put together a list of possible themes. While some themes may not work well for a sleepover, others can be easily converted. For example, if your daughter loves zoo animals, you can have a zoo themed sleepover, with all the girls having adorable jungle 'friends' that they can watch movies with or even tell their ghost stories once the lights go out!


Themes Sleepover: Popular Themes

There are obviously certain themes that do better for girly sleepovers, especially if you are hosting younger girls. When picking a theme, especially a popular one, make sure to keep the ages of the girls invited in mind as well. For example, a unicorn themed slumber party may go over better with younger girls than it would most tweens. Some of our favorite slumber party themes include:

  • Diva
  • Ducky
  • Hollywood
  • Jungle
  • Princess
  • Unicorn
  • Horse


Themed Sleepover: Party Supplies

Even though many parents don't think about it, we also recommend getting themed party supplies, especially tableware. Rather than spending your time worrying about dirty dishes and cups, enjoy the convenience of being able to toss paper plates and cups after dinner or a fun snack before bedtime. Kids especially love these themed plates, cups, and napkins since they know they are special, just for them and the big event! As well, kids love seeing matching items, especially if they match balloons and other decorations that are part of your sleepover.

Of course, you will also need to organized some adorable sleepover themed goody bags for your little guests. This can range from cute themed toys to candies that girls can eat throughout the night. Girls will especially love seeing what cute jewelry each girl got and trading back and forth to see who wants to wear what throughout the night. With a bit of planning, it is easy to create a themed sleepover that girls of all ages will enjoy

Candy Centerpieces

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Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect centerpieces for your party? When it comes to themed parties, it's sometimes hard finding that centerpiece that not only stands out, but is actually useful. One way that people are saving money on centerpieces and adding more color to their party tables is with candy centerpieces. By using candy centerpieces, you can inexpensively make your own centerpieces without a lot of time or effort, and are likely to 'wow' your guests with these fun, edible centerpieces. The trick is just finding the right combination of candies and containers to make sure that your centerpiece truly stands out!


Candy Centerpieces: Lollipops

While many people don't really consider it, lollipops are a great way to color to any table without a great deal of effort.  Many decorators love using old fashioned, large swirl lollipops as part of table centerpieces since they are both eye catching, and come in just about every color. This is important since it means that these lollipops can go with just about any color scheme, allowing you to make your party table fun, or even elegant with the right sucker combinations. Usually, these lollipops are placed in vase like containers, with some form of accent candy in the container to keep them in place.


Candy Centerpieces: Accent Candy

Rather than spend money on expensive marbles or beads for centerpieces, many designers are instead going with colored candies. Unlike beads, these candies can be eaten during the event if guests desire, allowing them to have a sweet treat after a meal, or even a nice piece of chocolate in a fun colored wrapper. The main purpose of these accent colors is to put more emphasis on the lollipops and help keep the actual lollipops in place. To help add extra attention to the candies, some decorators and crafters also tie ribbons around the tops of the containers, allowing the colors to stand out and also add an extra touch of elegance to each of the centerpieces.


Candy Centerpieces: Ideas

One of the best parts of making candy centerpieces is that you can really do just about anything and fit them with just about any event. While lollipops are quite possibly the most popular choice, the design of the centerpiece itself mostly depends on your own creativity. On Pinterest, you can find centerpieces that include flowers and a variety of candies depending on the actual theme of your party. You can even design them to fit perfectly as holiday decorations by using Christmas candies, or even Halloween candies to give a fun, seasonal and festive look to your event. Just make certain you plan ahead to make sure you have the right variety of candies. As well, before buying the candies at your nearest local store, do some price and comparison shopping! Often, you can buy the candies online, and most party retailers have more candies available to fit many different color schemes.

How to Throw a Fantastic Kids Birthday Party

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Children take their birthdays very seriously, and are very disappointed if their birthday parties are not wonderful. Throwing a spectacular kids birthday party can sometimes seem like a task that requires an event planner. But with the proper party supplies, a little hard work and a lot of creativity, you can throw a birthday party that the kids will love!


Before you let your inner party planner take over, make sure that you consult with the birthday boy or girl, unless of course the party is going to be a surprise. Kids have their own ideas of what makes a party fun, and if the kids don'™t have a good time the party is a bust. Discuss possible ideas for a theme, party games, food, candy and favors with them to ensure everything is to their liking. If you are planning a surprise party you can ask siblings or friends for ideas and opinions. Be careful no one spills the beans though.

Theme Party Ideas A successful kids birthday party starts off with a great theme. There are many great party themes you can choose from, everything from your child'™s favorite toy to their favorite movie genre. The possibilities are endless and a good theme can really help pull your entire party together.


Some possible party theme ideas:

  • Western (complete with cowboy hats)
  • Princess Party (tiaras & wands for all the girls)
  • Their Favorite Cartoon characters
  • Circus (clowns and plenty of games)
  • Toys (Bratz, Barbie, Hot Wheels, etc)
  • Jungle or Explorer
  • Tea Party
  • Pop Star(diva or rock star)

Once you have chosen your perfect theme, planning out a kids birthday party becomes much easier. Do your best to make sure that everything from the decorations to the food tie into the theme. For instance, if you are throwing a Western theme party get cowboy theme lollipops, and serve up barbecued burgers, chili, and hot dogs. As party favors you can give each little guests their own cowboy or cowgirl hat to wear. Make sure the birthday boy or girl'™s hat is slightly more spectacular than the other children's.


Fun Games and Activities Games are a very important part of any child's birthday party. Games should be fun and should get everyone involved. Offering some small prizes to the winner of each game is also a great idea for the kids. Have a fun variety of games, some that require the kids to get active and some that requires them to use their heads or hands like crafts.


Some fun kid's games include:

  • Musical chairs
  • Pin the tail on the donkey (this can be tied into your party theme, for example if your theme is Princess you could have pin the tiara on the Princess)
  • Relay races (you can have lots of fun with this and get the kids to do everything from run a course with an apple stuck between their legs to three legged races)
  • Craft Kits(you can easily find craft kits that can tie into your theme many come with enough to make 12 items all in one craft kit)
  • Pinata (filled with candy of course)

Favors are one of the best parts for children at a birthday party. They love getting little gifts of their own to take home with them and play with. You don'™t need to get carried away when it comes to party favors. Try and get some favors to go along with your theme if possible. If you are having a tea party theme give the girls tea party hats as they arrive and a bag full of fun costume jewelry and make-up. Oversized rings, nail polish, and lip gloss are all fun and inexpensive ideas. More general favor ideas include pencil and eraser sets, notepads, and lollipops.

Party Food and Treats Party food is an important part of any great kids birthday party. Depending on how long the party is, you'™ll probably want to offer a lunch or dinner as well as snack and treats throughout the day. Most kids don't have pretty simple tastes so you don'™t need to go overboard with a gourmet meal. Simple is usually better when it comes to kids.


Keep your snacks standard. Candy, chips, and pop will be fine, there is no need to add any fancy appetizers to the mix since they will probably not be eaten. However, adding a veggie and fruit plate is always a good idea since even kids can get sick of the sweet stuff. Be sure to have plenty of beverages on hand, and to save your sanity try and avoid caffeinated pops. Juice boxes work great and don't spill.


As for food, stick with simple dishes such as pizza, burgers, and hotdogs. These items are easy to prepare (or order) and no doubt be a hit with the kids. Before planning your menu check to see if any of the children have food allergies or special dietary needs. Most parents whose kids have serious allergies such as peanuts will probably let you know as soon as the invitation is accepted. However, if you've got a little vegetarian in the group the last thing you want to do is serve them a hamburger or hotdog.


The birthday cake is one of the absolute most important parts of the party. Everyone loves to see what type of creative cake will be presented and how many candles the birthday boy or girl can blow out. If your baking skills consists of adding eggs and water to a package mix, fear not. While a package cake will still be a hit with the kids, there are plenty of bakeries that can create any cake you desire. For instance, if you'™re going with a soccer sports theme, you can get a delicious cake of any type shaped like a soccer ball. The kids will love it, and it saves you time as well. Make sure you know the birthday boy or girl'™s favorite flavor before you order.


While planning a birthday party can be a difficult and time consuming task, all the hard work will be worth it when you see how much fun all the kids have. Birthday parties are huge occasion for kids, and the more special you can make it the better.

Creating a Cartoon Character Birthday Party on a Budget

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As any parent with children knows, children love picking cartoon characters and making them the center of the world. Almost every toy or item in their room has something to do with their new idol, making it not too surprising that they want the theme of their next birthday party to revolve around this character. While many of us may love these cartoon characters, the price of their exclusive items can be out of many parents budgets, having them paying a great deal of money for basic items such as paper plates and cups, leaving little room for other party favors.

If you are like many parents who want to see your money go as far as possible, but how is this possible while still giving your child the themed party they want? Luckily, there are ways to give your child the cartoon character party they wanted, by not revolving the party around the character, but the world of the character.

Fairy Tale
Many characters that are loved by little girls revolve around old fairy tales, being the basis of many popular Disney characters. Instead of basing your party around this character, find a similar costume to this character and give your character a princess party, revolving around the specific theme of that world. For example, for a Sleeping Beauty party, have all of the decoration revolve around a fantasy theme, with your daughters little guests looking like visiting princesses or fairies similar to the movie.

The Explorer
One of your child's favorite shows may very well be Dora the Explorer. For this world, create jungle themed party, packed with fun tropical decorations and animals that will make your child feel like they are part of the show. Don't forget to get special jungle themed decorations or to look at jungle party packs to save you money.

Oriental and Anime
Recently, quite a few Japanese shows have been making their way into your child's morning cartoon line up. These popular cartoons can translate into fun magical girl parties, pirate themed parties, or maybe even oriental themes parties revolving around ancient Chinese dress. All of these popular themes can be incorporate into fun parties relatively easily, especially your little girl's favorite magical girl, which can incorporate many of these same items that could be found in a fairy tale princess party. Make sure to do research on the internet first, however, before you plan your party to make sure you can pay attention to the little details your child will love.

Classroom Birthday Party on a Budget

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To every little child, nothing is more exciting than their birthday. Even if they are having a party at home, most children want to celebrate their birthday at school with their peers, allowing them to have their own special day with all of their classroom friends. When it comes to planning two birthdays, however, many parents can't help but be stressed, knowing they don't have the finances to create two fun parties for their child. Luckily, it is easy to create a small classroom party for under $35.

If you call ahead, many bakers and grocery stores may have a special on cupcakes if they bought in bulk. While this can be a fairly inexpensive, it is best if you can buy a cake mix and divide it into 24 to 28 little cupcakes for your child's class. After adding some fun icing and sprinkles, you will have adorable little birthday cakes for everyone in your child's class.


Since school birthday parties cannot last more than a half an hour, don't worry about bringing a great deal of food and candy. Make sure you talk to your child's teacher before bringing in food and drinks to make sure you don't cause any disruptions due to allergies. This part of your party should cost about $10 to $15.

Goody Bags
Nearly every child is excited about showing off to their classmates, by giving them little goody bags as part of their birthday. Even if they receive gifts or not, this is customary with many school birthday parties since it allows every child to feel equally important, even on your child's birthday. If you aren't careful, however, these goody bags can be expensive.


To keep costs down, it is best to go with a fun but inexpensive goody bag, such as the Smile Face Cellophane bags sold right here at this site. Buying 3 dozen of these bags should cost you about $6, allowing you to put most of your budget toward fun toys and school items for your child's friends. Quite a few options are available when it comes to fun goody bag treats, but students will love being able to use your child's fun goody bag items during their school work. For this reason, the Cool Animal Print Stationary Set is an ideal goody bag treat with some small pieces of candy. This stationary set comes with a pencil, notepad, and other fun school items.


Your child's goody bags should come to about $20. For under $35, you can create a fun atmosphere at school for your child, as well as bring a smile to everyone's face in your child's classroom.

Planning a Tween Birthday Party

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As children get older, planning parties for them can be especially difficult. While children love fairy princess parties or unique, fun animal parties, many children who are hitting their early teenage years are not so easy. Tween girls (children between the ages of 8 and 13) are especially hard to plan parties for as they prepare to exit their childhood years and want a more adult like party while still embracing some of the things they enjoyed as a child. Luckily, there are a few fun themes that are loved by nearly every tween girl.

Girl's Rock Theme

Almost every girl, even teenagers, dream of being a rock or country music star when they grow up. With the addition Rock Band on most game systems, it is not too surprising that a girl's rock star party is very popular for many Tweens. Pre-made Girl's Rock plates, cups, and napkins are available right here on this site, giving you some extra decorations for this fun filled party. For some extra props, make sure to pick up some inflatable guitars and possibly strobe lights to give your favorite girl the feeling they are at their own private concert. If you do not have Rock Band or a game system, pick up a cheap karaoke machine to give your girl the spotlight at her birthday party.

Groovy Hippie Theme

Even though the 60s are gone, most girls still love the idea of long hair and tied dyed outfits. In this pre-made theme, you can find not only tie died plates and cups, but a variety of different party decorations that have a fun 60s theme. As an extra craft project, don't forget to pick up some white t-shirts and some dyes to allow of your guest to make their own hippie shirts. Depending on your child's age, you may also want to pick up some jewelry craft making sets for making beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Asian Theme

With Asian culture quickly becoming popular in the United States, it is not too surprising that many girls are intrigued by the thought of an Asian birthday party. For this type of party, make sure to decorate your house with Asian fans and paper lanterns. This type of party is especially ideal for older tweens and teenagers who like the thought of a more elegant, adult like birthday party. As an extra party favor, use Chinese style take out boxes as goody bag filled with different Asian treats.

Fairy Tale Birthday Party

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Is your daughter wanting a fairy tale birthday party? Nearly every little girl dreams of being a magical princess, especially on her birthday. Nothing will make her smile more than walking into her surprise party with all of her friends dressed as little princesses. One of the main reasons that many parents don't throw an elaborate fairy tale birthday party for their child is that they don't know where to start or worry that it will be outside of their budget. You may be surprised to know that it is cheaper than going to a kids party venue and is very easy to set up, especially if you are working with other awesome parents!

Fairy Tale Birthday Party: Themes
When it comes to a fairy tale party, the most important thing you need to do is pick a theme that matches what your daughter likes. Every girl dreams of being a princess, but it is possible to a have a princess party and have another sub theme. For example, you can have a fairy princess party or a unicorn themed princess party. What is important is that you pick certain features that you want to add to the party, or make an important part of the party. You can also go with a more traditional fairy tale birthday party by revolving the party itself around your daughter's favorite fairy tales.

Fairy Tale Birthday Party: Party Sets
Once you have decided on the theme of your fairy tale party, it is time pick out party decorations and party paper sets. This is where you can really add a fantasy feel to your party. You can find just about any type of party decorations, from princess door covers to unicorn stuffed animals that can be given to each of your party guests. One area where you can add some extra color and convenience to your party is with a party paper set. Rather than spend your time afterward cleaning up in the kitchen, consider going with a set that includes different sized paper cups, paper plates, napkins, and everything you need to serve food at your fairy tale party. Not only will this save you time, but girls will love eating off colorful unicorn plates and feeling like true little magical princesses!

Fairy Tale Birthday Party: Surprise Party
If you are hoping to throw a surprise fairy tale birthday party for your daughter, we recommend sending out invitations early. You can find premade paper invitations that match your chosen party set fairly easily, and they don't cost much money at all. If you want to make it a true surprise, you may even want to see if one of your family members are willing to host the party at their own house. As part of the surprise party, make sure to have a variety of fun princess goody bags made for all of your guests, as well as special treats for all of the guests. For the perfect picture moment, you may even want to get tiaras and princess costumes for each of the girls. With the right party favors and preparations, you can easily create the perfect fairy princess party for any little girl!

1st Birthday Party Ideas For That Special Day

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For many parents, their child's first birthday is the most special one of all. They have gotten to the age where they are communicating better, moving around well, and have become interested in all of the things the world has to offer. For that reason, 1st Birthday Party ideas are often very important to parents. They will plan an extravagant affair with friends and family, set out an array of 1st birthday tableware, give the children party favors, and break out the cameras, ready for a first birthday to remember forever.

For first birthday theme ideas, the traditional colors are blue and pink, and most 1st birthday decorations will feature one or both colors, along with happy animals and simple shapes and patterns. And because this is as much of an event for theparents as the children, 1st birthday invitations are often sent out announcing the occasion. 1st birthdays are very special occasions, and the memories they give to the parents are as precious as the smiles on the faces of the child.

Remember, kids always think of a party as a time for games and gifts, and sweet things to eat and drink. Make your child's 1st birthday party a hit for all the kids by preparing special treat bags with some fun goodies, including noisemakers and activities. 1st birthday cone hats are available for those who wish to add them to the party, and whatever you do, don't forget to pick up some traditional birthday candles, because those are as much a part of a 1st birthday as the cake itself.

Your 1st Birthday Party ideas might include colorful balloons of all different sizes and shapes, and you even want to mix in some funny barnyard animal decorations. For a little girl, her first birthday party might include colorful butterfly decorations, or perhaps the glittery excitement of a fairy wands. For a small boy, pirates might be the most exciting thing in the world, so why not add a few pirate favors as part of his celebration?

If you don't want to use traditional 1st birthday tableware, there are many themes available that can complement the first birthday decorations, for both boys and girls, and there are even birthday theme ideas for either gender, because it isn't always about boy things or girl things, it is about being a child and having a good time. You can get party accessories for many different themes, including police/firefighter, princess and fantasy, even funny monsters, trains, frogs, and monkey decorations. A 1st birthday is very important, so make it the best one, because it is the only 1st birthday he or she will ever have.

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