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Boys at Princess Birthday Parties

By 3 years ago 2447 Views 9 comments

Inflatable Shield and SwordWant to have a princess birthday party but are unsure how to make little boys comfortable at your party? Many little girls have friends who are boys, ranging from family members to friends at school. Sometimes many boys don't want to attend a princess birthday party because they are very girly and they feel out of place at the party. While you can make it an exclusively girl event, it is possible to make a princess party perfect for boys and girls alike, as long as parents have time to plan for the party!

Boys at Princess Birthday Parties: What to Consider

Sword Bubble Necklace

When planning your party, make sure you take a few things into account. Many princess birthday parties focus quite a bit on girly items, s

uch as costumes, tiaras, and jewelry. While some boys may enjoy playing with these dress up items, it is usually best to give them choices. Boys want to pretend they are slaying dragons and going on grand adventures, so give them the opportunity to have this kind of fun. Make sure to have activities and costumes available just for the boys at your party. This will keep them from acting up and let them know that they are welcome at the party too. Just don't be surprised if you have princesses wanting to take part in these games too!

Boys at Princess Birthday Parties: Knights

knight costume

For many boys, nothing is more fun than pretending they are a mighty knight off to fight a dragon or save a princess. To help little boys pretend they are a knight, consider purchasing play outfits for your parties. Many stores carrying plastic 'armor' that boys can wear, including a chest plate, helmet, and even a sword. Boys may even enjoy having a jousting tournament with inflatable weapons while girls enjoy having a fun tea party or dress up session.  As well, make sure to make special favors bags for your little knights, including knight and royalty themed party favors, such as sword bubbles, knight figures, and even knight themed craft projects.

Boys at Princess Birthday Parties: Princes

Another great options for a princess party is having costumes and goody bags for little princes. Boys lovepretending they are royalty too. A prince costume can be as simple as a cape, crown, and a sword so they can protect princesses from bad guys. Prince costumes can be a bit difficult to put together since they aren't as popular as princess or knight costumes, but they can be very cute at princess birthday parties. With the right amount of party planning it is possible to make both boys and girls happy at your special princess themed birthday party.

Malia 3 years ago at 4:51 AM
In my family, the majority of kids are GIRLS! I have two daughters, my sister has 2 daughters my cousins have daughters as well. One of my cousins has 2 sons, they are the only little boys in our family. These are great ideas for them at the parties we have because it's nice to be able to include them even if it's a girly theme.
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:13 PM
Thanks for the feedback. We do get many questions from parents on how to include boys at girly themed events! We should probably post even more articles on the topic.
LittleYllwBird 3 years ago at 5:41 AM
This is a fantastic idea! I think it could even be fun to branch out a little more and maybe add little dragon trinkets as well. Or set up one of those big inflatable bopping balloons with a dragon on them that the kids can attack. =)
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:01 PM
Great idea! THANKS!
Pam 3 years ago at 9:33 AM
Great ideas for making sure both boys and girls are comfortable and able to participate when attending theme parties.
Reesa Lewandowski 3 years ago at 1:32 PM
I love these ideas! Last year, I had a Princess themed party for my daughter's 2nd bday and there were a lot of boys. I really struggled with finding ideas like these!
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:20 PM
Thanks for the feedback! It is a common problem. Glad you liked our ideas!
theresa krier 3 years ago at 9:06 PM
we had a princess birthday party for our granddaughter & we included the boys in her class & they had a blast also as they were the heroins. they all want to do it again,
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 11:56 PM
Great to hear! There is always a fun way to involve boys in girly themed party events!