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Bowling Birthday Party

By 3 years ago 1472 Views 4 comments

Bowling GameBowling Pins FlashlightsIs your child wanting to have a bowling birthday party? For many kids, nothing seems more fun than going to the local bowling alley for their special birthday party. Not only do they get fun presents, but they get to bowl with their friend for hours as they eat cake and a variety of different treats. While a bowling party can be a lot of fun for kids, it can be challenging getting everything together for adults. With the right amount of planning, however, it is easy to have the perfect bowling party for children of all ages!

Bowling Birthday Party: Invitations

Probably one of the hardest things for adults when planning a bowling birthday party is making sure that the bowling alley is scheduled for the dates of the party. Since many children love the idea of having this type of birthday party, it is important that parent plan ahead and book the bowling alley for the party as early as possible. Once the dates are set and you have reserved the bowling alley for your party, you should send out invitations to all of your child's guests. You can get invitations specially designed for bowling parties or for whatever theme you choose for your party, just make sure that the invitations have a way for parents to RSVP their child, the location of the party, and the times of the party so that parents know when they need to arrive. As well, as a simple courtesy, make sure to include an addressed envelope with a stamp for parents to send back their invitation so that you can plan accordingly.

Bowling Pins PlushBowling TattoosBowling Birthday Party: Themes

One of the best parts of a bowling party is that you can have just about any type of theme you want. While you can go with a general bowling theme, you can really go with any type of party theme you like. When it comes to decorating, however, make sure you don't have too many decorations. Remember, you will only have one little party area, so stick to simple decorations such as balloons and themed party paper supplies. If you want to use other types of decorations make sure to talk with the bowling alley ahead of time to see what they will and will not allow.

Bowling Birthday Party: Goody Bags

For every child at your party, nothing is more fun than opening up their goody bags and finding out what fun treats they got inside.  Since children will be eating a lot of sweets, make sure to go with a mix of party favors that aren't just sugar. Kids will love being able to have bowling themed games that they can play with one another or fun pencils that they can use at school. Just make sure everything is age appropriate based on the age of the majority of the children at your party. With the right amount of planning it is easy to create the perfect bowling birthday party!

Julie W 3 years ago at 5:26 PM
We went to a bowling birthday for our 8 year old great niece a few weeks ago. It was laser bowling, the room was had blacklights and everything white showed up. It was neat but I wouldn't want to go again, too dark! :)
Sweta 3 years ago at 1:32 PM
lovely party ideas
saminder gumer 3 years ago at 11:09 PM
i like activity themed parties because it keeps the kids and adults active and they are a lot of fun. i think this would be a great time for all.
Terri S 3 years ago at 4:13 AM
Great idea! I always loved bowling as a kid.