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Ballerina Birthday Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 933 Views No comments

Does your daughter dream of being a ballerina when she grows up? Little girls love dressing up in tutus and pretending they are little dancers, making it one of the best themes for a girly birthday party. Many adults think that ballerina costumes are reserved only for Halloween or a playroom, which is far from the truth! Rather than spend big money on a pre-made birthday party at a restaurant, you can make precious memories for your daughter and all of her friends with a ballerina birthday party!

Ballerina Birthday Party: Costumes
If you ask many little girls about the best part of being a ballerina, they will tell you that it's dressing up in pretty tutus and dresses. To most little girls, they think you are a ballerina if you wear a tutu or other pretty clothing like dancers. For this reason, they love dressing up and twirling around for anyone who is willing to watch. Rather than buying expensive party packages at kids restaurants or stores, you can spend a lot less and buy tutus and leotards for each girl at your party. Before the party, make sure to talk to parents to make sure you get the right sized tutus for little girls at your party. This is also something great to include with the party invitations, since you can get tutus and leotards in each of their favorite colors, making for an even more unique, memorable and fun party!

Ballerina Birthday Party: Party Favors
Along with cute tutus and leotards, you should purchase some adorable party favors for each of the little girls at your ballerina birthday party. Girls love getting ballerina themed items, including stuffed animals, dolls, even other pieces of clothing. The trick is finding things that go with the personality of your daughter. If your daughter is already taking ballet lessons, you may want to consider unique hair ties and dancing shoes for each of the little girls, possibly along with little tiaras. Don't forget that craft projects are also great for little girls as party favors! Just remember too that princess items a great addition to any ballerina themed birthday party!

Ballerina Birthday Party: Decorations
As everyone knows, the star at your ballerina birthday party is the special birthday girl! To help make the hosting home more like a dance studio, you may want to purchase appropriate dance themed decorations. While you don't have to go overboard, it's usually a good idea to get some pink or light purple colored steamers and party paper supplies. Many companies make princess themed items that can also be used for a ballerina party, so make sure to be open minded and look at all of your options. Girls love to pretend they are magical princesses when they are dancing around in tutus. With the right hanging decorations, you can easily create a picture perfect ballerina party that will be remembered by your daughter and her friends for years to come!

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