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Bachelorette Party Themes

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1542 Views No comments

Are you trying to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? Being the maid of honor may have its perks, but one of your main responsibilities is to make sure your best friend has a great night out before her big wedding day. While some women may like being a bit wilder during their bachelorette party, others enjoy quieter, quality time with friends and family. For the maid of honor, these quieter nights can be tricky, especially if they want to make sure their best friend has a good time without the party getting boring! One of the best ways to make a bachelorette party at home even more fun is with a fun themed party!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Diva

Of course, every bride wants to feel special right before her wedding, so why not help her feel like a star? Glam her up before her wedding with boas, makeup, and other rock star style clothing. It may even be a good time to get a photographer in to help take professional pictures of her as a star, right before her wedding. As well, don't forget that you can also get colorful martini glasses and fun jewelry to make your bride-to-be feel even more like she is in the spotlight.


Bachelorette Party Themes: Western

Many girls just want to go wild right before their wedding, so why not help her have her dream with a fun western party? Your best friend will love being a wild cow girl, helping tame any guys you encounter, or just having fun if you turn your house or backyard into a rodeo themed party. All you will need for this type of party are some cute cowgirl hats, western props, and of course, some hay to give your yard or room that finishing touch!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Tea Party

Even though some maids of honor don't really think about it, some girls love the thought of having an elegant party right before their big day. This is their last chance to be a princess before their husband makes them a queen. One of the best ways to do this is to throw the bride-to-be a fun tea party, with everyone dressing up for the event. For this sort of bachelorette party you want to go all out, doing everything appropriate to make the bride feel like royalty!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Nautical

While quite a few people don't think about it, having a bachelorette party on a boat is a load of fun. Nothing is more fun than being out on a lake or river and having your own private party before the big wedding. The bride can have fun by unwinding and having a special night on the water with friends. For this type of party, most nautical decorations and tableware are perfect, just make sure to have the proper nautical themed coolers to keep drinks cool while you on the water!

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