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Autumn Kids Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1302 Views No comments

Did you know that autumn is the perfect time to have a children's party? Many parents think outdoor parties end with the summer temperatures, but it is actually better since fall usually means better weather. Children will especially love having the time outdoors after spending all week in school, making an autumn party the perfect time to relax with friends and family! The hardest part of having a autumn kids party is finding the right theme. Once you have a theme in place, take advantage of the natural colors outside - earthy browns, vibrant oranges, and bright yellows. Even though they are not commonly used most of the year, these colors can be found in just about any variety of party decorations. With party items from the popular themes below, you can create a colorful, memorable outdoor party - one that everyone in your neighborhood won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Autumn Kids Party: Renaissance
Even though many people don't consider it, Fall is the perfect time for a renaissance-themed autumn kids party. With easy access to knight, prince and princess costumes, kids can cheaply dress up for the part. Many adults also love the opportunity to dress up, so this can be a time for everyone to have some medieval fun - especially if you have parents that take part in renaissance festivals.

Instead of having some of the more traditional outdoor kids games, you can make of your own renaissance themed autumn kids party games rather cheaply. For example, have your own play jousts and sword fights using kid friendly toy swords! There are also a number of medieval themed prince and princess craft projects that can keep kids busy for hours!

Autumn Kids Party: Carnival
Even then many parents think the summer is the perfect time to have a carnival themed party, it is actually the perfect theme for an autumn kids party, when everyone will feel comfortable outside for much longer. Most carnival games such as ring toss, potato sack races, and milk bottle toss are perfect for an outdoor carnival. If you have parents who are willing to take part in the party, have them dress up as clowns and ringmasters to take part in different carnival game booths. Also, don't forget zoo stuffed animals and other toys to give out as prizes for the games!

Autumn Kids Party: Apple
Even though many people do not think about it, an orchard can be the perfect place to have a birthday party! Many of them already have fall festivals and guests throughout the fall, and they are usually pre-decorated for an autumn kids party with pumpkins and fall themed decorations. For this type of party, kids will love picking apples, going on hay rides, or making fall themed crafts. Depending on the farm, kids may be able to even make their own apple cider with the help of adults. Just make sure to call the orchard ahead of time to make sure that you can reserve a part of the farm for the day. It can be very inexpensive and your kids will love it!