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Make Your Own T-Shirt

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Looking for a fun weekend craft project do with the kids? For many kids, nothing is more fun than sitting down with mom and doing a fun craft project, especially if it is something they can wear when they are finished. Probably one of the most fun projects for a mother-daughter team is making their own girly t-shirts. This inexpensive craft project can be as simple or complicated as parents want, allowing children to try create a piece of wearable artwork on their very own t-shirt. Before starting, you just need to get your supplies together ahead of time to make sure that once you start your fun t-shirt project, you won't be interrupted!


Make Your Own T-Shirt: Supplies

While making a girly t-shirt with the kids can be a very fun projects, they do take a bit of planning. It is more than just going to your local craft store or party site. Before starting, you should have a plan and make a list of the supplies you need. Having a list together also allows you to shop for the best prices on supplies. You will find that while you may have to wait, many party sites online are cheaper than the craft stores, allowing you to get more supplies for the money. Of course, the cost of supplies will completely depend on the type of t-shirt you are planning on making and how much attention you want to put on each t-shirt. A t-shirt personalized by coloring a decal usually won't take as much time as something uniquely detailed, like a tie-dyed shirt with gemstones and shaped rhinestones.


Make Your Own T-Shirt: Fabric Paint & Markers

When many of us think of making our own t-shirts, our thoughts immediately go to tie-dying dyes,  iron-on decals and rhinestones. Even though these are a must for many projects, many people forget that fabric paints and markers are also just as important for designing your own t-shirts. These paints allow girls to add their own unique touches to t-shirts. With these tools, girls can color in decals, as well as draw their own pictures on shirts. Some girls even love writing their own inspiring messages on t-shirts, one more way to make their t-shirts truly unique. Best of all, fabric paint and markers are fairly inexpensive, allowing parents to buy a variety of colors for a relatively low price!


Make Your Own T-Shirt & Other Projects

What is better than making your own t-shirt? Making a matching tote bag, of course! Many of the same craft supplies you use to make your own t-shirts can be used on bags as well, allowing girls to carry their books and other toys in personalized style. When looking at these bags, make sure to go with something that is washable, since these bags are likely going to need washing if they go to schools and other places. Either way, girls will love being able to show off their fun t-shirt and bags they made with Mommy.

Homemade Candy

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Have you been trying to think of ways to add more homemade items to your goody bags? With many people trying to cut costs, they are deciding to try making their own treats rather than purchasing premade candies. This allows them to give more tasty treats, and focus on fun, themed novelty toys for each bag, allowing kids to go home with lots of goodies they can enjoy at home. Since every parent knows that candy is an important part of any kid's event, they decide rather than forgoing candy to make their own.  While making candy at home may sound challenging, it is actually quite easy, especially with all the different candy molds and recipes that can be found for free online!


Homemade Candy vs Buying Candy

Let's face it, there are lots of adorable themed candies on the market. You can find anything from adorable animal shaped gummies to dinosaur shaped suckers. The problem with many of the candies, however, is that they can be pricy, especially if you are having lots of children at your event. This usually means that parents have to decide what to cut from their goody bags, which usually includes candy. While this may sound sad to begin with, it is actually not as bad as it seems. Along with many of the homemade recipes being easy to make, parents can pour the candy as its cooling into molds shaping it into different animals or shapes to suit the party theme. Best of all, by making their own candies, parents can ensure even children with allergies are able to enjoy all the treats in their goodie bags!


Homemade Candy: Recipes

With so many different candies out there, parents can make just about anything for kids. Knowing that some parents need some extra help though when it comes to making candy for the first time, we included some of our favorite candy recipes that can be fund online for free. Best of all, these homemade candy recipes are very easy to make!

Homemade Candy: Wrappers, Boxes, & Containers

One of the other fun things about making your own candy is being able to decorate and wrap the candy any way you like. Some family's use fancy themed wrappers for candies, while others use themed boxes that are designed especially for candy or cupcakes. Best of all, most party sites have a large selection of different types of candy containers, allowing adults to be creative when it comes to displaying or handing out the candy items. With the right containers, kids will be even more excited to try the fun, homemade candy at your next party!

Fun Children's Party Themes

Trying to find a fun theme for your children's party? If there is one thing that every child loves, it's a birthday party. It doesn't even have to be their own party, since they know they will be playing party games, eating fun treats, and may even receive a goodie bag filled with fun toys.  Even though we may have forgotten some of the joys of attending little kid birthday parties as we became adults, it's still fun creating these adorable parties for our children. The challenging part, however, is finding the perfect themes - ones that not only fit our children's personalities, but will make all of their little friends happy as well! Below, we have included some of our favorite children's party themes that are good for girls, and will make sure any boys invited have a good time as well!


Children's Theme: Dinosaurs

If there is one thing most children enjoy, it's dinosaurs. Children love learning about these prehistoric reptiles and pretending to be one.  Since children love dinosaurs, it is easy make a themed party a fun educational experience. It is easy to pick out fun dinosaur books, toys, and/or candies in dinosaur themed goodie bags, encouraging small children to have fun and learn at the same time!


Children's Theme: Jungle/Zoo

Another of the most popular themed parties for children actually revolves around modern-day animals. Children love seeing animals that live in the zoo, and the jungle as well. Many children are interested in these animals, especially since many have been playing with similar stuffed toys since they were smaller. These parties are quick and easy for parents to plan, since they can pick from a wide variety of novelty toys, stuffed animals, and even animal shaped lollipops.


Children's Theme: Carnival

Of course, what child doesn't love going to see a carnival?  With all the different attractions at these events, it isn't too surprising that many children dream of their chance of seeing their next carnival, and maybe even enjoy  pretending they are the ringmaster! Today, you can find a pretty wide selection of party sets to help you create (and complement) the perfect carnival party. These sets include everything you need for goodie bags, decorating your house, and even making adorable circus themed cupcakes!


Children's Theme: Superhero

Let's face it, kids love superheroes, especially after seeing summer blockbusters like Iron Man or the Avengers. With children dreaming of being superheroes when they grow up, it's not too surprising that kids want to have a superhero themed party. This is one of the few themes that is perfect for playing dress up at as well since kids can wear capes, masks, and other fun superhero items. You may even be able to find cute superhero themed toys for goodie bags!


Children's Themes: Pirates

Another party theme that has been getting a lot of attention due to movies are pirate parties. Kids are fascinated with pretending to be pirates, especially after seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Out of all the parties, this can easily be the most rewarding but time-consuming, since parents can make treasure maps to hidden treasure and even have pirate costumes available to the children at the party. As well, children will love having access to pirate themed toys, candies, and more when they find their pirate treasure!

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How To Make A Fall Leaf Craft Necklace

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It's hard to believe that autumn is already here, meaning that before long, we will be raking up colorful leaves. While many adults may not love raking leaves, it is a very fun time for children since this is the time of year where they can jump into leaf piles, and start collecting leaves to make their own colorful fall themed crafts. For parents, this can be a fun time as well since it means you can sit down as a family to make adorable crafts with everyday craft supplies, often ones that you can find in your own home!


Fall Leaf Craft Necklace: What is it

One of the cutest projects you can do with small and older children is making your own lead jewelry. This simple and cute project is not only easy to make for smaller children, but fun for parents. With the right preparations, you can even preserve the necklace to make it last for some time. Best of all, this craft can be done by multiple children at once, making it a perfect craft for autumn parties or even Halloween parties! All you need is some simple supplies and you are ready to make cute little necklaces!


Fall Leaf Craft Necklace: Supplies

Like many children's craft projects, this craft project doesn't require a lot of expensive ingredients. If you aren't planning on preserving the leaves, however, you can save money by not purchasing wax or glycerin. While you obviously don't have to do these steps, we highly recommend it since it means that the necklace can be worn throughout the fall, or stored away by parents as a special childhood memory.



  • Colorful Leaves
  • Liquid Glycerin
  • Water
  • Flat Pan
  • Surfactant (sold at hardware or garden stores)
  • Glitter
  • Large Craft Needle
  • Upholstery Thread
  • Disposable Bowls

Fall Leaf Craft Necklace: Directions


    • Make sure to do steps 2 through 5 two to six days before you plan on doing this craft!
    • 1. First, find colorful, smaller sized leaves. Find leaves that are a variety of different shades, including reds and oranges. If you cannot find smaller leaves, cut a larger leaf into fun shapes.
    • 2. Mix the glycerin and water together in a disposable pan or bowl. The combination needs to be one part glycerin, two parts water.
    • 3. Place 3 to 4 drops of surfactant in the glycerin mixture.
    • 4. Place the leaves in the glycerin mixture where they are submerged but with the stems sticking out. They will need to stay submerged for 2 to 6 days. The longer they stay, the better.
    • 5. Remove leaves from the mixture and dry with a paper towel. Leaves should be soft and pliable.
    • 6. Give children the leaves they will need to make an appropriately sized necklace. This can be anywhere from 8 to 15 leaves, depending on how full children want their necklaces.
    • 7. Have children with a need and thread start putting together their leaf necklace. Between each leaf, make sure to put a good size knot in the thread.

Tie a knot at the end of the necklace and wear!

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Decorating With Candy

Looking for ways to make your cake or cupcakes look even more amazing? One of our favorite ways to make our sweets look even more amazing is with candy. Not only is most candy vividly colorful, but (hopefully!) edible, making it a better option for events where small children are present, who may confuse plastic decorations for food. The trick sometimes is finding the right candy for your theme, and matching it with the flavors of your favorite sweets. With the right amount of creativity and fun candy, however, you can easily make any dessert look even sweeter with party candy!


Decorating with Candy: Preparing for Decorating

When many people start getting the idea to decorate cakes or cupcakes with candy, their inspiration usually comes from Pinterest or something cute they saw on the Food Network. While many of us start decorating with good intentions, it is a good idea to have a detailed plan before you start decorating, especially if you are planning on your dessert being a centerpiece at your party. If you are artistically inclined, try drawing out your vision for the cupcakes. For everyone else, try considering what all you want on the cupcakes first and prepare to experiment with different options days before the event. We usually recommend starting with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, and a basic icing since you don't want to overwhelm the cupcake - you must remember the candy will be adding flavors as well.


Decorating with Candy: Cupcakes

Once you have your plan together, it's time to start looking for the fun part - the candy. One of the mistakes many people make when they first start decorating with candy is getting candy that is too small or too big for their project. If you are planning on making smaller cupcakes, go with bite-sized candies, such as SweetTarts or gummy candies. If you decide to use a large piece of candy, go with something that can easily be a centerpiece and you can plan around, such as ring pops, or suckers. To help make these larger candies stand out on a larger cupcake, emphasize with the colors in the candy with colored sprinkles or color sugar.


Decorating with Candy: Cakes

For cakes, the sky is truly the limit since you aren't working on a small surface. The trick, however, is using the right candies without overwhelming the cake itself. Usually these decorated cakes have candy that decorate the outer edge of the cake or used to create a design. While this can be very time consuming, it can also give your cake a unique look, emphasizing a decal or lettering in the center of the cake. As well, don't be afraid to break up harder candies and spread this candy along the side of the cake giving a fun, colorful look to your dessert. While decorating with candy can sometimes be tricky, it can also help you create a fun, memorable dessert that your guests are sure to talk about long after the party

Create A Themed Sleepover

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Is your daughter planning on having a fun sleepover? For girls, nothing is more fun than spending the night with friends, especially if they get private time to gossip or put on makeup with their friend's mom. The hardest part for most moms, however, is picking a theme and finding the right party supplies for their daughters. While you can always go with a traditional sleepover theme, this doesn't encourage girls to want to spend the night at your house more, making it important that you pick a fun, original theme for your daughter's sleepover. Luckily, there are fun themes (and themed party supplies) that can be used for just about any girly sleepover!


Themed Sleepover: What to Consider

When preparing for a themed sleepover, the first thing you should consider is what your daughter and her friends like. Do they love animals? How about watching princess movies with friends? From their likes, put together a list of possible themes. While some themes may not work well for a sleepover, others can be easily converted. For example, if your daughter loves zoo animals, you can have a zoo themed sleepover, with all the girls having adorable jungle 'friends' that they can watch movies with or even tell their ghost stories once the lights go out!


Themes Sleepover: Popular Themes

There are obviously certain themes that do better for girly sleepovers, especially if you are hosting younger girls. When picking a theme, especially a popular one, make sure to keep the ages of the girls invited in mind as well. For example, a unicorn themed slumber party may go over better with younger girls than it would most tweens. Some of our favorite slumber party themes include:

  • Diva
  • Ducky
  • Hollywood
  • Jungle
  • Princess
  • Unicorn
  • Horse


Themed Sleepover: Party Supplies

Even though many parents don't think about it, we also recommend getting themed party supplies, especially tableware. Rather than spending your time worrying about dirty dishes and cups, enjoy the convenience of being able to toss paper plates and cups after dinner or a fun snack before bedtime. Kids especially love these themed plates, cups, and napkins since they know they are special, just for them and the big event! As well, kids love seeing matching items, especially if they match balloons and other decorations that are part of your sleepover.

Of course, you will also need to organized some adorable sleepover themed goody bags for your little guests. This can range from cute themed toys to candies that girls can eat throughout the night. Girls will especially love seeing what cute jewelry each girl got and trading back and forth to see who wants to wear what throughout the night. With a bit of planning, it is easy to create a themed sleepover that girls of all ages will enjoy

Choosing The Right Party Theme

Do you struggle trying to find the right party theme for events? While it might be easy for some people, finding the right theme for certain events can be tricky, especially if you are wanting to do something original and fun. It can get even trickier when you are trying to throw a themed party for adults. Even a quick internet search can make things even more confusing, leaving you with hundreds of ideas for parties, all of which sound good! Knowing that finding the right theme can be challenging, we created some tips to help you find the right theme for just about any event!


Themed Parties: What to Consider

One of the hardest parts of trying to put together a themed party is choosing the theme. If you look, there is a theme out of there for just about every type of party, with various party goods, party favors, and even candies to go with that theme. With so many different options, it is easy to very quickly get overwhelmed. When looking at a theme for your party, it is better to break it up into simple steps, asking yourself first the age of your guests and what sort of things your typical guest would enjoy. For example, if you are having a pool party, a luau theme may work best, especially if you are planning on grilling for adults as well.


Themed Parties: Cost

Of course, the cost of your party should also be considered when putting together a themed party. While it may be great to go all out for a party, many of us are on a budget. If a theme seems out of your budget, consider going with something else or having a cut back themed party. Just because you are having a luau party doesn't mean you have to have a full-out barbeque with tiki statues everywhere. Go with something that fits in your budget and allows you to buy the right decorations without leaving you feeling uncomfortable about the cost. As well, don't be afraid to look at sales and clearance sections at party sites, you may find good deals, especially at the end of the season!


Themed Parties: Favors

If you are having a themed party, it is important you budget enough for not only decorations, but party favors as well. Even adults love getting a little bag of treats, especially if it is fun, themed candy or things that they can use at the party. What is better than walking away from a luau with cute sunglasses or a cute hat! Just make sure that everything in the bag is useful for adults if the bags are strictly for an adult oriented event!


Themed Parties: Decorations

Another fun part of a themed party is getting the right decorations. While many of us don't think much about it, the right streamers, props, and wall setting can easily make or break a themed party. Make sure to put aside at least 1/4 of your budget toward decorations. This may seem like a lot, but this is the best way to make sure your party succeeds at presenting the theme you desire. With the right amount of planning, it is easy to create any type of themed party, and make sure it is memorable

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Candy Centerpieces

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Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect centerpieces for your party? When it comes to themed parties, it's sometimes hard finding that centerpiece that not only stands out, but is actually useful. One way that people are saving money on centerpieces and adding more color to their party tables is with candy centerpieces. By using candy centerpieces, you can inexpensively make your own centerpieces without a lot of time or effort, and are likely to 'wow' your guests with these fun, edible centerpieces. The trick is just finding the right combination of candies and containers to make sure that your centerpiece truly stands out!


Candy Centerpieces: Lollipops

While many people don't really consider it, lollipops are a great way to color to any table without a great deal of effort.  Many decorators love using old fashioned, large swirl lollipops as part of table centerpieces since they are both eye catching, and come in just about every color. This is important since it means that these lollipops can go with just about any color scheme, allowing you to make your party table fun, or even elegant with the right sucker combinations. Usually, these lollipops are placed in vase like containers, with some form of accent candy in the container to keep them in place.


Candy Centerpieces: Accent Candy

Rather than spend money on expensive marbles or beads for centerpieces, many designers are instead going with colored candies. Unlike beads, these candies can be eaten during the event if guests desire, allowing them to have a sweet treat after a meal, or even a nice piece of chocolate in a fun colored wrapper. The main purpose of these accent colors is to put more emphasis on the lollipops and help keep the actual lollipops in place. To help add extra attention to the candies, some decorators and crafters also tie ribbons around the tops of the containers, allowing the colors to stand out and also add an extra touch of elegance to each of the centerpieces.


Candy Centerpieces: Ideas

One of the best parts of making candy centerpieces is that you can really do just about anything and fit them with just about any event. While lollipops are quite possibly the most popular choice, the design of the centerpiece itself mostly depends on your own creativity. On Pinterest, you can find centerpieces that include flowers and a variety of candies depending on the actual theme of your party. You can even design them to fit perfectly as holiday decorations by using Christmas candies, or even Halloween candies to give a fun, seasonal and festive look to your event. Just make certain you plan ahead to make sure you have the right variety of candies. As well, before buying the candies at your nearest local store, do some price and comparison shopping! Often, you can buy the candies online, and most party retailers have more candies available to fit many different color schemes.

Bachelorette Party Themes

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Are you trying to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? Being the maid of honor may have its perks, but one of your main responsibilities is to make sure your best friend has a great night out before her big wedding day. While some women may like being a bit wilder during their bachelorette party, others enjoy quieter, quality time with friends and family. For the maid of honor, these quieter nights can be tricky, especially if they want to make sure their best friend has a good time without the party getting boring! One of the best ways to make a bachelorette party at home even more fun is with a fun themed party!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Diva

Of course, every bride wants to feel special right before her wedding, so why not help her feel like a star? Glam her up before her wedding with boas, makeup, and other rock star style clothing. It may even be a good time to get a photographer in to help take professional pictures of her as a star, right before her wedding. As well, don't forget that you can also get colorful martini glasses and fun jewelry to make your bride-to-be feel even more like she is in the spotlight.


Bachelorette Party Themes: Western

Many girls just want to go wild right before their wedding, so why not help her have her dream with a fun western party? Your best friend will love being a wild cow girl, helping tame any guys you encounter, or just having fun if you turn your house or backyard into a rodeo themed party. All you will need for this type of party are some cute cowgirl hats, western props, and of course, some hay to give your yard or room that finishing touch!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Tea Party

Even though some maids of honor don't really think about it, some girls love the thought of having an elegant party right before their big day. This is their last chance to be a princess before their husband makes them a queen. One of the best ways to do this is to throw the bride-to-be a fun tea party, with everyone dressing up for the event. For this sort of bachelorette party you want to go all out, doing everything appropriate to make the bride feel like royalty!


Bachelorette Party Themes: Nautical

While quite a few people don't think about it, having a bachelorette party on a boat is a load of fun. Nothing is more fun than being out on a lake or river and having your own private party before the big wedding. The bride can have fun by unwinding and having a special night on the water with friends. For this type of party, most nautical decorations and tableware are perfect, just make sure to have the proper nautical themed coolers to keep drinks cool while you on the water!

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