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April 2013

Ideas And Suggestions For A Great Party Favor

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Flower lollipops can make a great party favor when you are planning any sort of fun party, especially a baby shower. You have probably seen lollipop suckers that are in the shape of baby feet. They come in assorted colors and can be used for a number of different purposes with regard to party favors for baby showers.


One way that you can use this popular baby shower candy is to make bouquets of flower lollipops for each of the guests. Simply get wrapped candy and tie a few of them together with ribbon and place them by each of the place settings. These make cute party favors and everyone will love the little baby feet lollipop suckers.


Another way that you can use these flower lollipops is to mix them with regular lollipops and make a centerpiece for the tables. Lollipop suckers have a stick, are wrapped and come in a variety of different colors. In addition to those that are shaped like baby feet, you can also find those that say "it'¬ôs a girl" or "it's a boy." There are many different lollipop suckers that are available to purchase online in bulk. You can mix them together to make centerpieces in the same way that you would mix silk flowers to make a floral centerpiece.


You can also make a candy baby using lollipop suckers. One large lollipop can be the head, you can use two of the baby feet lollipop suckers for the feet, use small wrapped party candy for the arms and wrap each piece so just the head, arms and baby feet are sticking out. You can even put googly eyes on the lollipop head. Make sure you leave all of the candy wrapped. You can purchase googly eyes at any craft store - they are very inexpensive and go on well with a glue gun.


You can also use the baby feet lollipop stickers to make the invitations and place settings for the shower. You can dip one of the baby feet in ink and use it like a stamp to make the stationary for the invitations. You can also remove the baby feet lollipop suckers from the wrapping and the stick and glue them, using a hot glue gun, onto place settings.


Baby feet lollipop suckers are available to buy online in bulk. If you know that the girl who is having the baby is having a boy or a girl, you can order them in blue or pink respectively. If you do not know the sex of the baby, you can use assorted lollipop suckers.


Party candy has many different uses other than just for eating. When you are throwing a baby shower for anyone, order a bunch of these baby feet lollipop suckers to give to your guests. These are just a few ideas, but once you start using your imagination when it comes to party favors, you will be able to think of dozens of different things that you can do to the delight of your guests at the baby shower. Lollipop suckers are colorful, fun and can be used in many different ways to make your baby shower a huge success.

Hosting Easter? Let's Get Planning

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The key to any successful event is careful planning. Leaving things up to chance is not always a good idea and often a recipe for disaster. If you are hosting the family for Easter dinner we have some tips for staying organized so everything runs as smooth as glass. This gives you the chance to enjoy your own holiday dinner.

Planning Steps

  • The Menu- The first thing you need to decide is what you will be serving. Find out if any of the guests have food allergies or diet restrictions so you can cook accordingly. If at all possible prepare some of the food beforehand so you just have to reheat it. Check to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and shop for the ones you don't have at least a week before Easter.
  • Dinnerware & Utensils- Depending upon what you will be serving you will need serving platters. Ensure yours are clean and unbroken. It's a special occasion so you might want to take out your best. Check that you have enough dinnerware for all the guests as well as eating utensils. If you need a special item to prepare a dish, check to make sure it is in good working order so there are no unpleasant surprises on the day of the event.
  • Beverages- Of course you will be serving soft drinks and coffee and tea with dessert, but why not plan a signature drink for the occasion? Fruity drinks might be a good choice as it is spring. You can make a punch or serve frozen, fruit flavored drinks if you have a blender. Stock up on ice too.
  • Extras- If children will be joining you for dinner perhaps you can make small Easter baskets for them. Include all the usual suspects such as jelly beans, chocolate rabbits and peeps (marshmallow chicks). You don't have to go overboard, just a small token for the holiday.

Make It Look Pretty

Once you have decided the menu and drinks it is time to pretty up the place. Votive candles are always a nice touch and our Elegant Orchid Gel Candle is pink and pretty or choose the Calla Lily Elegance Vase Shaped Candle. Your taste may not be the same as ours so feel free to browse the site and pick your favorites.

Because it is Easter, placing candy with each place setting will thrill the guests, especially the little ones. We have a great selection of lollipops in a variety of flavors, colors and shapes. We have rock candy as well which is always an excellent choice.

Gathering friends and families for a delectable dinner on Easter is a special treat. Enjoying the company of your guests can be enhanced if you make a plan so that Easter dinner is as pleasurable to you as it will be for the guests.

How to Prepare a Children's Easter Party

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Start your party preparations with a pastel table covering. You could use a solid color, or one with checks. For Easter, children think of eggs and rabbits and birds, so use those for adding accent and defining the theme. Yellow chicks and brightly colored eggs are always a good plan.

Add paper plates and cups to complement the table covering, and decorate the center of the table with ribbons and pastel flowers. Don't forget to add lots of pastel pearl finish balloons. Pick up a set of assorted colored cellophane bags, and fill them with popcorn. They make a great decorating idea and each child can have their own snack bag for later.

If you will be having egg or treat hunts, it's good idea to give each of the little ones a basket for their findings. Hide rubber ducks or chicks, along with plastic eggs containing jelly beans or candy corn. Other children's gift ideas include wooden "Jesus" necklaces or guardian angel bracelets, which put more focus on the religious aspects of the holiday, and offer a gateway for parents to teach their children the true meaning of Easter.

Decorate the children's Easter party with pastel streamers and ribbons around the walls. Pink, white, yellow, and light blue are some of the most common colors, but you can add accent with occasional dark red or blue balloons, or hang brightly colored cut-outs around the room.

Kids enjoy Easter stickers and Christian stick-on tattoos. From bunnies to crosses, play tattoos allow each child to express their personality. give each child an accordion party hat, and let the party take it's course as the children make believe and entertain themselves.

Cupcakes are often a better idea that a cake. This is because cupcakes won't require cutting, and offer far more variety. Use a few different pastel colored icings, and arrange the cakes for effect. There are also cupcake wrappers that individual cakes fit into. These cups are shaped like white picket fences, yellow duckies, and other exciting designs.

There is no shortage of traditional Easter treats for your holiday party. Jelly beans and marshmallow chicks are always fun, and should be a big part of the children's party. You may also want to pick up lollipops in different colors and shapes to place in the Easter baskets.

Easter is an important day for children to learn about Jesus. It is also recognized as ushering in the Spring, and baby animals are an important part of the renewal that comes each year. From egg hunts to sweet treats, it is a day that all children enjoy. With a little help from the adults, your children's Easter party can be something memorable for everyone.