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February 2013

Celebrate Spring With A Garden Party

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With Spring in full swing it's time to think about entertaining outdoors again. Hosting a garden party is an ideal way to break into outside an get-together. So get out your lawn furniture and spruce it up so that you can plan a garden party.

Food & Beverage

If you want to make it more of a barbecue, grill up the basics: hamburgers and hot dogs. Serve along with potato and macaroni salads and crisp coleslaw. If you want to add some sophistication you can plan for a variety of hot appetizers with a big salad. With that you can lay out a variety of cold cuts and breads. Fresh fruit will be appreciated. A carved watermelon filled with seasonal fruits will not only look great but taste even better. You will also want to have a few tempting desserts to accompany the coffee and tea.

For drinks you can stock up your liquor cabinet and have a full bar or serve just one or two signature drinks. You might consider making a fruity punch with a bit of a kick instead or stick to just red or white wine. If children will be attending, make sure you have plenty of soft drinks, juices and water.


Candles are a great idea and we have a great selection that will fit the garden party theme perfectly. You may want to have hanging lights instead and we have those in stock as well. You'll want to have plenty of tables and chairs for guests to sit, chat and eat and we have plenty of tableware items from which to choose. We also have bubbles so that you can place a few bottles on the table and let the guests blow them into the wind.

Because it is a garden party you want people to think of flowers, plants and planting. You can provide guests with lollipops in the shape of butterflies, daisies, or long stemmed roses. They are as pretty as they are tasty. When guests are getting ready to leave, present them with a treat bag or box and fill it with seed packets. Choose from our Palm Tree Favor Box if you are going tropical and our English Garden Watering Can Box is ideal for this.

If you are worried about the weather and have no plans for a rain date, feel free to compare prices for outdoor canopies. Even if you don't use them it will give you peace of mind knowing you have them in case you need them.

A garden party is a lovely affair to have in the afternoon. Guests can come and go at their convenience and you can reacquaint yourself with neighbors and friends you've seen rarely during the colder months.

The Month of February: Fun & Flirty

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As the month of February rolls around, people start thinking about love and springtime. With February being the shortest month of the year, its sometimes hard to believe that spring will be upon us before we realize. February is also the month of "Love" with a capital "L". Valentines Day gets lovers thinking about what made them fall in love with their partner in the first place.


Holidays in February

Our minds drift to spring especially because in the United States, citizens celebrate Groundhog Day. If the groundhog sees his shadow there will six more weeks of winter and if no shadow is cast, it means that spring will come early that year. There are a few famous groundhogs that are used for this old tradition such as Punxsutawney Phil. This holiday has its roots in the Christian Candlemas Holiday and a superstition believed by the Germans.

Then love blooms next with the celebration of Valentine's Day. Red roses and open hearts are the items of the day when February 14th makes her debut on the February stage. Now spring is closer than ever only being about a month away! Next we have Presidents Day when we are supposed to reflect upon our lucky heritage though most of us reflect on the great advertising push for sales and deep discounts from vendors that have spent their holiday stash. Presidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday of the month. Spring is getting even closer now!


Other Notable Holiday Celebrations in February

Black History Month is recognized in February and its a good reminder and follow up to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We also acknowledge American History month. It never hurts to look into the past to see what you can change in the future. American Heart Month would like you to remember to be heart smart and Florida wants to remind the rest of the world about Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month. It refers to sweet smelling and mouth watering strawberries which are grown in Florida for the rest of us to enjoy.
You might think about supporting your local food pantries and drives. February is also host to Canned Foods Month. It is also the month for Library Lovers, Expert Success and Friendship which all are being showcased this month. For those cat lovers, February is also National Cat Health Month. Remember to have your pet sprayed or neutered and be sure they see their veterinarians yearly. Get the kids to the dentist as it is National Childrens Dental Health Month. Get their teeth ready for Easter Baskets full of jelly beans and other sugary goodies coming in April. Don't forget to keep feeding your feathered friends that come to partake of your bounty. It is National Wild Bird Feeding Month. They are getting ready to nest and need extra nutrition for their breeding season.


Finally we come to daily celebrations. These ought to give you a chuckle:

February 1st is Robinson Crusoe Day
On the 3rd, remember Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day. There are many people out there that can totally relate to that, myself included!
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day on February 6th. (Come on ladies; lets do it!)