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January 2013

Take the Chill Out of January with these Unique and Unusual Celebrations

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Most people associate January with paying the holidays bills as they begin to roll in and staying in out of the cold. There is much more to the month of January than meets the eye. Did you know that January was National Soup Month? What a great way to have an inexpensive get together with friends by inviting all the guests to bring their favorite homemade soups. All you need to supply is the bowls, spoons, bread and crackers and you have a party! Another reason to get together with friends is that January is Book Blitz Month. Your guests can bring some of their favorite tomes and you can do a book exchange or even decide on a particular novel and have a weekly book discussion group. You may decide to get the computer geeks you know gathered in order to celebrate as January is Clean Up Your Computer Month.


A lovely way to spend an evening with family and close friends is Celebrate the Past month. You can bring out your favorite family photos, videos and other remembrances to relive the happy moments you have shared throughout your lifetime. This will be especially interesting to children as they love to hear stories about the past and visuals will help to bring the tales to life. How about you ladies head to the mall or wherever else you might think there will be a plethora of men and indulge yourself this January during Man Watcher'¬ôs Month. You don't have to talk or flirt; you can just feast your eyes on some hunky guys.


There are also weekly celebrations during the month of January. During the beginning of January you can commemorate Celebration of Life Week from the 1st to the 7th. Also during the first week of January for those that are trying to lose weight, they can get a confidence booster from Diet Resolution Week. If you have a special man or a few exceptional fellows in your life you can pile on the kudos during Let Men Be Our Heroes Week from the 14th through the 20th. Do something unique so that they know how much you truly appreciate them and all they add to your life.


Juicer fans might enjoy celebrating National Fresh Squeeze Juice Days from the 15th to the 19th. A fun activity the family might enjoy is Cuckoo Dancing Week which runs from the 11th to the 17th. You can choose a time of the day when the family is all done with chores and homework, put on some music and do some crazy footwork. It is sure to bring the entire family to tears of laughter and it is a terrific way to spend some quality time with them. So the next time you think of January as boring, cold and so very far from warm weather, refer to this article and choose a few activities that will brighten your spirits if not the weather.

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January is Mail Order Gardening Month so Set Your Sights on Spring

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When the cold winds of January are blowing and the snow is piling up outside your window it is hard to imagine that spring will ever come. Many people begin to set their sights on warmer weather with gardening catalogs which they use in order to decide what to plant when the time is right. Why not have a Mail Order Gardening get together so that you can imagine the warm sun upon your face and a garden that is resplendent with healthy bounty and beautiful flowers?

If everyone brings a mail order gardening catalog you will have a lot of diversity. What fun you will have deciding upon just the right flowers and shrubs to plant when the weather turns balmy. You can serve tea and coffee with a variety of pastries and trade ideas about the best plants for your gardening zone.

To get everyone in the mood, decorate with pastel colors. Use our Silver Silhouette Placecard Holders that are shaped like a flower, Garden Party Flip Flop Placecard Holders or the stylish Allure Glass Grapes Placecard Holders. Decorate the table with our Polyester Decorative Hibiscus Flowers, Palm Breezes Beach Pail Tea light Holders or the Elegant Orchid Gel Candle. Find ways to use our Foam Flower and Leaves Craft Shapes, Pastel Foam Butterflies and Foam Blossoms and Bugs to give your home a real feeling of spring. To really set the mood why not hang up our Paper Light Up Hibiscus Lantern Set

Provide everyone with Artist Flowerpot Craft Kits so they have something in which to plant seeds. There is a wide variety of favors you can provide for your guests such as Long Stem Tulip Lollipops in Assorted Colors, Daisy Lollipops which also come in a variety of colors or our Long Stem Rose Lollipops. How about our Two Peas in a Pod Candle in an Ivy Print Gift Box or Love Grows Plantable Wildflower Daisy Favors? These are just a few suggestions for favors so be sure to browse our site to choose the ideal favors for your guests.

Having a Mail Order Gardening Party is the perfect way to bring some warmth and sunshine into an otherwise dreary month. Your friends will be more than happy to have an excuse for a get together where blooms and gossip are on the menu. You may even decide to make a Mail Order Gardening Party a yearly tradition in the month of January to perk up everyone's spirits.