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September 2012

Fall Hostess Gifts

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Looking for the perfect fall hostess gifts? With many of us traveling for the holidays, we sometimes forget with all the craziness to properly show our gratitude to our host and hostess. Since they are nice enough to invite us to their event and into their home, the least we can do is offer them a nice fall-themed hostess gift. While this may be an old tradition, it is still alive and welcomed by those who hold special gatherings, making it important that you think ahead about finding the perfect gift for your host or hostess!

Hostess Gifts: Why Bring One

Even though many of us don't expect to receive a hostess gift when we set up an event or party, it is considered good etiquette to purchase a small gift for your host or hostess. Usually a hostess gift is something small, valued anywhere from $5 to $30 as a way to say thank you for inviting you. If you are staying for multiple days, however, it is recommended that you purchase something that is a bit more expensive since you are inconveniencing your guest by staying in their home for days at a time. Traditionally, most guests bring something small, like a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. As a rule of thumb, try staying away from impersonal gifts like gift certificates.

As well, remember that whatever you purchase is likely to only get a thank you or small recognition at the event. It is also unlikely to be used that day, since most guests choose specific decorations, foods, and wine pairings especially for a party. After the party, however, you should expect to receive a thank you note from the host. Also, don't forget to send a thank you note yourself, thanking them for the party.

Unique Fall Hostess Gifts

While you can give traditional hostess gifts at your fall event, we highly recommend giving your host or hostess something more memorable than food. Since everyone loves unique decorations for the holidays, give them something fun like decorative statues or figures as a fall hostess gift. Hatz especially has a full line of fall themed figures that are cute, funny, and perfect for displaying throughout the fall holidays. If you are going to a nice Halloween dinner or party, consider going with Halloween figures such as scarecrows, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. For Thanksgiving, go with something cute like pilgrims, turkeys, and Native Americans. Most hostesses will love getting these adorable statues since they are unlikely to purchase something like this for themselves and will be happy to display it during the fall holiday season.

Holiday Fall Hostess Gifts: Wrapping

When purchasing your fall hostess gift, remember too that presentation is just as important as the gift. Consider going with a fall colored bag or gift box, especially in colors like reds, oranges, and browns. With the right colors of tissue paper and ribbons, it is easy to make a beautiful bag that is guaranteed to get some attention not only from your hostess, but from the other guests at the party too!

Fall Crafts

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Looking for some fun fall crafts to make with your children? With the summer behind us, there are a variety of fun craft activities that are perfect make with children at fall festivals or as fun weekend crafts. These cute craft projects are designed special for kids and can easily become part of a family craft weekend!

Fall Crafts: Painting Pumpkins
One activity that children associate with the fall is painting and carving pumpkins. For younger children, painting pumpkins is a fun and safe activity that can easily be done with the assistance of an adult. With craft paint and stencils, it is easy to paint a fun scene or silly face on pumpkins. If you want to let children have a bit more fun, allow them to decorate the pumpkins themselves using paint. This can easily keep kids busy for hours, especially if you get a full sized pumpkin. This activity is also easy to set up at craft festivals as a cute kids activity. Rather than large pumpkins, however, consider using small handheld pumpkins. These are the perfect size for small children and can easily be carried home as a fun party favor from your weekend event!

Fall Crafts: Jewelry Making
If you have a daughter that loves making jewelry, there are a variety of fun fall jewelry crafts that are great weekend projects. For these fall crafts, you will need fall charms and autumn colored(usually brown, orange, and red) beads. If you are new to making jewelry, don't worry, there are a dozens of fun jewelry kits to help kids make their own fall themed necklaces and bracelets! Most of these kits are very easy to make and individually packaged to allow girls to make this jewelry with friends!

Fall Crafts: Preserving Leaves
Even though many parents don't think about it, one of the best fall crafts to do with their kids is preserving leaves. Children are fascinated with the changing of the seasons, especially with the beautiful leaves they played under in the summer changing colors. Before racking all the leaves in your yard, have children pick out their favorite leaves for this cute fall craft!

What You Need:

  • 1/3 Cup of Liquid Glycerin (can be found in craft stores or pharmacies)
  • Paper Plates
  • Flat Leaves
  • Heavy Books
  • 2/3 Cup of Water


1.Mix the glycerin and water mixture together.
2.Pour a little of the solution onto a paper plate. You need just enough to cover the bottom of the plate.
3.Place your leaf in the solution, Make sure the leaf is completely submerged in the liquid mixture.
4.Place another paper plate on top of the leaf. The plates should be stacked together like they were originally packaged. Once the plates are pressed together, place a book or other weight on top of the second plate.
5.Leave the leaf for two days to four days in the mixture.
6.When finished, gently dry it with a paper towel. It should be shiny, soft, and flexible!

Autumn Kids Party

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Did you know that autumn is the perfect time to have a children's party? Many parents think outdoor parties end with the summer temperatures, but it is actually better since fall usually means better weather. Children will especially love having the time outdoors after spending all week in school, making an autumn party the perfect time to relax with friends and family! The hardest part of having a autumn kids party is finding the right theme. Once you have a theme in place, take advantage of the natural colors outside - earthy browns, vibrant oranges, and bright yellows. Even though they are not commonly used most of the year, these colors can be found in just about any variety of party decorations. With party items from the popular themes below, you can create a colorful, memorable outdoor party - one that everyone in your neighborhood won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Autumn Kids Party: Renaissance
Even though many people don't consider it, Fall is the perfect time for a renaissance-themed autumn kids party. With easy access to knight, prince and princess costumes, kids can cheaply dress up for the part. Many adults also love the opportunity to dress up, so this can be a time for everyone to have some medieval fun - especially if you have parents that take part in renaissance festivals.

Instead of having some of the more traditional outdoor kids games, you can make of your own renaissance themed autumn kids party games rather cheaply. For example, have your own play jousts and sword fights using kid friendly toy swords! There are also a number of medieval themed prince and princess craft projects that can keep kids busy for hours!

Autumn Kids Party: Carnival
Even then many parents think the summer is the perfect time to have a carnival themed party, it is actually the perfect theme for an autumn kids party, when everyone will feel comfortable outside for much longer. Most carnival games such as ring toss, potato sack races, and milk bottle toss are perfect for an outdoor carnival. If you have parents who are willing to take part in the party, have them dress up as clowns and ringmasters to take part in different carnival game booths. Also, don't forget zoo stuffed animals and other toys to give out as prizes for the games!

Autumn Kids Party: Apple
Even though many people do not think about it, an orchard can be the perfect place to have a birthday party! Many of them already have fall festivals and guests throughout the fall, and they are usually pre-decorated for an autumn kids party with pumpkins and fall themed decorations. For this type of party, kids will love picking apples, going on hay rides, or making fall themed crafts. Depending on the farm, kids may be able to even make their own apple cider with the help of adults. Just make sure to call the orchard ahead of time to make sure that you can reserve a part of the farm for the day. It can be very inexpensive and your kids will love it!

Fall Outdoor Activities

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Now that kids are back in school, they want nothing more to spend their weekend playing video games or playing with friends. Even though kids may want to spend the whole time indoors, fall is their last chance to enjoy the beautiful weather before the cold weather hits. If you are parent who is struggling to get your kids outdoors, here are some fun fall outdoor activities that will get kids motivated to play outside. You may even find yourself having fun with them!

Fall Outdoor Activities: Hiking & Walking

Children love to explore and learn about the world around them, making hiking and walking one of the best fall outdoor activities to do as a family. It is great exercise for everyone in your family and allows kids to learn a bit more about nature. Most major cities have nature preserves and parks that are taken care of by the city or state, allowing parent to have a free weekend to explore, or even go camping! Depending on the age of your child, you may want to bring a bug collecting kit, magnifying glass, tote bag, and camera with you. Your kids will love collecting things to bring to show and tell, or learn more about later from the trip.

Fall Outdoor Activities: Obstacle Course

If you want to give kids a bit of exercise without leaving your backyard, consider building an obstacle course. For the obstacle course, set up different stations with areas to climb ropes, jump, or even run. With quite a few inflatable toys that encourage physical activities, such as inflatable tires, you can create a fun filled course that will give your kids quite a bit of exercise without breaking the bank! We highly recommend buying inflatable items for this fall outdoor activity since they are very inexpensive, along with being easy to set up and store after your kids are finished playing.

Fall Outdoor Activities: Leaf Games

For families that have lots of trees, raking leaves is a bit of a mixed blessing for kids. They love to play in leaves but very few like to actually rake the leaves into piles. Instead of bagging up your leaves, consider raking them into piles for an afternoon of leaf jumping. All the kids in the neighborhood will love jumping into the piles and creating their own fun games. This can also be incorporated into an obstacle course for some extra fun!

Fall Outdoor Activities: Picking Apples

With apples coming into season, many orchards are opening their doors to the public, making picking apples one o the best fall outdoor activities for kids. Picking apples is great exercise for kids and lets them actively take part in choosing some of the food they eat. As well, many of these orchards have special activities set up for kids, like hayrides, pony riding, and other fun fan activities. You may even be able to have your own picnic there after picking apples! Just make sure to call ahead to see what activities are going on that day at your local orchard!