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A Sleepover Fit for a Princess

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1249 Views No comments

As little girl's starts school and start making their own friends, nothing is more exciting than planning their very first sleepover. These special girls only parties have been popular for decades, allowing little girls of all ages to feel like a princess, as well as enjoy some special attention from their favorite female adults. To make sure that your daughter's first sleep over goes smoothly, make sure you plan ahead and discuss plans for the sleepover with your daughter.

One of the most popular party themes for a girls' sleepovers is a princess themed party. Every little girl is used to being treated like a princess, so what is better than having a bunch of adorable fairy princesses under the same roof together? Planning a princess sleepover can be a very fun and rewarding endeavor, giving you many adorable pictures for years to come, as long as it is planned correctly.

Play the Part

We all know that every little girl is a princess, so why not let your favorite little girls play the part? Even though this is the most expensive part of a fairy princess party, many parents are glad to pitch in on this cost, especially if the costume can be reused for Halloween or in their daughter's playroom. Some pre-made fairy princess costumes are available on this site, but make sure to give each girl and parents some choices. A typical fairy princess costume can run anywhere from $9 to $40, depending on each parents budget. One thing is for certain, each girl who picks a costume from Designed 2B Sweet Inc will be a different and unique looking princess at your daughter's sleepover.

Along with the costume, it's great to pick up some extra fairy princess props for each of the girls at your party. This can include wings, crowns, and wands. It is usually best if you take up this part of the party, allowing each girl to have something in common.

Fun Companions and Activities

Every girl at your party deserves to have their own magical 'steed' and companion at your party. Each fairy princess at your daughter's sleepover will especially love a plush unicorn animal. These beautiful unicorns are soft, cuddly, and are also great sleeping companions for girls who are having one of their first nights away from home.

To keep each girl entertained at the party, it is great to fill little coin purses or heart shaped purses with make-up and other fun toys to keep the girls entertained. If you give each girl make-up, however, make sure that it is supervised. Along with some fun games, crafts, and movies, your daughter's first sleep over is guaranteed to be a hit.

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